Top Baby Gifts for 2016

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

What baby gifts can you give to a newborn? While the parents might have already bought every baby essential available, this should not stop you from giving a present for that adorable little angel. If you are looking for gifts to give the little ones, whether to welcome her or for her Christening, read on to find out more.
Top Baby Gifts for the Little One
Here are some of the top gifts this 2016 that you should consider when looking for a baby gift.

1. Stylish hampers.
Whether it’s for a baby boy or girl, hampers make wonderful baby gifts. Hampers may contain different items but one thing is for sure: they are fun and contain charming and lovable baby items, like singlet, growsuit, teddy, hat, mittens and socks, and many more. Some even have cookies and wine for the parents and books for the babies. It is up to you to select one that fits your taste and budget. For instance, this Ollie Owl Baby Hamper contains a cotton pear growsuit, cotton stretch wrap, book of quotations for parents, and Twiggies Ollie Own stuff toy.
2. Organic nappy.
Organic nappies go the distance, making them a top choice for baby gifts this 2016. These days, parents are becoming more conscious of their kids’ health so it is important for them to use baby products that are safe to use. Organic nappies are made of cotton so they are gentle on baby’s skin. They are practical and are environment-friendly. Plus, they come in vibrant waterproof covers that are perfect for use especially when going out of the house. They make great baby gifts because they can go a long way.
3. Baby books.
Every parent wants his or her child to grow up smart and witty. Why not start a baby’s intellectual journeys with a picture book that her parents will read to her at night?
Look for baby gifts books that have colourful illustrations and big letters to get her full attention like this ABCs of Winnie-the-Pooh Board Book, featuring big text and hard, thick pages that make it perfect even for a newborn to learn, or this Sophie La Girafe: First Words Board Book, which she can read even up to her toddler days.

4. Baby toys.
There can never be enough toys for babies, the reason why getting them as baby gifts make a great choice. The important thing is for you to choose age-appropriate toys that are both safe and delightful. Also, parents are most likely to choose educational or sensory category toys for their babies and this is what you should also consider when looking for baby gifts. Stuff and soft plush toys are ideal gifts for babies because they are soft and cuddly. They can even be left inside the baby’s crib while she’s asleep.
5. Baby imprint kit.
Memories are a big thing to parents. To capture a baby’s tiny handprints and footprints, a unique gift to give to her and her parents is a baby imprint kit that’s ready to display. It’s perfect as a newborn baby gift because it can definitely capture a precious moment without any mess. This is also a great alternative to photo frames and albums, although the latter are still among the top choices for baby gifts because they are practical and lasting.
Baby Gifts: What to Look For
There are plenty of presents for babies that you can buy, it oftentimes becomes difficult the appropriate present to buy. Aside from looking for top baby gifts suggestions when finding an appropriate present for the baby, another consideration is the price of the product. You don’t have to give an expensive gift for as long as you get something that can be useful for the baby or her parents. There are a lot beautiful and charming baby products that you can find without hurting your pocket. Moreover, if you’re getting an item for the baby, make sure that it is made of safe and non-hazardous materials. The last thing that you would want is for the baby to get hurt because of something that you gave.
Therefore, when buying gifts for babies, choose practical items that the babies and their parents can use. Make sure that they are safe and not made of hazardous materials. Lastly, pick out something extraordinary, something that you can get at specialty gift stores in Australia.


Where to Get Baby Gifts
One of the best places to look for baby gifts is at Gifts Australia. Being one of the largest and the oldest specialty gift stores in the country, you can surely find the perfect present for an adorable baby boy or girl. There are plenty of items to choose from, like stunning baby hampers, soft plush toys, adorable baby hampers and blankets, nursery items, and baby toys. Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splurge for that special little boy or girl, you can definitely find something unique, quirky, fun, and memorable at Gifts Australia.
Whichever gift you choose for the little one, you can rest assured that the baby receives a totally fun and unique item that comes in a specially wrapped package. Gifts bought at Gifts Australia online store will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep specially wrapped and come with a gift card. Items above $99 are free of delivery charge all over Australia.
You can also get gifts for your loved ones, for men and women, grandparents, or children for any occasion and have them delivered right at their address. There are Mothers’ Day gifts, presents for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding, anniversaries, and a lot more. Whether it’s for a homemaker, a hobbyist, or a sports buff, there is something that you can surely find. The great thing about Gifts Australia is that you can have them delivered even on a specified date and you can buy gifts from wherever you are in the world. For an extra fee, you can even send the gifts anywhere around the world.

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