8 Indulgent Ways To Pamper Your Mum This Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day Full Of Fun And Relaxation


Are you wondering what to do this Mother’s Day to make it memorable for the wonderful lady in your life? These incredible women brought us into the world. They taught us about life and continue to be our rock or confidante whenever we need them. So, it's important to think of ideas for ways to spoil mum for the perfect Mother's Day pamper package. 


Mother’s Day is a day for restful celebration, laughter and quality time together. There’s no better way to honour her than planning something unique, fun and thoughtful she will love. It really doesn’t need to cost a lot to give her a lovely Mother’s Day gift and some pampering and indulgence. 


Here at Gifts Australia, we think all Mother's Day needs for pampering is a gesture that comes from the heart and makes her feel truly appreciated and loved. So, here are our tried and tested suggestions for a fabulous day of relaxation, laughter and love for your mum.


8 Pampering & Relaxation Ideas For Mum This Mother's Day


The biggest, best, and most treasured gift for any mum is your time and attention. Even a few hours of simply relaxing and chatting together will make her happy. You can choose one of our suggestions, mix and match them, or use all of them for a sensational Mother’s Day to remember! If you can't be there in person, be sure to send an extra special gift like a Mother's Day hamper


Breakfast In Bed

This is a Mother’s Day pampering idea that never fails to provide a heart-warming moment, especially if it’s a surprise. All mums deserve a leisurely lie-in and breakfast in bed. Even her favourite morning beverage delivered with flowers is guaranteed to make her feel special. If you want to add some luxury, prepare her a tray with some decadent treats. From croissants and waffles to strawberries and fresh cream, a delicious spread will set her up for the day to come.


Breakfast in bed


Unique Mother’s Day Activity 

Unless she prefers to spend the day having a total break at home, surprise her with a unique plan for you both. Choose activities you know she enjoys and will make her happy. If it involves the family, then plan an afternoon outing together. You can go walking in the country, pack a picnic, take her to the movies or visit her favourite restaurant. Why not use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to cross something adventurous or exciting off her bucket list together? Whatever activity fits her lifestyle and favourite pastimes is sure to be enjoyed and make some new, lasting memories. 


Mother's Day Picnic


Indulge Her Loves

Whatever her little indulgences in life, let her spend a day filled with them! Whether it’s luxurious chocolates, homemade pizza or a beautifully prepared BBQ feast, treat her. Mother’s Day is a day for some extravagance, not thinking about dieting! Favourite foods, nibbles and treats should be included in your plan whatever you are doing together. Sweet hampers are wonderful, and remember to add her choice of tipples and some elegant sparkling champers to celebrate the day in true style! 


sweet hamper


Make It Relaxing

If a busy social day is on the agenda, plan some time for total relaxation. Book her a spa treatment or pamper your mum for Mother's Day with a spa afternoon at home. Or make a mini spa pamper kit, give her a facial, paint her nails, and treat her to a basket of gorgeous skincare products. There's so many wonderful relaxing gifts for Mother's Day for affordable ways to treat her to a day of relaxation. 


Clay Face Mask Kit


Leisurely Lunch Treat

Lunch on Mother’s Day should be scrumptious, long and leisurely. You could take her to the most tempting place in town, head out for a picturesque picnic or lay on a luscious spread at home. Anything goes, from a Champagne lunch, a fun family barbie to an exquisite afternoon tea of sandwiches and cream cakes. Or why not make cocktails and mocktails to soak up an array of savoury and sweet finger foods and nibbles? It’s a perfect way to make her feel special and pampered. 


Cocktail Hamper


A Lazy Afternoon Together

Once you’re full of food, it’s time for some leisurely afternoon fun. There’s sure to be something she yearns to do but can never find the time. If it’s something you can do locally, then book it! Make it a shared experience doing something she loves where she also gets to spend time with her favourite people (her kids!). It can be anything from planting flowers in the garden, doing a jigsaw puzzle, to curling up together with a good book. It will certainly make her feel like a million dollars.


 1000 Piece Puzzle


Gorgeous Gift Time

There will be a special moment in the day when you want to shower her with gifts. No Mother’s Day celebration is complete without a bunch of beautiful blooms and something for her sweet tooth. Mother's Day jewellery gifts, a bottle of mum's favourite wine, or a tea and mug gift set are also wonderful ideas. It’s a lovely thought to collect messages and cards from family and friends to make it even more memorable and personal. For the mum who has everything, these loving messages will mean so much more than any expensive gift.

mother's day jewellery

Plan A Repeat

Choosing ways to pamper your mum for Mother's Day is a beautiful thought, but what mums love most is seeing you. So, make sure you plan your next visit and something equally nice to enjoy. Whether she enjoys cooking dinner together or hiking in the countryside, make it a date! You could even arrange to spend a weekend doing something she loves. If you're visiting your mum with all the grandkids in tow, make sure you leave her with some pampering gifts to recharge with once the house is quiet again.  

Sleep Pamper Set

Keep Those Loving Surprises Coming After Mother’s Day!


Mother's Day is always a time of pampering and indulgence, but why limit yourself to one day? Every mum knows deep down they are appreciated and loved, but we don’t always find the time to show it enough. Keep those surprises coming throughout the year and give her the ultimate gift. Your loving presence. 


If you don’t live close by, then why not give her a fun subscription or have thoughtful little gifts delivered right to her doorstep every month. Browse our unique collection of Mother’s Day pampering gift ideas for mum for inspiration. There’s nothing nicer than a surprise parcel arriving to brighten up her day! 




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