Alternative Sympathy Gifts That Aren't Flowers

Why Unique Sympathy Gifts Are Like A Giant Hug


Choosing the best sympathy gifts for someone who has lost a loved one can be a delicate balance between offering comfort and hope. Coping with any death, even a much-loved pet, is something we’ve all experienced and understand. You only have to look deep into the eyes of someone who has been bereaved to understand their pain. Sending a gift to share their grief is an important gesture that lets your loved one know they are not alone.


Flowers symbolise our love and speak the many words we might find difficult to say. But although they add beauty and warmth to any space, their comfort is short-lived. Sending a thoughtful, personal sympathy or funeral gift can be better than flowers to let someone know you are thinking of them. It’s common for families to ask for charitable donations, but we often want to give a lasting condolence gift or a sympathy gift basket to show just exactly how much we care. If you do want to give flowers, then giving a crystal vase as a keepsake with the flowers can be a touching idea.


Sympathy flowers and vase


If you’re looking for some unique ideas for comforting sympathy gifts that aren't flowers, the team at Gifts Australia has compiled a beautiful and thoughtful collection of gifts suitable to give to someone who is grieving. We hope they will give you some inspiration and help your loved ones to do more than just move on, but move forward. 


What To Send For A Sympathy Gift Instead Of Flowers


Giving gifts is one of the ways we show our love. Everyone grieves in their own way, and you might need to put yourself in your friends’ place and use your imagination when choosing the best sympathy gift for them. They may benefit from keepsake sympathy gift ideas to treasure the memories of a missing loved one or prefer something to help distract them from their emotional pain. Even though it sounds simple, anything from a fluffy throw and cushion to a sympathy gift box can make all the difference.


If there are children involved, parents are sure to appreciate books or board games that the family can share. Any gifts that are therapeutic and provide work for idle hands are practical sympathy gift ideas that provide an outlet for grief. Gardening kits and seeds, crafts, knitting patterns or adult colouring books can all do the trick.


Here are just some of our ideas for sympathy gifts for men, women and kids: 


Gifts for comfort and relaxation are lovely gestures to soothe and restore their balance

  • A soft, cuddly blanket or cushions
  • Mealtime deliveries of favourite foods
  • Calming tea hamper.
  • Plush dressing gown and slippers


tea hamper


Gifts that keep them busy and other unique sympathy gift ideas for men and women

  • A book of affirmations offering encouragement and support
  • Gardening gifts to help get them outside and direct their thoughts
  • Difficult 1000 piece jigsaw
  • A guided journal, or beautiful writing paper, and pens.


Even Though, A Book Of Support


Gifts of time as a helping hand to take the pressure off while they are grieving

  • Send a gift voucher for kitchen gifts or home cleaning
  • Run errands, help at the funeral, or do the grocery shopping
  • Take their dog for a walk and make doggie treats
  • Soothing home relaxation gifts for a long bath, face masks, or candles. 




Gifts for paying tribute and memorial keepsakes - also suitable as pet sympathy gifts


Memorial name plate necklace


Sympathy gifts for kids to help keep them busy or give them some quiet time


Cuddly teddy sympathy gift for kids


Our 5 Top Sympathy Gifts To Make Them Smile Again


While you’re wondering what to give for a sympathy gift to offer comfort, consider these personal ideas from our team. We think they’re extra special and will help to cherish a lifetime of happy memories. With sympathy gifts, it’s all about reaching out and choosing something close to their heart or that gives them something to look forward to.  


Scented Rosemary Bush

Gorgeous potted plants are a fantastic alternative to flowers as they last so much longer. Rosemary is aromatic and known as the herb of remembrance, but you can opt for any plant they love. It will grow just as happily in the garden or a pot on the veranda. As a perfect choice, rosemary cuttings are easy to grow, so all the family can share in new remembrance plants. Choose indoor plant pots to scent their kitchen or living room with potted herbs.


Memory Patchwork Quilt

Memories are what quilts are made of. Traditionally, they used pieces of material and old clothes that were weaved to tell a remarkable story. They make beautiful sympathy gift ideas for the loss of grandmother or grandad if sewing is your forte. There are also companies which make them to order. You can even have their favourite photos printed on the fabric squares. 


Flickering Candles & Votives

Any kind of candle is a symbolic and thoughtful alternative bereavement gift. To some, they have significant meaning, but anyone will enjoy the calming light and soothing scent of aromatherapy candles. A lovely votive, or even a vigil candle, is a beautiful symbol with an eternal flame to celebrate life. Some candles and votives can also be personalised with sentimental quotes or verses.


A Tree In Memory

Planting a tree is a powerful gesture and one that lasts a lifetime. It creates a living tribute they can enjoy and also supports the environment. You can choose a larger tree or a sapling together and plant it in their garden or a favourite spot. They make lovely sympathy gifts for the loss of dad or mum and are special memorial gifts that family and friends can share over the coming years.  


Photo Frame Print

Any kind of photo-frame or gallery makes a lovely condolence gift that will be treasured. Photographs are universally cherished, and the image of a loved one makes us think about all the shared good times. They are the perfect sympathy gift ideas for the loss of a dog or family pet as well. You can ask for old favourite photos and create a beautifully framed art gallery of special images.


Name A Star Gift In Memory

This is an especially good sympathy gift for children struggling with loss. Help them to remember that part of their loved one will always be with them in their heart. Naming a star that they can look to in the night sky can give them something tangible to help them cope with grief. Name a star gift sets are also suitable as pet sympathy gifts for the loss of a dog or cat.


Name A Star In Memory Gift


Heartfelt Hampers And What To Put In A Sympathy Gift Basket


Never underestimate the power of food, and homemade goodies are a thoughtful and practical way to help out. Sympathy hamper gifts, food baskets, and sympathy gift baskets with wine all make good gifts for any grieving family. They make ideal sympathy gifts instead of flowers and make a mealtime gathering with loved ones special when the last thing on their minds is eating.


You can add a personal touch by making your own and filling it full with goodies. Sweet hampers are always welcome, and chocolates are known for their ability to produce feelings of happiness. But anything from delicious home-cooked cakes and pies to coffee and biscuits is sure to be appreciated. You can also add in thoughtful extras from special books and music to relaxing spa products and aromatherapy candles.  


Browse the full collection of ideas for online sympathy gifts at Gifts Australia, and we promise you will not be disappointed. You can have your chosen sympathy gifts delivered to their doorstep as a pick-me-up or take them round in person to give along with a hug. Whatever you decide, they will be in no doubt about your support, understanding and love. 




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