15 Memorable Going Away Gift Ideas for Friends

Going away gift ideas they’ll love


It is one of the hardest things to say goodbye to a friend, no matter if they have decided to relocate for another job, move across the country or go on an adventure trip around the world.


Showing that special someone how much they mean to you and how appreciate you are of the memories and times shared together calls for a thoughtful and brilliant idea. A unique and helpful gift can be a keepsake for that special person to remember you by or something practical to help them with their new adventure.


There is no need to spend a ton of money to show you care. It can be tricky to find a present that is not only sentimental but also useful. Let’s brainstorm together. Here are 15 memorable going away gifts you should consider next time you have to say goodbye again.


1. Change ‘goodbye’ to ‘see ya later’


With an iPad or tablet holder, you gift your friend the chance to call you anytime, no matter how hectic and stressful it is to settle in. While cooking meals, while brushing teeth, while unpacking boxes, you both get to stay in touch and up with each other’s lives. There's a range of lazy arm phone holders too that you can clip anywhere for easy chatting.


 Ipad Stand Holder


2. Snap more memories


You want to stay up-to-date with what your friend is up to while discovering the world. The summer-inspired underwater camera will enable anyone to capture the most amazing memories of their life and share with their loved ones.


Underwater Camera


3. Support their dreams


Being a good friend means supporting those close to you on whichever path they choose in life. If a mate decides to see more of our beautiful globe, help them to create a keepsake to remember their journey. Gift them the Everywhere You Go, A Travel Journalwhen you see them off on their adventure.


Everywhere You Go, A Travel Journal


4. Gifting comfort


Moving away is tough. Settling into a new place without your familiar faces can be challenging and having a comfy place to come back to each day can be crucial in feeling at home again. By gifting your friend the Serenity & Relaxation Hamper you are giving them relaxation, elegance and snuggles all in one.


Serenity & Relaxation Hamper


5. Playing the familiar tunes


The handy Touch Boombox Speaker is a wireless MP3 player that connects to their phone for an amazing gift to play your favourite songs, no matter if at the beach, pool or in a new home. A great present to help lift your pal’s homesickness any time it bubbles up, listening to the playlist you created as an additional farewell gift.


Touch Boombox Speaker


6. Let your friend take you anywhere


Sharing beautiful memories and photos is one part of an amazing friendship. To stay on top of mind and reminding your friend you’re there no matter where they go, a photo keyring is a fantastic keepsake gift. This personalised leather keyring can also be embossed with up to 4 digits and hold a precious photograph of a loved one.


Mens Personalised Leather Photo Keyring


7. The power of the flower


Flowers are linked to a person’s happiness, both immediate and long term. They can relieve stress, lift spirits and ease away symptoms of depression and anxiety. Surprise your friend with a bunch of flowers and a unique vase delivered into their new home to make them smile while they’re settling in. A beautiful Flower Vase is perfect to make a statement and a great addition to a new place.


Flower Vase


8. Send your bestie off in style


This personalised leather luggage tag will help her easily identify her bags when travelling for work or fun. This very unique travel gift can be monogrammed beautifully in gold with up to four letters and will be a stand-out on every luggage carousel.


Personalised Blood Orange Saffiano Leather Luggage Tag


9. Stay in touch with vlogging


Memories are what keeps friends connected for years to come. Make it easy to record video snaps every day and share your new adventures. A vlogging tripod with built-in selfie light is all they'll need to livestream, chat on socials, or send you a video of their escapades. This simple gadget is small and can be used anywhere as they explore their new home.


Vlogging Tripod


10. Send some foodie love


Moving away from familiar faces and places can be tough but also a big step while growing up. Getting into the university you dreamed off, scoring the job you always wanted, it’s a reason to celebrate. Send your friends a beautiful gift hamper with champagne and delicious treats, just because. Show your love, your respect and your support by letting them celebrate their big milestones—even if you aren’t there in person, your friend will definitely think of you while popping the cork.


gift hampers


11. On the road gifts


Outdoors gifts and travel inspiration are fantastic going away gifts for those friends embarking on a camping trip around the country, a journey of a lifetime. Make their adventure more memorable and easier with compact camping gifts or essential survival gear.


camping survival tools


12. Light up their life


Shine the light on your bestie and make them look their best at all times. The Smartphone Selfie Ring Light is the perfect gift for those selfie and Instagram lovers to create a picture board of beautiful memories, no matter where life takes them.


Smartphone Selfie Ring Light


13. Put a smile on their face from a distance


Your friend is unique to you, and you want them to remember every day just how special they are. Celebrate the journey, no matter where they are and what life has on offer for them. This inspirational book will bring a smile to their face every morning and remind them you’re there to call if the going gets tough in a new town.


Inspirational book


14. Organisation is key


The beautiful personalised folio organiser is a beautiful gift to stay organised no matter where life takes you—for work or pleasure. This practical gift is equally beautiful for women and men and has a timeless design, and a range of handy sleeves for important cards and notebooks.


Leather Folio


15. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Gifting jewellery is very personal and something you only give to those you know very well. So when you receive it, you know it’s been well thought through and comes from the heart. We have a range of jewellery that would make a special going away gift idea. If they love jewellery and are sure to want to carry their favourite pieces with them, a Personalised Leather Jewellery Travel Case is a thoughtful and practical gift. You can even get it monogrammed.


Personalised Leather Jewellery Travel Case


Find that special something


Going away presents are by no means mandatory, but everyone appreciates a little something that shows how much they will be missed. By taking the extra step and adding a gift to your support, it will be a goodbye they definitely won’t forget.


Gifts Australia has a wide range of ideas for travel gifts for men and travel gifts for women of all age groups that suit any budget. You will be sure to find a gift for that special someone in your life you don’t want to see go. No matter if you need handy travel accessories, homewares, hampers, vouchers, novelty gifts and much more, we cater for all needs. Make use of the premium gift-wrapping option and remember that all orders over $99 will include free shipping.


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