Best Gift Ideas To Entertain A Child In Hospital

Feel Good, Boredom Busting Hospital Activities For Kids


Just the thought of children being hurt or becoming ill makes most people feel completely powerless to help. Our instincts are always to protect them, but we can’t take away pain or make any medicine taste sweeter. So, what can we do to ensure they are soon having fun with friends without a care in the world again?


The only thing we can do is to focus on the positive. Shower them with as much comfort, love, support and encouragement as we can. If your friends or family have kids that need hospital care, it's time to treat them to a little surprise with activities and interesting things to help the time go faster. 


The team at Gifts Australia want to share their thoughts on some great ways to entertain a sick child and put big smiles on those little faces. Cheer them up with activities and exciting gifts for kids, which are sure to add some laughter and fun to their recovery!


Tips For Choosing The Perfect Get Well Gifts For Kids


Hospitals can be a strange, scary environment for any child to be in and what you choose as a gift needs to be a winner. Gifts for a sick child can play an essential role in helping them relax and get better as quickly as possible. Familiar and fun activities to entertain a child in hospital are an important way to help them feel safe and secure. They’ll feel better soon if they are kept occupied and have new things they can enjoy each day to pass the time. 


Sending a care package for a sick child can help to take their minds off feeling poorly and make time fly by. Consider these tips for choosing the ideal gift for a child in hospital:


  • Take their age, personality, pastimes and interests into account

  • Find out if there are any limitations due to their medical condition

  • Also, whether they are allowed out of bed to play with others

  • Opt for toys and games with sheer entertainment value 

  • Avoid toys that are noisy or have flashing lights

  • Choose something they can continue to enjoy or play at home 

  • Make any gift cute, comforting and personalised just for them

  • Choose activities that don’t need to be completed all at once

  • Anything fun and cheerful is sure to capture their imagination

  • Think small, interesting, budget-friendly and easy to pack away


7 Cheery And Uplifting Gift Ideas For Kids In Hospital


Familiar Reassuring Things

For parents, bringing their favourite toys and other items is one of the best gifts for kids in hospital. While you can be sure they will be well-stocked with the essential comforting items, there’s nothing wrong with adding to the pile. Reassuring things such as a big soft pillow, soother blanket, new fluffy pyjamas and slippers, music and warm clothes are all fabulous gifts for any sick child.

Soother cuddly toy

Special Cuddly Hugs

Having some cute, cuddly soft toys to cuddle when they’re trying to be brave is a given, whatever their age. They’re perfect for both playtime during the day and snuggling down at bedtime. Colourful stuffed animals are a great choice as they offer the ultimate comfort and will be popular when they get home too. Who doesn’t adore a squishy bear, rabbit or elephant? A weighted comfort plush can be a soothing friend.


Weighted comfort toy


Challenging Puzzle Games

For curious young minds, anything that keeps them focussed and occupied will while away the hours. Taking their minds off the hospital and all its distractions will help to keep them happy, especially if they are feeling under the weather. Any kind of creative educational toys or puzzles will keep them challenged and entertained even if mum and dad have had to leave their side. Choose something that doesn’t take up too much space so they can play in bed or using their hospital dinner tray.


activities for boys in hospital


Creative Arts & Crafts Activities

If they like crafts, then these will also keep sick kids entertained for long periods. For children who might be in hospital for a while, or recovering at home, exciting arts and craft gifts are perfect as many of the activities can be created over time. Colouring books and bright crayons are also great fun and do wonders to pass the time. Choose gifts that are semi-educational as well to combine a little school work with pure entertainment value. 


creative gifts for kids


Games To Share

If they are well enough to enjoy sharing fun games with others, their stay in hospital will fly by. Choose exciting family games or board games which they can also play with other children on the ward. Alternatively, card games or solo play puzzles are a super option for playing when they’re stuck in bed as they can play one-on-one. Opt for an easy to learn card game that’s fun for adults too. This will make it easier on parents or other visitors who are spending long hours at their bedside.  

Travel games for the family

Comforting Books

Favourite books are always a great gift choice for any active child who’s suddenly bed-bound. Not only are they really entertaining, but you can choose an educational subject as well. They can be read by parents when the kids are tired and can be enjoyed long after their stay is over. For any age, choose kids books packed with fascinating facts and bright, colourful pictures. Reading is one activity kids can do with a broken arm or limited movement.

Books for kids

Movie Night In

If you’re thinking about ideas for gift baskets for a child in hospital, then you can't go far wrong with a movie hamper. When there’s nothing else to do but wait, they offer the perfect distraction. Choose their favourites or some new movie titles and add in selections of delicious snacks and treats. All they need then is some friends or family to ensure a magical evening to remember. 


Fabulous Gifts For Kids In Hospital From Gifts Australia


Any of these ideas will be loved and make ideal gifts for a child in hospital. If you’re wondering how to entertain a sick child without screen time, then providing a hefty dose of fun, entertainment and comfort is the answer. At a time when they need to be constantly pampered and distracted, lots of small surprises will work wonders and raise their spirits. Hopefully, they will soon be on the mend and tucked up safely in their own bed.


You will also have provided their parents with some much-needed moral support. If you want to gift them something to make a difficult time just a little easier, then look no further. There are lots of indulgent hospital care package ideas and gifts for parents with a child in hospital in our full collection. Mum and dad are sure to need some soothing, pampering and a little bit of TLC too! 




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