Affordable Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Your 2024 Gift Guide For Mother’s Day On A Budget

We know everyone needs Mother's Day gift ideas for hard to buy for women. This is our favourite gift list of things that your mum actually wants! Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money to show your mum that you appreciate everything she does for you. Sometimes, it’s the simple heartfelt gifts that mean the most, especially when it comes to surprising your mum. To make it easy on you and your wallet, our gift guide for Mother’s Day under $50 is the only gift list you’ll need this year.


If you're looking for a cheap Mother's Day gift that still shows mum how special she is, we have the perfect gift inspiration for you. From fun gifts for mum to sentimental presents for your nanna, every one of these gifts is gentle on your wallet.


Organise Your Own Secret Mother’s Day Surprise

Here’s a secret message to all those mums with younger kids who might be asking what they can get you for Mother’s Day. You can share this Mother’s Day gift list with them, cover your eyes, and let them choose a present! Our checkout process is simple, so your kids can add your surprise Mother’s Day pressie to their cart and complete the checkout process with only a little bit of help from you. You’ll be completely surprised when it arrives in the mail, but you won’t have to worry that they’ve chosen the latest lego set or spent $100 on flowers.


Just create an account with Gifts Australia with your address and payment details, and then log in. You can favourite your own selection of gifts by browsing the full range and clicking the love heart icon, or you can just share this list with your kids and let them choose! It will be fun to see what they come up with.


Kids’ Step by Step Mother’s Day Gift Buying Instructions

This wishlist has been chosen by mums just for your mum. So, we promise you she will love every present on this list!

Once you’ve chosen the best present for your mum, you can place the order yourself and it will arrive gift wrapped in a special box delivered right to your mum’s door for a great surprise.

  1. Look at the list below, choose your present for mum, and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

  2. Then choose ‘Check Out Now’ or click on the cart icon in the top right corner.

  3. To write a special message just for your mum, click on the button that says ‘Edit Gift Card Message’. You can write anything you like, but some nice ideas for what to write in a Mother’s Day card message are little things that make your mum feel special, or saying thank you for the extra things she does for you every day.

  4. Your present for mum comes with a free Mother’s Day card, so make sure you choose ‘Add a Gift Card’. There is a dropdown menu and you should just choose the Mother’s Day option at the top.

  5. We can also wrap your mum’s present for free! There is a dropdown menu under ‘Add Gift Wrapping’ and you can just choose Free Standard Packing and our clever team will choose wrapping paper to suit your present.

  6. Click ‘Continue to Checkout’. If your mum has logged in, then your delivery address should be all filled in. Just check to be sure.

  7. Click the little button says ‘Delivery during the week prior to Mother's Day’ and we’ll get your mum’s present all ready to go and make sure it arrives before the weekend just in time for Mother’s Day.

  8. Keep Mum's present safe, and give it to her on Sunday morning with a big hug!


Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50


 Luxe Lilac Pom Pom Slippers 
Super cute house slippers she'll love to wear – only $39

Pom Pom House Slippers


 Yin Yang Green Tea & Aloe Candle 
Stunning aromatic candle in stylish yin yang pot – only $39 

Candle for Mum


Clay Face Mask Kit 
The perfect Sunday home pamper session for mum – only $39 

Pamper Mum under $50


Chrysanthemum Teapot With Filter
A gorgeous tea pot for a mum who loves a cup of tea – only $30

Tea Pot


Bora Bora Stripe Hair Wrap
Perfect for the pool or beach loving mum for fast drying hair – only $30 

hair wrap


Gold Nia Petite Earrings
Stunning gold and crystal huggie hoops – only $49  

jewellery gift under $50


Waves 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle
A calming jigsaw puzzle for a mum who loves the ocean – only $39 

wave puzzle


Love Bomb Bath Bomb Set
A relaxing aromatherapy bath mum will love – only $35 

Love Bomb, Bath Bomb Set


Burgundy Luxuriously Soft Lounging Robe
For mums who deserve to feel totally elegant – only $49  

luxury robe


Personalised Women's Tan Leather Keyring
Customised for Mother’s Day just for your mum – only  $35.

personalised gift under $50



Amazingly Cheap Gifts For Mother’s Day Under $25!

If you need more inspiration for good low-cost Mother’s Day present ideas online, these are the best small gifts for mum under $25. Every single one of these present ideas has been selected by mums for your mum! You can still wow her without blowing your budget. These are great present ideas for Mother’s Day she is sure to love.


You can give her any one of these cute little Mother’s Day gift ideas by themselves or create your own easy affordable homemade Mother’s Day gift basket DIY that will look just fantastic. Don’t forget to include a heartfelt and meaningful message on your free gift card! That’s the icing on the cake for every mum.


Caffeine Molecule Mug 
Bring her breakfast and coffee in this cute mug for only $15

Mug for Mother's Day

Picnic Wine Holder Set
Perfect for a mum who loves picnics and only $23

Picnic Wine Holder Set


Luxury Bath Soak By K2 Salt Co
Revitalise on Mother’s Day with aromatherapy for only $19

Bath Salts under $25


Nutella 30 Best Recipes Book
This fun recipe book filled with Nutella goodies is only $17

Dessert cook book


Glass Plant Mister 
An chic gift for mums who love indoor plants for only $17

Glass Plant Mister


Mum, I Wrote A Book About You 
A meaningful gift to show your mum you appreciate her – only $25 

Thank You Mum Book


Love Plaque By Emporium
A gorgeous affirmation and reminder of your love for only $22

Love plaque

What can I do for Mother's Day with no money?

Your mum really just wants a hug and a thoughtful gesture from you that shows her she’s appreciated.


A bunch of flowers to brighten her day is always a welcome surprise. A Mother’s Day bouquet can be as simple as a colourful bunch of flowers from the garden. Sweet little surprises go a long way to warming a mother’s heart. If you’re having Mother’s Day at home, write her little thank you notes or love messages to mum on sticky post-it notes and hide them around her house for her to discover. Stick individual chocolates or little gifts for mum on some of the notes as an extra cute surprise.


For an inexpensive gift idea, find an old photograph of you and your mum from years ago that is close to your heart. Have the photo re-printed, and buy a new photo frame. Write a message in gold sharpie pen on the frame with a big love heart, and give it as a meaningful gift for mum to remind her what an important role model she has always been for you.


Surprising Mum On Mother’s Day With An Affordable Present Is Easy With Gifts Australia

If you’re visiting your own mum this Mother’s Day, don’t show up empty handed! For lovely, inexpensive Mother’s Day present ideas, you can’t go past our range of affordable gifts for mum and small Mother's Day gifts for grandma. A gift from the heart doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can pay less and still give mum a gift she’ll appreciate.


If you can’t see your Mum in person this year, send her a Mother’s Day present delivered to her door. It’s so important to show your mum that you appreciate her and you're thinking of her this Mother's Day. At Gifts Australia, you can get budget-friendly presents for mum wrapped and delivered for only $10.95 anywhere in Australia. For orders $99 and over, delivery is free.




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