5 of the Best Edible Christmas Tree Ideas

All I Want For Christmas is Food


Let’s be honest; we all put on a few extra kilos over the holiday season because food is such an important part of everyone’s Christmas tradition. If not the most important one. They definitely say ‘Eat, drink, and be merry’ for a reason.


From roast turkey in America, to prawns and lobster in Australia, roast duck or goose in Germany, to cold lamb in New Zealand; everyone is looking forward to some special treats when the family gets together. Most families have their favourite dessert or Christmas snack. They get Mum or Grandma to make their traditional pavlova or rum balls just because it brings back childhood memories. And special family memories are what Christmas is all about.


Celebrating Christmas together as a family is a wonderful gift by itself, adding delicious treats you’ve loved for a lifetime is just magic. Gifting homemade jars of jam or sauce are a popular gift option in families around the world, especially when the gift giver knows exactly which one will melt the recipient’s heart.


It’s even more fun when little treats dangle off the tree–more than just the classic candy cane. Adding a few edible surprises to the Christmas tree is a lovely twist to normal tree decorations and add to the cheer of the celebrations.


Edible Tree Decorations


Make the tree look delicious this year


Here is a list of our five favourite edible Christmas tree ideas that you can make at home and impress the whole family. These are suitable for any budget and need to be slightly adjusted for every family’s dietary requirements.


Number 1: The chocolate Rudolph


This one will be gone in no time, especially if there are a few kids at your family Christmas Lunch. Easy to make and very light on the wallet, this is a very cheap edible Christmas gift idea everyone will adore.

Dip a marshmallow into some melted milk or dark chocolate, and quickly add some edible eyes, a red chocolate nose and some pretzel atlases before the deliciousness sets. Repeat this until your marshmallow packet is empty and attach a ribbon to each pretzel to hang on a tree. Ready is a gorgeous and easy edible Christmas gift and deco idea.

You can also make little chocolate Rudolf treats with a simple chocolate cookie recipe, a jaffa nose, and pretzel ears.


Christmas Treats


Number 2: Snowflake meringue wreaths


Whisk your egg whites and add the sugar as for a usual meringue, then fill your piping bag. Pipe out your little meringue stars or snowflakes in a wreath shape on a baking tray. Make sure all snowflakes are connecting before you bake them in the oven to avoid them breaking apart. You can play around here with pink, red or green food colouring to add more Christmas cheer. Once baked, spray them lightly with an edible glitter spray and add some extra sparkles. Voila, add the ribbon and the snowflake magic is done. This is a classy and elegant edible gift idea for any Christmas tree.


Number 3: Choc love messages


This idea is so simple and so incredible, it’s a surprise not everyone is gifting this around the holiday season. Get your chocolate cookie dough ingredients from the shop and make sure you have a heart-shaped cutter in the house.

Prepare the delicious dough, roll it out on your baking paper, cut out your biscuit shapes and bake. Once ready and cooled, simply mix water and flour, maybe add some food colouring or just sugar, and use a piping bag to write a love message to the lucky recipient.

Make a small hole to insert the ribbon, and your sweet message is ready to be gifted.


Christmas Cookies


Number 4: Orange delight


Oh, these gorgeous tree sparkles are an easy, low-budget gift idea everyone will love. Whether to eat or watch the fairy lights shine through the orange flesh, these are a stunning gift idea. Get your dehydrator going, cut multiple oranges in thin slices and dry them out for hours until there is no juice left. You can just thread a string through these or for an extra touch, dip them in chocolate first. No matter what, these will be a hit with everyone.


Number 5: The children’s favourite


Hanging cones are a hit with the kids and such a fun and easy-to-make idea for any tree. Get some quality ice-cream cones, pierce a hole on each side so you can thread the ribbon through and then fill them with whatever treat you think the children will go crazy for. You can add lolly snakes, mini marshmallows, smarties, popcorn or candy canes. Try dipping the tip of the cone into some quick-setting chocolate sauce before you fill them; a great way to play around and have some different styles and looks.


Edible Chocolate Tree Decorations


Get some luxury treats for everyone


Whether you have limited time to make your own edible treats, or you would love to try out something new and indulgent, we are here to save the day. At Gifts Australia, we love food, and we love Christmas. You absolutely can’t go wrong with one of our luxury Christmas food hampers filled to the brim with stunning treats. Gourmet food and award-winning wines are our love language and it can be yours, too.


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