10 DIY Christmas Cards Ideas You Will Love

Fun Alternatives To Traditional Cards For Sending Festive Greetings 

Christmas cards can be a lifeline for family and friends and are an integral part of Aussie Christmas traditions. They help keep relationships close and cosy at the end of the year and send heartfelt messages of Christmas cheer.


It is said that the Christmas card custom started in Victorian England, where boys practising writing skills made cards for their parents for the holiday season. The very first commissioned card from an artist was way back in 1843, and billions of Christmas cards are still posted each year. It’s a cheap and cheerful way to say Merry Christmas and send good wishes.


This year, it’s even more important than ever to keep in touch. It's not surprising that families are searching for fun and unique ways to show loved ones they are thinking about them. So, here are some inventive Christmas card making ideas from everyone here at Gifts Australia!


Five Fun Facts About The Christmas Card Tradition 

  • Many Victorian Christmas cards showed a robin delivering mail, so postmen were called robins as they wore red uniforms.
  • The first commissioned Christmas card sold for an amazing $35,800 in an auction in 2001.
  • On 6 November 1957, the very first Christmas stamp was issued in Australia.
  • Over 500 million ecards are now sent worldwide each festive season.
  • In 1975, American Werner Erhard set a world record by sending 62,824 Christmas cards.   


Handmade Xmas Cards


Unique Christmas Card Ideas To Bring You Even Closer

If you’re wondering how to make easy Christmas cards at home this year, then it’s time to get a little creative. Think outside the normal greeting card box! With today's technology, you can add some festive spice and use Christmas card alternatives. They’re sure to evoke some tears and laughter and result in wonderful shared moments. Look no further than these seven interesting Christmas cards DIY ideas!


Share video greetings

Nothing is nicer than seeing the other person, so create your own greeting video to wish them Merry Christmas. It’s easy to make them for free on your laptop or phone, and you can also upload their favourite songs to make it extra fun of festive.


Design photo albums

Send them a beautiful hand-made photo album packed with images of your year’s adventures. Choose accomplishments, good memories and fun moments. If you don’t have time for handmade, you can create a slideshow using free apps and email it to them!


Make scrapbook collages

Get the whole family and kids involved in creating a fabulous collage of the year. You can include photos, event tickets, newspaper cuttings and even memorabilia for an incredible memory book or framed collage. Parents and grandparents will absolutely love it! 


Scrapbook Xmas cards


Deliver arty prints 

An art print gives you two things in one; a gift and a card. It’s something that reflects the holiday spirit, and they make elegant homemade Christmas cards for loved ones. For groups of friends, find thoughtful and engaging postcards which are sure to be treasured.  


Write a blog

Forget labouring over written letters and emails and start an online blog. The 2020 year holds a wealth of exciting news and events that just beg to be shared at Christmas. Family blogs are a fantastic way to share photos, updates and happy occasions.  


Decorate tree ornaments

There's nothing nicer than decorating the Christmas tree with shiny baubles and glittering lights. Think how much nicer it would be covered in personalised ornaments. Get arty and send them gorgeous wooden shapes, hand-painted balls, or cute messages on folding cards to hang on the tree or display on the mantelpiece.  


DIY Xmas cards


Open a family Facebook

Send warm winter wishes by creating a family Facebook group. Pack it full of family photos, personal videos and festive greetings. Share Christmas joy with your nearest and dearest and keep in touch every day sharing fun comments and likes. 


Create gift baskets

Cute sweet or savoury baskets filled with Christmas cheer are sure to bring happiness. Make festive gift bags or baskets and add something small that they love. You can even bake some seasonal treats or add mince tarts or a slice of delicious Christmas cake! 


Send wildflower seeds

If you’re concerned about the environment or have ‘green’ friends, then include packets of beautiful summer flowers when you post your handmade Christmas cards. Or choose winter wildflower seeds ready for 2021. They can sew them in the ground or balcony pots and be reminded of your love long into next year. 


Make natural cards

If you really can’t bear to give up the annual tradition, then get crafty with your cards. Making unique handmade Christmas cards can be great fun. Use paper and packaging scraps, brown paper bags, dried flowers, and natural materials from the garden for a unique personal touch.


Nature inspired DIY Xmas cards


Whatever You Do This Year, Spread The Festive Feeling

Everyone has different ideas about handmade Christmas card inspiration and the best way to send their love. But why not take it up a notch for really awesome Christmas card ideas 2020 instead of choosing the same old greetings cards? You’re unique and so are your loved ones, and this year everyone needs an extra touch of thoughtfulness or humour. Somewhere, there’s an idea for an alternative Christmas card that’s perfect for you both.


Hold on to the beautiful tradition of cute DIY Christmas card ideas, but add a twist to suit your family. Put your own special touch on the card, share those unforgettable memories, and put a smile on everyone's face this Christmas. Gifts Australia loves making your gift personal. When you order your gift online, don't forget to include a personalised message and custom gift card with your Christmas present.




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