5 Creative Ways To Organise Your Bathroom


Easy steps to a tidy bathroom


If you’re not a morning person, the last thing you need to start your day is a dozen half-empty shampoo bottles falling off the shelf in the shower, a fight with the hairdryer cord, and to discover a mountain of wet towels left lying on the bathroom floor.


If a shared bathroom full of clutter and mess is killing your mojo every morning, it’s time to declutter and make the most out of your bathroom space. Even if you’re working with a small ensuite that seems like it has no storage space, you can optimise your bench and bathroom cabinet space with a few clever bathroom organisation tips.


You’ll save time and stress with an organised bathroom. An organised bathroom not only looks gorgeous, it’s much easier to use. A bathroom where everything is in its place (and you’re not knocking over the toothbrush caddy every time you reach for the hairdryer) means a stress-free, streamlined bathroom routine every morning.


If you’re struggling with a messy bathroom, here are some easy tips to organise the bathroom for a smoother morning routine.


1. Declutter. Before you do anything else, start by decluttering your bathroom. Even if the KonMari organisation method feels like too much effort for the rest of the house, the bathroom is a great place to start. If your bathroom cabinets are full of out of date makeup, half-empty bottles of moisturiser, and that sunscreen that gave you a rash – chuck it out! You should definitely be looking to spark joy in the bathroom with Marie Kondo’s philosophy of simplifying and organising your space.


2. Sort your stuff. Once you’ve cleared out all the unnecessary clutter from the bathroom cupboards you should be able to arrange your bathroom essentials into easy-to-access baskets and storage caddies. Make a few piles of related products, and the things you use every morning in the bathroom, and keep those products stored together.


3. Clean. You knew this was unavoidable. Before you go about arranging your bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary of calm, you need to clean it from top to bottom. Put on some music and give it a good scrub and a disinfect. It will be worth it in the end.


4. Organise. The best way to organise your bathroom is to keep your countertop clutter-free and have handy storage drawers for everything you need daily. If you’re decluttering and organising a family bathroom, you might find the best way to store your toiletries is to have a separate caddy for each member of the family.


5. Label. Don’t underestimate the time-saving value of a good label, especially for those bathroom products and first aid supplies that you don’t use very often but might need in a hurry.


Bathroom Storage


5 creative ways to organise your bathroom


1. Storage drawers. Little art drawers, craft boxes and stacking stationery baskets make great storage for the bathroom. Most of your bathroom essentials like makeup, skincare products, cotton tips, bandaids, and spare toothbrushes don’t need a lot of room. Stacking drawers means you get multiple levels of storage and can make the most of the available height in your bathroom cupboard.


2. Countertop tidiers. A toothbrush holder, soap, and a single, neat storage caddy for your daily toiletry essentials is all you need on the counter for your extra bits and bobs. Choose an open-weave basket to ensure water doesn’t pool inside the storage caddy.


3. Wall-mounted baskets. Wire baskets or woven wicker baskets can be turned sideways and easily mounted on the wall for extra storage space. If you’re short on linen storage, this can be a great way to store your bathroom towels.


4. Door storage. Use the back of your cabinet doors for extra storage with stick-on storage caddies for larger, everyday items. Hanging rails or hooks on the back of your bathroom door are another great bathroom organisation idea.


5. Hanging baskets. For a really clever use of space, you can use baskets suspended in plant hangers for a unique and creative way to organise your bathroom. Hang four or five decorative hangers and incorporate a mix of storage baskets and gorgeous hanging plants in your bathroom for a fresh look.


Mara Hanger By Rogue


Creative bathroom storage ideas


Keep your toothbrushes nice and tidy with a stylish toothbrush holder. Think outside the box and choose something a little different. Don’t let this Herb Pot Set with Tray fool you into thinking it’s only for plants. It would look gorgeous on the bathroom counter as a creative way to store the family’s toothbrushes.


V&A Herb Pot Set With Tray


A little Bits & Bobs Trinket Plate or cute decorative tray on the counter is essential. Use it for your soap, or for a place to leave your watch and jewellery while you’re in the shower. Having a place for everything makes it easier to keep your bathroom organised.


Bits & Bobs Trinket Plate


A laundry basket for dirty clothes is essential. If you don’t have the floor space, hang a laundry bag from a hook on the back of the door. Laundry baskets don’t have to be boring! If a wicker basket isn’t your first choice, find something unique like a fun Punching Bag Laundry Bag. This would also make a great gift for a teen who is heading off to uni or a fun housewarming gift for someone moving into their first home.


Punching Bag Laundry Bag


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