6 of The Best Novelty Gifts to Give in 2020

Quirky and unusual gifts for everyone


Everyone loves receiving a present, but some people are hard to buy for. The usual suspects are men with a full wardrobe, women with every need already satisfied, and children with constantly changing tastes. And what about the friend that just has very different hobbies and interests to you?


Don't stress out, because we have the perfect gifting solution for all of the above.


This is the best year for novelty gifts


If there has ever been a year where people need a bit more love and appreciation, or a bit more support and fun in their life, it is definitely 2020. While many are stuck in lockdown or away from their families, a beautiful surprise gift can be just the right thing to lift their mood. You don’t always need an occasion or reason to send someone a present.


Any time is good, now is good. And while you're at it, put a smile on their face and make their day. This is definitely the year we all need that and more.


Buy a novelty gift for your friend or relative to inject a bit of fun into their day and make them laugh. We have a wide range of one-of-a-kind, fun, eccentric novelty gifts for that one friend that is a little bit different.


Think different, buy different


Some people are extra quirky. You know the type—they dance to a different tune. Surprise them with a gift that absolutely suits their unique personality. Their talent to see the positive every day and make you laugh is a big strength (and possibly the reason you were drawn to them to begin with).


Here is our list of the six best novelty gifts in 2020. 


1. USB Disco Light


Turn any boring room or office into a 70’s disco. When we all need a bit of boogie, you can be the one saving the day. Plug this little gadget into your laptop’s USB port and the fun can begin. Set the ambiance of any room to party mode with just a flick of a switch.



2. Little White Lies Movie Memory Game


This is the perfect game for anyone who loves a good movie. Test your friends' quintessential movie trivia to see if they are a real movie buff. During this fun game, players must match characters with props and pieces of clothing. Lots of laughs are guaranteed.



3. Mini Arcade Machine


Bring back the memories of hanging out in the arcade in the 80’s and playing video games with your mates. This great video console includes 240 of the best retro arcade video games and will have old-school gaming enthusiasts buzzing.



4. Donald Trump Mask


This is the perfect gift for that slightly 'out there' friend. Use the full-cover pull-on mask to change into the Twitter-obsessed president. This is an ideal opportunity to transform and have the perfect costume option for the next Halloween party.



5. Nutella Recipe Book


There are plenty of books out there to teach you how to cook wholesome, carb and gluten free. But who can say they own a recipe book full of Nutella deliciousness? This is a finger-licking gift and perfect kitchen companion to make any Nutella enthusiast incredibly happy.



6. The fart button


Yes, you’ve read that right. We have a button for every occasion and challenge you to keep a straight face. Choose the button that suits your friend’s personality—ranging from ‘pardon me’, ‘NO!’, ‘G’day’ to a few naughtier versions. It’s wacky, fun, and very quirky. This gift will most definitely put a smile on any recipient’s face.



There is a novel present idea for any moment in your life that needs a good laugh or joke. We have books to crack you up, outfits to stand out with, games that promise nights of fun as well as gadgets you absolutely need in your life.


Discover the pros of novel gifting


Novelty gifts are the way of the future. Anything out of the ordinary, unique and a bit funky can be found here at Gifts Australia. Let us help you treat the one that stands out with a present they won’t expect. We are an online store known for its funky, novel and fresh ideas—so get to know us and you will not regret shopping here.


We know how tough it is to live away from your beloved ones, so bring your inner circle closer by sending a novel gift. Gifts Australia can look after your shipping needs. We make sure that our gifts arrive in perfect condition and take care of the delivery costs within Australia if you spend more than $99.





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