10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas To Keep Kids Engaged

Tired of buying toys that never get used? Here’s the solution!


All kids love toys and we enjoy giving them at any time of the year. They’re easy gifts to find and most of us are under pressure from kids to buy the latest craze. The thing is; we also know that most toys are only played with for a short amount of time. Forgotten all too quickly, they usually end up being given to friends or donated to charity.


With birthdays, Christmas, holidays and other celebrations those many gifts for kids are soon piled high. We struggle to give relatives and friends different ideas, so, they just keep arriving. It’s time for decluttering and we have some wonderfully creative non-toy gift ideas to help. Your kids will never miss unwrapping a toy again!


The psychology of ‘less is more’ for kids


Kids generally don’t miss toys if they’ve never had them, and those with the most always need more. It’s a true fact of life. The most frustrating thing for any parent is that new toys don’t hold their attention for long and pretty soon we all know what happens. Yes, that’s right. They are playing with other things, dressing up, watching TV or fighting with each other!


Of course, they need a present at special times, but our kids certainly don’t need as many toys as they get. In fact, child psychologists say that too many toys is not good for them. The fewer they have, the more they will play and learn with them, developing those all-important life skills.


So, here’s our thoughts on some amazing non-toy gift ideas to replace toys and strike a healthy balance!


Nothing beats the rich experience of life


Before we start on our creative gifts for kids list, there is something which stands head and shoulders above the rest. Experiences. We all remember the experiences and time spent together more than any material possession. This applies to children too, and creating a happy memory with something like a Sealion Swim Experience, is worth its weight in gold.



Toys are quickly forgotten, but experiences last a lifetime. They can be a wonderful way to replace toys and are unique gifts for children that they will absolutely love. Whether it’s a Jetboat Blast Experience, a cosy family movie night, a weekend away camping or a Lost World Canyon Experience it’s sure to be cherished.



Get inventive and plan for some fun


Kids rooms


The very heart of playtime, this is a room that every child enjoys decorating and personalising - so let them! Gift colourful and funky accessories, like the Galaxy Star Projector, so they can make it more exciting! Or think of unusual items like a fun Secret Agent Alarm Clock that will add to the existing theme.



Photo albums


Of all the many non-toy gift ideas, a photo album is likely to be the most treasured. It may take a bit of organisation but the result will be well worth it. Or make a scrapbook of pictures, captions, stickers, drawings and small trinkets. Then buy them a Kasbah Underwater Camera and a Photo Frame Set so they can make their own next year!



Fun bedtimes


Stores always have a collection of affordable trendy or themed bedlinen and pillows as gifts for kids. Make bedtimes more enjoyable with their favourite character or design and find some accessories to match. Add in some soft Gingerlilly Axel Sleepwear or a fluffy Mister Fly Cat Everything Blanket and we’re sure it will be a resounding hit!



Stock the bookshelf


Books are the ultimate gift at any age, and if your kids love reading then a monthly book subscription can be a good idea. Books of any kind are a superb way to focus them and offer a great alternative to toys. Choose one about their interests like A World Full Of Animal Stories or introduce them to learning with books like 101 Collective Nouns!



Get them organised


You can have great fun choosing useful accessories for their playroom as non-toy gift ideas. Get creative with notice boards, magnet bars and Stacking Panda Snack Boxes to double as colourful storage bins. Art caddies or wicker boxes are great for art supplies and you can pack some little treats like Magic Puffy Pens Set, paints or pens inside.



Home education


Kids are fascinated by learning new things as long as it’s nothing to do with school! Educational gifts like a science kit or a Make Your Own Lava Kit make unique gifts for children and will keep them occupied for hours. For kids who are not so easy to buy for what about a Two Way Insect Viewer as a good excuse for an afternoon in the garden?



Activities or crafts


There are literally hundreds of ideas for kids crafts and hobbies which make great gifts for kids. They are a super way to keep them happy and are generally used more than toys. Try to introduce them to something completely new like Executive Pin Art or inspire a new interest with the Make Your Own Solar System Kit. You’ll enjoy the fun too!



Film nights


All kids love movie nights and time with family and friends is all part of the gift. It will make the whole day extra special. Add in some fun touches like themed snacks or Hollywood Star Name Coasters for their drinks. Your kids will love it. If you’re feeling up to it, gift a Smartphone Projector and let them provide a movie marathon of the day!



New skills


The gift of learning new skills is a great way to introduce a shift away from toys. It’s a time to explore talents and can spark a desire to take up a new pastime. A Byron Bay Surf Lesson or anything from painting and photography to sports and horseriding is sure to be a hit. If you can’t choose, then a $50 Online Gift Voucher might be the answer!



A move away from materialistic gifts


We all wonder exactly how many presents kids should get, and there’s no real answer. What they love the most is the excitement of ripping off the wrapping paper and opening something new. Kids toys are not bad gifts and chosen correctly, kids can learn a lot from their playing sessions. The key is to try to move away from them a little and make them more meaningful by adopting a more conscious approach with non-toy gift ideas.


We can help by delivering great gifts for kids to your doorstep and we’re sure you will find something just right to make a hit of your very first try. It will be fun we promise!




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