5 Housewarming Gift Ideas That They'll Actually Use

Thoughtful Housewarming Present Ideas For Family And Friends


Moving into a new home can be exciting and dauntingly stressful at the same time. From the preparations for moving out to unpacking boxes in the new place, the process can seem endless. So what can you do for that friend or loved one that's going through the experience? Well, you can treat them to some great housewarming gifts.

Housewarming gifts are just that. They’re a loving way to help someone not feel like a stranger in their new home. So some careful thought is necessary to make sure the gift resonates with them. Choose the wrong thing, and they'll probably put it in storage along with other things they don't unpack! 

Knowing your loved one's likes and thinking outside the box makes the process of finding the ideal present much more exciting. Make the ordinary extraordinary, and your thoughtful gift will make its mark. Not only will it make them smile, but it’ll also become part of creating a cosy atmosphere and wonderful memories in their new home.   

So, to help avoid those cliche items, here are five unique housewarming gift ideas to get you started.


1: Much-needed R&R Luxury Goodies

Moving house can be a mentally and physically draining process. Besides making sure everything survives the move, your loved ones have to find the right place for everything in their new space. Plus, all that can be on top of managing daily responsibilities and work-related duties. 

Choosing housewarming presents to help them unwind will make them sigh with relief. Think pampering hampers full of luxurious goodies or a home spa set to relax after a long moving day. Even small things like bathtub caddies, silk eye masks or mug and tea sets will make them smile and help them unwind. Add in some gorgeous scented candles, which they can use to add a zen scent as they finish unpacking and settling in!


2: One-of-a-kind Barware Essentials

Some people love to show their mixology skills, but whether they have them or not, they’ll love something unusual and entertaining. Barware essentials and accessories make great housewarming present ideas. There’s a variety of exciting items you can choose from depending on their space and favourite tipple. 

You can opt for a set of beautiful stemless glasses, but why not add something unique? A striking globe-shaped decanter, picnic wine holder set, or beer tower will always take pride of place. From whiskey stones and cocktail shaker sets to wooden beer caddies, these housewarming present options will guarantee they always enjoy the best drinks in the house.


3: Culinary Treats & Kitchen Gadgets

If you're looking for unique housewarming gift ideas for kitchen fans and foodies, then you're in luck. These are some of the easiest gifts to choose from based on your friend or loved one's culinary taste. Just a few thought-provoking housewarming gift options include:

  • Creative cookbooks - meals or snacks they love or an assortment of cuisines to try are sure to receive a warm reception. Pair it with something practical like a stylish marble recipe bookstand or a cool chopper and board.
  • Handy kitchen tools - if they like intricate cooking practices rather than heading to a restaurant, then new gadgets make perfect gifts. There’s everything from exciting infusion smokers to yoghurt makers to choose from.
  • Spice & storage jars - to cookery lovers, these are essential items, and they can’t have enough. They can keep all their spices and pantry items, no matter how many, organised and within reach as they create and cook.
  • Chic cutlery sets - a staple in every home, gifting new variations mean they can entertain with options beyond finger foods and snacks. Whether it's a set of steak knives, cheese essentials or a barbeque tool set, they’ll love it.
  • Gourmet foodie hampers - nothing says, "Welcome to your new home, " better than a housewarming gift combining yummy treats with pantry staples for meal prepping. Add in fine wine to soothe the mind as they grill or bake.  

4: Unique Green Thumb Essentials 

For nature lovers, search for new home gift ideas that inspire their need to interact with the world. They can never have too many plants, so some beautiful indoor blooms and stylish, multipurpose planters will definitely hit the mark. Ceramic vases, glass misters and uniquely designed watering cans will all be treasured too. 

For those with an outdoor space, creative gardening books will help them landscape or choose which flowers and herbs to plant. Essentials can be made exciting by gifting colourful gloves and stylish tools to make gardening a breeze. Or why not go for easy to instal hanging birdhouses to give them the gift of chirpy little visitors every day?


5: Party Favours For The Entertainer

When your recipient loves to play host, or it’s a housewarming party, you can lend a hand. As they’ve just moved in, they might not be in a position to put on a show like they normally do. So why not bring a great housewarming gift that helps them out?

Don't show up with conventional gifts for a new home, like flowers or a lone bottle of wine. This is a time for a gift hamper packed full of their favourite luxury drinks and nibbles. Celebrate with an assortment of Australia’s most loved gourmet treats, plus a delicious bottle or two of premium wine or champers. The host can sneak it away for themselves or help keep their guests' tastebuds sizzling while they wait for the main event. 

Help Them Feel Right At Home With Gifts Australia


A house only feels like home if it has all the small creature comforts you desire in life. That's something you can give your loved ones with great housewarming gifts they'll treasure. 

You’ll find practical homeware items and a host of striking housewarming gifts in our collection. Whether they’re cosy homebodies, love to entertain, or they're outdoor barbie aficionados, Gifts Australia has an idea for everyone. 

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