10 Fun Things To Do In The School Holidays


It’s time to take a break


It’s that time of year again… the midyear school holidays! This year has been less than conventional (to put it mildly), so it’s no surprise that this date has crept up on many Australian parents. So, how can you keep your kiddos occupied for the next couple of weeks? Not only is it winter, but we’re still navigating a pandemic. It’s possible that your usual itinerary might need a revamp.


Don’t worry, we have a fantastic list of activities that the younger members of your family will adore. Since social distancing requirements are different around the country, we’ve chosen fail-safe ideas that will work for everyone.


1. Cooking


What better time to train your little ones in the kitchen? Help them cook up a storm. Start with a simple recipe, like cookies or an easy pasta. They’ll be planning their MasterChef cameo in no time.


Alphabet Cookie Cutter


2. Bike ride


If the weather permits, take the family out for a leisurely bike ride! Not only will they be able to have fun and get some fresh air, but the exercise will help tire them out. It’s a win-win situation.



Kids Bike Ride


3. Plant seeds


Spark their interest in nature and sustainability by helping them start their own garden. For total beginners, simple herbs can be fantastic. Bonus points if you can all cook a meal together with homegrown ingredients in the future!


Kids Gardening Set


4. Education station


There’s nothing like the endless curiosity of a child. Encourage their problem-solving skills with STEM games and puzzles. From architecture to biology, they are bound to find something that captivates them.


The Iconic Home Architecture Kit By 3Dux Design


5. Art attack


Is your kid a creative type? Help them make gorgeous pieces of art that will take pride of place on the fridge. Spiral patterns and marbling paint kits are just a couple of our favourites for school holiday fun. Plus, they’re great screen-free activities.


IS Gifts Marbling Paint Kit


6. Movie marathon


Speaking of screens… let’s be real, you’re not going to keep them away from their beloved tech for the entire two weeks. When they’re allowed screen time, make it an opportunity for family bonding by holding a movie marathon (popcorn and blankets are non-negotiable).


Movie marathon with family


7. Reading corner


A love of reading can be a lifelong joy. Introduce your kids to Roald Dahl—they will be captivated for hours on end! Set up in a cosy corner and bond over your favourite page-turner. You can even have ‘book club’ after, where you sip juice and discuss your favourite parts of the story.


Roald Dahl Treasury Hardcover Book


8. Karaoke


Put on a fantastic karaoke night for the whole family! Fancy costumes and cheesy pop songs are encouraged. This can be a great way to giggle and relax together without having to leave the house.


FAO Musical Bluetooth Microphone


9. Starry night


Are you looking for a fun craft project? Help the kids make their own DIY constellation jar! This will instantly transform their room into a star-gazing haven. You can even add real constellations to the design.




10. Take a stroll


Choose a sunny day to take the family out for a walk. It’s free, and can be a great excuse to get out in nature. Younger kids might enjoy a stroll to the nearest dog park or oval, while older kids could benefit from a walking trail in a national park.


Family walk


Enjoying your family time


While there’s no doubt that school holidays take a lot more planning, they can be a fantastic opportunity to spend more time together as a family. Enjoy it! No family is the same, but you’re sure to find an activity that you can all have fun doing.


If you’re still strapped for ideas take a look at our gifts for kids or perhaps our family gifts range. Whether you’re just looking for inspo or need to stock up on supplies, we have a large variety of exciting games and activities for all age groups. Time flies when you’re having fun!


We asked our kids what they would choose to play with these school holidays and this is what they came up with!


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Chess for kidsNano blocksSnail ScienceDino Glow in Dark puzzle

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