10 DIY Christmas Cards Ideas You Will Love

Christmas cards are an integral part of the holiday season. They're a way to show love to friends and family and share all of the exciting updates from the year.

If you're looking to DIY Christmas cards, this blog post is for you. We're going to share 10 Christmas card ideas that your gift recipients will absolutely love.

Without further ado, let's go and dive into it.

Homemade Christmas card ideas to DIY for your loved ones

Here are 10 ideas that will make your Christmas cards out of this world amazing this Christmas:

#1. Include a video just for them

The best handmade Christmas card ideas offer more than just a card with Santa and a typical message. We're living in the golden days of video, so it makes sense to leverage video in your card.

No, this DIY Christmas card doesn't include a DVD. Instead, we recommend filming a fun video message with the family, uploading it to YouTube (and listing the video as unlisted so no one else can see it), and linking to the video via a QR code you printed out and pasted into the card.

Your gift recipients will love the extra special touch!

#2. Include some photos from the year

Decades ago, Christmas cards included a short letter that detailed all of the exciting updates from your family. It's a tradition that's slowly coming back into vogue… but with a twist – photos. Sharing a few happy snaps of the family is a great way to make your Christmas card meaningful.

If you're really motivated, you can even create a photo card.

#3. Make a scrapbook collage of Christmas memorabilia

Who said Christmas cards had to be neat and organised? Treat your friends and family members to a beautiful mess of festivity, pom poms, Santa Claus, and Christmas wishes. It's a chance for you and the kids to be creative, and your loved ones won't ever want to get rid of your holiday card.

Scrapbook Christmas cards

#4. Include an artsy print

Lovers of elegant homemade Christmas cards will love this suggestion. Choose a local artist and purchase some mini prints from them (often, these are sold as postcards). Insert these little prints into your Christmas cards with an explanation of who the artist is and what the piece you chose is all about. This idea is cool and fun, and it may even expand your family members' tastes.

#5. Write a poem

Poems are all the rage this year, so it's only fitting that you should add one to your holiday cards. If you don't fancy yourself much of a poet, you can keep it easy with an acrostic poem of the word "Christmas". Those who have a way with words may prefer to write a festive haiku. Whether your poem is worthy of international acclaim or not, your friends and family members will love the effort you put in.

#6. Include paper Christmas tree ornaments they can use

Our next suggestion is to get the kids involved and create flat paper ornaments for your gift recipients to hang on their Christmas trees. These ornaments can just be slid into the card, easy peasy. We recommend decorating them with glitter, paint, gel pens, and anything else that can add some sparkles.

Christmas ornaments

#7. Send a gift basket with your card

Perhaps the best Christmas card isn't one that stands out on its own, but one that stands out because of the gift accompanying it. Gift baskets and hampers are the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. They're full of festive fun, delicious treats, and goodies that spread the Christmas spirit.

Gifts Australia has a large selection of Christmas hampers, though the Christmas Indulgence Hamper really stands out against the crowd. It boasts a Christmas pudding, fruit mince tarts, and sweet and savoury nibbles from beloved celebrity chef Maggie Beer. This hamper comes with free standard shipping Australia-wide and a card that you can customise with a sweet "Merry Christmas" message.

Christmas Indulgence Hamper

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#8. Make your card a creative shape

This DIY is a fun way to get the whole family involved in making beautiful Christmas cards, and the result is something 10 times better than store-bought cards.

Here's the idea: instead of making regular rectangular cards, make cards in the shape of things associated with Christmas. For example, you could make a Christmas tree card, a bauble card, a Santa card, or a snow globe card. After you've cut out the shape, you can decorate the front. Whether you make a snow globe, a sleigh, a bauble, or anything else, your friends and family members will appreciate all your hard work.

#9. Make cards with natural ingredients from your garden

This idea is a hit with lovers of the natural world, and it's an elegant DIY that almost anyone can do. To create natural Christmas cards, get some card stock from a store, collect leaves, gum nuts, and flowers from your garden, and decorate the front with them. The result is a pretty and unique Christmas card you'll love.

Natural Christmas cards

#10. Share a joke

No Christmas card is complete without a holiday greeting like "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays", but what if you added a little more to your card and added a Christmas joke underneath? To help you out, here are some of our top Christmas jokes:

  • What kind of money do elves use? Jingle bills.
  • What do Santa's reindeers do at sleepovers? They play truth or deer.
  • What does Santa call his dog? Santa paws.
  • What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet.
  • How do Christmas trees check their emails? They log on.

FAQs about Christmas card ideas 2023

Now that we've shared our top ideas for Christmas cards, we'll answer your most popular questions about them.

How to make easy Christmas cards at home?

The simplest way to make Christmas cards is to get some card stock, fold a card in half, decorate the front, and write a message in the middle. If you want to take it up a notch, you can include stickers, glitter, colourful shapes, and gel pen designs.

How can I make my Christmas cards more special?

Here are some easy DIY Christmas cards ideas:

  • Film a video message (this is one of our best ideas)
  • Make your cards in the shape of Christmas ornaments
  • Include a joke
  • Write a festive poem

How do you make a Christmas card stand out?

You don't have to be a crafting expert to make your card stand out. Here are some ideas that anyone can use to create beautiful Christmas cards:

  • Include photos of the family
  • Include an art print from your favourite artist
  • Have your kids decorate the front of the cards
  • Create a scrapbook-esque Christmas card

Does Gifts Australia offer Christmas cards?

Yes, all of Gifts Australia's gifts come with a free card that you can customise by adding a sweet message. We also offer premium options for just a few dollars.

What are some fun facts about Christmas cards?

  • Many Victorian Christmas cards showed a robin delivering mail, so postmen were called robins as they wore red uniforms.
  • The first commissioned Christmas card sold for an amazing $35,800 in an auction in 2001.
  • On 6 November 1957, the very first Christmas stamp was issued in Australia.
  • Over 500 million ecards are now sent worldwide each festive season.
  • In 1975, American Werner Erhard set a world record by sending 62,824 Christmas cards.

Gifts Australia has the best cards and gifts

We hope you liked our DIY Christmas card ideas, and if you're looking to tick a few more people off your Christmas shopping list, explore our range of Christmas gifts. We've got it all – kids' toys, homewares, books, board games, self-care gifts, fashion gifts, personalised accessories, hampers, premium wine, and more.

All our gifts come with a free card and gift wrapping. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99, and same-day deliveries are available in the Sydney metro area on express orders placed by 11 am Sydney time.

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