20 Hilarious Novelty Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Laugh

Life is better when you’re laughing


We all know it. Laughing is, and will always be, the best form of therapy. There are literally thousands of inspirational quotes out there to remind you how important it is to laugh.


‘Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.’ ‘I try not to laugh at my own jokes, but we all know I’m hilarious.’ And ‘It was the way you laughed…I knew I wanted that in my life.’


Don’t we all want that infectious laugh in our life? Whether it's the auntie with a really loud, obnoxious laugh, the friend who just cracks you up every time you see her, or the four year-old with a super infectious laugh that has you in tears, these people are worth their weight in gold.


No matter who it is and how they make you laugh, it’s contagious and addictive. Even more, we need and want it in our lives. Those that put a huge smile on your face on a permanent basis deserve a medal and a 'thank you' gift every so often. Better yet, they deserve a good belly laugh themselves.


Here is our list of the 20 most hilarious novelty gifts for people who love to laugh.


1. Solution for Confusion. The Arse/Face Soap is the perfect solution for those who stand in the shower wondering which side of the soap bar they had just used to lather up their tush. They're sure to crack a smile with every use.



2. Buttons are a hilarious gift idea. No matter which one you need in your life, this is the perfect gift for those of us who deal with daily bullshit. Let’s face it, we've all been there. It's bound to add some humour to boring meetings or dinners.



3. This is the ideal gift for those who appreciate a quirky yet functional gift. The President Dump Trump Toilet Paper Roll is the perfect entertainment for those boring bathroom breaks.



4. The Shakespeare Insult Generator Book is a quirky gift for literature lovers. This entertaining hardback takes inspiration from the English language’s greatest wordsmith by collecting hundreds of the bard's most powerfully insulting words in a fun, flip book format.



5. A gift for the one that stands out. Rock on even during lunch time! The guitar case lunchbox is 15.5 x 28 x 8cms and even features a cool handle to match.



6. This is a fantastic pressie for the jokester who also loves food. The Condiment Gun has them ready to aim and sauce it—this will most definitely please those BBQ fans out there with a healthy sense of humour.



7. We challenge you to keep a straight face when The Fart Button comes out. Gift this to the fun loving kid in your life (or perhaps the fully grown adult who still acts like they're a kid). 



8. Got a friend in love with the royals? We’ve got the perfect present for them. They can now go on drives around town, waving their hand the royal way with a prince on the back seat. The Prince Harry Window Sticker creates the perfect friend for the next road trip.



9. We all have that friend who absolutely lives in their kicks. The Doodle Pencil Case by Donkey is shaped like a classic sneaker, and comes with four washable markers to personalise the case. Now they can profess their love for shoes in the office and the classroom, too!



10. You got a cat lover friend or a male mate you want to tease? Here’s a good one. The Pussy Magnet Desk Tidy is the purr-fect magnetic paperweight gift to grab everyone’s attention (and a fantastic novelty desk accessory).



11. The Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Tin Wind-up Set is perfect for the collector friend or as a present idea for the kids.



12. Sushi lovers, listen up! No matter if you or your friend likes to be unique and quirky at home or in the office, the California Roll Maki socks will be a hit with everyone.



13. Look no further for the ideal gift idea for your dog loving friends. The ‘What I Lick Before Your Face’ hardcover book is humorous and heartwarming, if not a little gross at times. This one will definitely make them smile.



14. What is more unique than a unicorn? Everyone knows unicorns are mystical, but did you know they can charge a smart phone? This Unicorn Powerbank is beautifully designed for fun and practicality to charge the phone with ease and style. A great gift idea for tweens and teens, and anyone who loves unicorns.



15. This one is always a winner. The Beer Pong Set is a great surprise novelty present for those that like to get a party started.



16. Another hit gift for the music and karaoke fans is the Wireless Microphone and Speaker 2-in-1 party essential.



17. Bring back the 80s. This design is very quirky, one of a kind, and extremely pink. This playful fun Boom Box Toiletry Bag is the unique teenage gift idea and sure to be her favourite.



18. Opening a bottle of wine has never been so sexy. Give your friends a giggle with the McLovin Bottle Opener.



19. New parents need a laugh after weeks of restless nights. The Baby Owner’s Manual should help your friends with some advice and make them chuckle at the same time.



20. Last but not least; the perfect gift for the naughtiest man you know! His sins will be washed away with this quirky men’s novelty gift. The Jesus Soap makes a wonderful novelty gift for him for a range of quirky and fun occasions.



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