14 Productive Ways To Keep Busy If You Are Social Distancing


Adjusting to the Social Distancing Lifestyle


All over the world, we are being asked to stay in our homes and practice social distancing. The switch can be a challenge, especially if you normally have a busy social lifestyle, are not working or live alone.


We all need to find new ways to stay physically and mentally active and keep in touch with friends and family. So, here are some creative and fun ways to fill your days to the brim and keep you occupied.


But remember, we all deal with this situation in different ways and there is absolutely no pressure on you to be productive. In the moments when you do feel like a challenge, browse through these interesting ideas and brighten up your day!


1. Get outside and garden


Being outside lightens your mood, and there is no better time to introduce bright colours to your garden by planting some beautiful blooms. Make the most of any good weather and enjoy the sunshine when it peeps from behind the clouds. If you don’t have a garden, then deck your balcony with flowers or start a healthy kitchen herb garden. There are starter kits which include a variety of easy to grow herbs like basil, parsley and thyme. You don’t even need green fingers to grow groovy greens as they are really easy to care for!


Groovy Greens

Cultivate your green thumb with the Urban Greens Groovy Greens Grow Kit

2. Work out at home


If you’re not allowed to go for a walk each day, then doing some small exercises inside is vital. Start up your own gym in the living room and switch on an online workout suitable for your level. Create your very own weights with household products or splash out on a set of affordable dumbbells. Retrieve your yoga mat from under the bed or blast out your favourite music and dance your way through the housework. It really doesn’t matter what you choose, just keep moving every day!


3. Learn a new language


Hopefully, we will not be at home long enough to learn a language fluently, but grasping the basics can be a fun pastime. There are lots of apps online, like Duolingo, which will help you pass many an hour and keep your grey matter sharp as a razor. Alternatively, why not learn the interesting skill of how to speak dog or the valuable skill of sign language? Check out Sign Language Australia for all the latest courses and the latest information.


How to Speak Dog

Learn about your canine companion with the How to Speak Dog book. 


4. Take virtual tours


For those with a travel bug and wanderlust, or those just missing visits to Art Galleries, you can enjoy the fabulous technology of taking virtual tours. You can explore the world’s best museums and galleries, national parks, zoos or safari parks. There is an added bonus of no crowds or queues to hamper your enjoyment. Satisfy your travel cravings by embarking on an adventure to capital cities across the world, impressive landmarks or breathtaking countryside from the comfort of your own home.


5. Get your creativity flowing


Take the time to do something you have never done before or embark on a new arts or crafts challenge. From mindful adult colouring to creative pottery, you will never be stuck for new ideas. Challenge yourself to complete a project or make beautiful gifts for your family and friends. Turn your hand to creating a watercolour painting, making delicate jewellery or running up some gorgeous new curtains. With the right materials and tools and a little bit of application, there is nothing that you can’t achieve.


6. Keep a journal or blog


Maybe you have never even kept a diary before or have always wanted to write an amazing best selling book. Writing down how we feel can be a positive way to express how anxious or isolated we feel and can also help us to stay positive. Whatever the reason, keeping a humorous daily notebook or serious journal is a really productive way to engage your thoughts and pass the time. For the internet savvy, it’s a fabulous excuse to start a blog about your experiences, interests or life passions.


My Life Story 100 Year Diary


Record your precious memories with the My Life Story 100 Year Diary


7. Keep the grey matter ticking


Maintaining your mental dexterity and challenging your brain every day is important. Put it to the test with crosswords, Sudoku or logic puzzles, rather than watching the TV news for hours. There are many different word games and brain teasers available online or you could even treat yourself to a book of your favourite ones. Engage yourself with concentration training or test your brainpower and skills with socially interactive online computer games.


8. Make some photographic memories


Use your free time to hone your photography skills, take a course or invest in a new camera. Take fun snapshots around your home and start a lovely photo album to remind you of this interesting time. If you already have a wealth of digital shots on Instagram and Facebook, then now’s the time to get them organised. Search through them all and compile them into annual albums or fun subjects to browse. You could even print your favourites off and mount them ‘old style’ in a pretty hardcover photo album. Plan your Christmas presents early with customised designs for framed prints, calendars or cards!


9. Jigsaw puzzles always win the day


Take your focus away from the news and spend a lazy afternoon tackling a colourful and tricky jigsaw. It’s fun and challenging and something most of us haven’t done for years. Find them hiding in the loft or shop online for the best jigsaw puzzles of 1000 pieces and over for adults. If you have some company at home, then it’s great fun as a team or you can embrace some holiday entertainment and competition with exciting or humorous board games.


10. Pamper yourself daily


Rewarding ‘me’ time and some hours to spare should never be squandered. Make sure to treat yourself regularly and invest some effort in perfecting a beauty routine and enjoying a little TLC. Attention to relaxation and enjoyable pastimes are allowed too!


  • Draw yourself a relaxing bath or have a power shower

  • Give yourself an at-home foot spa, pedicure or manicure

  • Read your favourite books and poetry again

  • Practise meditation or mindfulness

  • Treat yourself to a facial or self massage

  • Enjoy healthy, fresh, inventive meals

  • Order a luxury pamper hamper and enjoy!

  • Try out a new hairstyle or wear it differently

  • Make a gratitude list and add something each day


Luxury Pamper Hamper


Indulge your senses with a luxury pamper hamper. We just love the Jurlique Rosewater & Moët Hamper!


11. Plan some social drinks evenings


Missing your friends and busy social life can be challenging for everyone, particularly if you live alone. Stay in touch with family and friends by accessing some of the newer video apps and meeting up on a regular basis. Make sure to have some fun and host a virtual drinks evening or slumber party on Houseparty or Zoom to keep up with the latest gossip and news. Have a laugh and a glass of fizz with friends on every special occasion. Cook virtual Sunday lunch and eat with your family. Make the best of this unusual time.


12. Stay in touch the old fashioned way


Many moons ago before the internet, emails and text messages, people used to stay in touch the old fashioned way. Sending personal handwritten letters or cards is a beautiful thought and a lovely way to pass the time. Buy a nice set of decorated writing paper, cards and envelopes and treat your family or friends to an interesting surprise. Include some funny or memorable photos for the perfect finishing touch. Imagine their excitement waiting for the postman to arrive every morning!


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