15 Cool Gifts For Guys (That They'll Actually Use)


Shopping for the guy who has everything?


Struggling for ideas for a present for a hard-to-buy-for guy? We’ve got original gift ideas for every man, no matter how fussy. Shopping for men does not have to be hard. We’ve got the inspiration you need to get fantastic gifts for men that he’ll love. Forget ties. Forget that predictable carton of beer. There’s a whole world of cool gifts for guys that he’ll actually use. Don’t want to have to scour the shelves at BCF looking for fishing gear? We don’t blame you. With our handy list of the best men’s gifts, you can shop online and surprise him with the perfect present.


If you have an important occasion for him coming up, we have you covered. When it comes down to what gifts guys actually want, the following list offers a combination of unique gift ideas for men and the most popular presents for 2021 if you need inspiration. We’ll help you find the perfect gift for every special occasion. No matter what he’s interested in, we’ve got gift ideas for sporty men, geeky guys, daggy dads, gamers, foodies, and more.


15 of the best cool gifts for guys


1. For a unique gift you can personalise, men's wallets are great gifts. A Brown Leather Wallet with Monogram is versatile and just gorgeous. Made from smooth and supple genuine leather, this is a gift to impress. A stylish leather wallet would make a great gift for an 18th birthday for guys.


Brown Leather Wallet with Monogram


2. Cool gifts for guys have to include the essential BBQ gifts. If he thinks he’s a professional BBQ chef, help him look the part with a heavy-duty 18 piece Maverick Barbecue Tool Set. It even comes with a durable aluminium case so he can take his BBQ set camping.


Maverick Barbecue Tool Set


3. If he likes to entertain or have mates around for a BBQ dinner, the Wooden Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener is practical and stylish. Gorgeous wood and stainless steel looks great and weathers well for use outside. This would make a great Christmas or summer entertaining gift for any guy.


Drinks Caddy with bottle opener


4. Shopping for a meat-lover? Did someone say, ‘bacon’? The Butchering, Smoking, Curing, Sausage & Jerky Making book is a complete home-steading, animal raising, and cooking book for guys who are all about DIY and self-sufficiency. This is not your everyday meat and BBQ recipe book, it covers everything from looking after your own meat animals from paddock to plate. He’ll love it!


Butchering, Smoking, Curing, Sausage & Jerky Making


5. If you like the idea of a cook book for him, but he’s more of a sweet tooth than a BBQ or meat lover, the Nutella 30 Best Recipes Book will be a winner. If chocolate is the way to his heart, he’ll love a book full of delicious Nutella recipes. Or, get creative and come up with your own fun things to do with a jar of Nutella!


Nutella 30 Best Recipes Book


6. If he likes it spicy, the Urban Greens Some Like It Hot Pepper Grow Kit is cool indoor or outdoor gardening gift for men who like it hot. He can add a little chilli to every meal or wow his mates with his own homemade chilli recipes!


Urban Greens Some Like It Hot Pepper Grow Kit


7. No drinks night is complete without a game of poker. If your man likes to pretend he’s a bit of a high roller, he’ll have fun with the Ridley's Casino Night Game Set. The set even includes a roulette wheel and everything he’ll need for a fun games night.


Ridley's Casino Night Game Set


8. For great bar and drinkware gift ideas for guys, you can’t go past the Ardbeg Whisky & BBQ Smoker Gift Set. The premium Ardbeg An Oa is a smooth and smoky Scotch Whisky from the Isle of Islay in Scotland. In this gift set, it's paired with a BBQ smoker for a classy gift we think is a wonderful gift idea for men who are die-hard whisky drinkers.


Ardbeg Whisky & BBQ Smoker Gift Set


9. Want a gift for a man who prefers a good bottle of wine? The Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller & Aerator makes serving the perfect glass of wine a breeze. Red wine can be cooled to cellar temperature, or keep his chilled white cool for up to an hour, plus it aerates as you pour! A winning gift idea for a man who considers himself a wine connoisseur.


Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller & Aerator


10. Our favourite gift for stylish guys is the 'North South' Men's Leather Messenger Bag. Get it monogrammed for a distinctive and personalised gift for him. This would make a fabulous milestone birthday gift or something to celebrate a special occasion.


Men's Leather 'North South' Messenger Bag with Monogram


11. For a cool gift idea for a teen guy, the 3 Things Survival Game is perfect as a Christmas present for a son. This fun party game will guarantee fun for the summer holidays for something different to do with your boyfriend or a teen to play with mates for hours of laughs and crazy conversation.


3 Things Survival Game


12. What’s better than a lazy weekend BBQ with your man? A weekend with wine! As xmas approaches, it’s the season for a good red, so a Red Wine and Nibbles Hamper is perfect. A mixed hamper with beer nuts, savoury treats, and gourmet food would also make a lovely special occasion picnic for his birthday.


Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper


13. If he wishes he was travelling, the Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel List will give him plenty to dream about for when he can get back on the road. Packed full of must-see destinations, it’s the perfect gift for the guy who loves to travel.


Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel List


14. The Gentlemen's Hardware Keychain Charging Cable is a cool gift for geeky guys and travellers. He’ll never be caught without his phone charger again. The handy ring carabiner means he can clip this to a bag or use as a keyring so he always has a data cable for sync or charge wherever he is.


Gentlemen's Hardware Keychain Charging Cable


15. If you’re looking for novelty gifts for funny guys, the classic novelty bottle opener is guaranteed to please. Pick a theme to suit your man from dinosaurs to footy and everything in between. We like the McLovin Bottle Opener because nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a half-naked man in sexy leopard print undies.


McLovin Bottle Opener


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