Cute Nursery Decorating Ideas

Your Guide To Creating A Cosy Room For Baby And You


A cosy nursery is your new baby’s very first home! So, whether you’ve got weeks or months before the arrival of your tiny bundle, we’re sure you’re excited about cute nursery decorating ideas. You'll spend many long nights in baby's bedroom, so make it cute and comfy! It’s never too soon to start thinking about design, colours, gorgeous accessories, and other baby room ideas.


The space that welcomes your little one home should be calming, inviting, relaxing and fun. You’ll want to create an atmosphere of wonderful magic. Of course, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery too, so it needs to be functional, cosy and comfortable for you as well. Choosing the right baby accessories and baby décor items is lots of fun, but it's important to get it right.


A baby room is one of the spaces where you can let your imagination run riot. Indulge your fun side to create a beautiful baby nursery when choosing décor and the best baby gifts and accessories. Your baby's bedroom is not only a room for baby to sleep in, but a play space that should spark your baby’s interest and learning as they grow. 


Here at Gifts Australia, we’ve got lots of inspiration to fill your nursery with a gallery of baby room ideas. Rather than divide baby decor into boy nursery ideas and girl nursery ideas, we think a beautifully decorated room in modern neutrals is perfect for any baby. Decorate your nursery with timeless pieces to create joyful memories as you bond with your baby


How To Decorate A Nursery For Mum And Bub

Decorating a nursery and picturing your baby growing up in the room you create for them is a beautiful part of pregnancy. Baby nursery décor is endearing to plan. A room for a newborn baby can be beautifully themed and packed full of fun with colourful baby’s first books and accessories. Here are our easy nursery decorating ideas to make the whole event stress-free and a joy to complete. 

Book and Teddy Baby Gift Set


Decorate the nursery for yourself

The best colour for a nursery is one that you feel comfortable in. Choose classic pastel shades or soothing grey colours, but don’t be afraid to play with patterns. Be brave and move away from gender with unisex baby nursery décor and neutral baby gifts. Baby girl nursery decor doesn’t have to be pink, and boys don’t need a den of camouflage colours. Stimulate senses with pretty primary colours in shades of blue, red or yellow. They will only be babies for a short while, so pick your favourite and enjoy the fact they can't complain about the decor!


Choose a theme for the nursery

For unique baby nursery decor, choose a lovely theme for your baby’s room – you might choose a baby animal nursery theme, a nautical theme, nursery rhymes, science, a garden, or space themed nursery. You don’t have to limit yourself completely to the one nursery theme, but it will help you add accessories and create a cohesive atmosphere. Find one beautiful item that you love and go from there. It could be anything from a gorgeous baby animal print to a themed baby money box. Build on your theme with colour, nursery furniture and cute accessories until you really feel like the space reflects your style and loves. 


nursery decor animal theme ideas



Dim down the lights

Make sure the lighting you choose for your nursery can bring on the nighttime whenever you want to make it easier for baby to sleep. This means heavy window coverings and lights that can quickly be dimmed. Your baby will soon learn the dark means it is bedtime, and afternoon naps will be so much easier. Add some adorable nightlights for baby to provide comfort and safety for your night feeds. Their warming glow will keep you both in relaxed, sleep-time mode—along with your adorable plush bunny and snuggle blanket! 


Get wildly creative

Babies spend most of their time in the nursery, so why not give them something gorgeous to contemplate? It’s fine to create a paradise of cool cream and knitted throw rugs, but you can also be inventive. Consider including the ceiling in your theme by enhancing it with a bold mural or a whole starry sky. Create a fabulous feature wall opposite the baby change table or feeding chair. Decorate the room with bright patterns, designs or images which will also double as an educational tool later. Add colourful little teddy friends or soft toys to baby's bookshelves for playtime.


Soft Teddy Lamb


Plan nursery storage solutions 

Babies tend to arrive with lots of essential stuff and a plethora of presents. If your nursery is a smaller room, try to create inexpensive storage solutions for your baby essentials with some clever hacks. Ensure everything you could possibly need is within easy reach with a beautiful newborn baby hamper. When browsing for nursery furniture, remember to think long term too. If you can’t fit in a changing table, then think about a combined dresser to make the most of your space and money.


Add finishing touches to the nursery

Once you have the basic nursery décor design, you can personalise the room in a hundred different ways. Try something different by adding trendy painted shutters instead of modern curtains. They’re easy to clean, safer for baby, and available in lots of colours to match your favourite baby cot. Wall stickers and decals are a great idea too. There are so many options for wonderful finishing touches for a baby nursery from decorative magnetic letters to Disney characters or stunning keepsake silver money boxes and musical baby mobiles. They will help to make unforgettable memories with your new baby.  


Baby keepsake decor items



Create a cosy space for you and baby

It’s very likely that you’ll be spending just as much time snoozing in their nursery as they do. When you’re thinking about nursery décor ideas, a comfortable large armchair is an absolute must. Choose one where you will be happy to sleep, feed or comfort your little one when they need some cuddles. Add some beautiful accessories like fleecy throws, silk eye masks, big fluffy cushions, and a side table for a water bottle in easy reach. You really won’t regret it! 


Add some nursery artwork

Art makes such a big difference, and baby nursery wall décor can grow with your little one to last a lifetime. Start with a framed inkless print of your baby’s tiny foot prints will remind you to cherish every moment as baby grows so fast! You can stay with your theme and add some framed prints. They don’t have to be babyish designs; you can display your own choice of colourful wall hangings or arty prints and posters. It’s lovely to incorporate thoughtful touches from friends or family, too, with a small wall gallery of special framed photos. It will add even more warmth, cosiness and love into your space.


Baby Hand and Foot Print Kit


Don't Leave Baby Room Décor Ideas To The Very Last Minute


Lots of mums hold off on starting their nursery project because they don’t want to tempt fate. But getting the project started and thinking ahead for how to decorate a nursery means plenty of time to air freshly painted walls and choose the right accessories. Getting a head start helps prevent stress and ensures you have everything you need to welcome your new baby home.


If you need some inspiration for baby nursery decorating ideas, then browse the fabulous full collection of baby gifts and essentials at Gifts Australia. You will find everything from handy homeware items to the most endearing range of newborn accessories for your new nursery! 




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