10 Personalised Gift Ideas That Show How Much You Care


Unforgettable Gifts Your Friends & Family Will Cherish Forever


Gifts offer an exciting way to say what’s on your mind or express yourself. Some of the best gifts you can give are those that send a heartfelt little message to your friends or loved ones. What better way to show your feelings than with a thoughtful, personalised gift


When you gift something personal, it becomes a sweet gesture to brighten up their day. It reflects your special connection and shows you’ve put thought into your choice. Customised gifts are something that’s going to give them joy for a lifetime and remind them how much you care about them. It’s a great bonding experience!


So, here are a few personalised gift ideas from the team at Gifts Australia to get you started with your gift brainstorming session.


1: Baby Gifts

Welcoming a new baby is one of the most wonderful experiences for a family. You can join in the excitement and show your support by giving cute personalised gifts to the little one. Many people gift clothes and baby essentials, and you can do that too. But how about treating them to some gorgeous leather baby shoes with their initials embroidered on the side? Pop them in a beautiful baby hamper with other timeless goodies, and they’ll never forget that special someone who gifted them.



2: Personalised Bags

We all need everyday bags for different reasons, from keeping personal effects close to work, school and shopping. Since they're a staple in our lives, gifting them to loved ones is a definite plus. For the ladies, leather tote bags are ideal. These are stylish accessories, and with her initials monogrammed in gold, she'll have the ideal bag for work and play. For gents, try a personalised messenger bag that’s masculine to carry and perfect for showing off.



3: Unique Books

With so many digital and audiobooks available, it’s easy to overlook books as thoughtful presents unless you’re gifting a bookworm. In many instances, a personalised page-turner can leave a lasting impression on your friend or loved one. Take, for example, unique memory books for your mum or dad filled with prompts for you to fill in personal experiences. These are the kind of books that make timeless gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime. 



4: Stylish Cufflinks

For that special gent in your life, personalised cufflinks can mark occasions, make memories or just let them know you're thinking of them. For instance, you can get them cufflinks that welcome them to fatherhood with intricate detailing and the baby's name and birthday engraved.
They’re also perfect as a wedding gift to the husband-to-be or father of the bride or groom. Serving as souvenirs of any momentous event, they’ll show exactly how much you care. 



5: Timeless Jewellery

The easiest way to give your outfit an instant upgrade is with jewellery. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and other items, jewellery makes some of the best personalised gifts. A simple piece of jewellery can instantly be made to stand out. Engrave the item with their name or a special message unique to your relationship with them. Gold, silver and sparkling crystals will never go out of fashion, and your words will be unforgettable.



6: Essential Keyrings

We all leave the house without our keys sometimes, whether for the car, the house or the mailbox. Keyrings may be small, but they’re invaluable! As gifts, they ensure your friend or loved one has an easy time, and customised keyrings make an instant impression. Leather is an excellent choice as it’s chic, sturdy and lasting. Who could resist a heart-shaped leather keyring or a classic monogrammed leather tag to show your love for them? 



7: Handy Pouches

From makeup to pens or iPads, pouches and folio cases are essential for all those extra daily necessities. They’re the perfect personalised gift ideas for any occasion, big or small. Treat her to a cute cosmetic pouch or a monogrammed leather pouch with compartments to keep things organised. Treat him to a Macbook leather folio case or a notebook folder with his initials and your love emblazoned for all to see. 



8: Travel Necessities

For friends and family on the move, travel accessories make one of the best personalised gifts. A sophisticated option is a monogrammed overnight or weekend bag in leather to withstand the rigours of their travels. You can also add a wash bag or cosmetics purse to complete their new look. If they need a passport for those travels, a matching personalised passport holder and luggage tags will always be in tow, reminding them of you.



9: Everyday Wallets

One of the most popular monogrammed gifts is always wallets. So as you choose one for your friend or loved one, make sure it stands out from the crowd. One unique option for gents is a chic portrait-oriented wallet, or choose a monogrammed wallet with a matching keyring. For the ladies, consider a wallet with a zipper, which look super classy, especially with gold or silver monogram details on the front.



10: Work Accessories

Most people don't think about it, but you can also get work-essential personalised gifts for friends and family. These can take many forms, with the most common being office stationery. Why not add a personalised touch to some of the things they always carry to work? Gift them a leather folio case, a monogrammed pencil case for their special pens or a trendy notebook holder. Make these leather so they protect those work essentials and always remember you!


Unique Personalised Gifts From Gifts Australia

Most cool personalised gifts are everyday items with a beautiful special touch that makes them stand out. So although they may seem ordinary, the added detail makes them meaningful. Great for a variety of celebrations where you’d like to leave a mark, they’re also thoughtful items to treasure. Be it a baby shower, graduation, wedding, or just because you can; Gifts Australia has custom presents that will always hold a special place in your friend or loved one's heart.


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