What baby bears and stuffed animals should I buy for my newborn?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:8 April 2016 

Getting a good soft toy as a friend for the baby sounds perfect! Perfect for bedtime and playtime, babies all love having these soft toys around them. With a selection of scrumptiously soft and adorable plush toys to choose from, we’re pretty sure that you won’t find it hard to choose the best baby bears and stuffed animals for your new precious bundle! 

Good for babies to cuddle and play with, don’t you just love the adorable baby bears and stuffed animals? Kids all love their stuffed toys and we recommend getting these baby bears and stuffed animals as baby gifts! Whether it’s for the new precious bundle or for the kids, these lovable stuffed toys make great gifts.

Stuffed animals

At Gifts Australia, when you browse the teddies section, you’ll be able to find the animal stuffed toys that’ll make perfect baby gifts for your newborn baby, such as Lambert the Lamb which comes in green or grey knitted jumper and many more other stuffed animals! How about other animals from the zoo such as Tommy the Tiger, Zac the Zebra, and Herbert the Hippo? Also one of our popular gifts, the kids are going to love cuddling with Larry the Cuddly Soft Sheep, a soft and adorable sheep that looks so lovable itself! Think about it, are you looking for any specific animal stuffed toy? 

There’s a beautiful selection of animal stuffed toys at Gifts Australia and you’ll be able to find more when you keep browsing. Makes a lovely addition to the nursery, these stuffed animals are fun to play with. 

Who’s ready for some jungle fun with the animals from the jungle? If you’re looking for jungle animal stuffed toys, bring these stuffed animals back to the concrete jungle with you as a surprise gift for the newborn baby! We have the Plush Jungle Lion, Plush Jungle Monkey, Plush Jungle Tiger, and a set of Beanie Friends from The Jungle if you’d like all jungle animals in a set that’ll make great gifts for the newborn baby. 


The most popular baby gifts, we all love teddies, don’t we? A good teddy bear is what all babies need! A good companion, babies can feel safe with and cuddle to sleep with, such as the Li’l Bear and Fuzzy Bear, soft and easy to hug, these teddies make absolutely wonderful baby gifts!

When it comes to choosing stuffed toys and teddies, we want them to be soft and adorable, made of fantastic quality and perfect for the baby. That is why at Gifts Australia, we have the most adorable and lovely stuffed toys that are made to last, with fantastic quality, perfect as baby gifts. Stuffed toys have always been popular baby gifts. The little ones will adore our teddies at Gifts Australia. 

The best gift for your new precious bundle!

To celebrate the arrival of the adorable newborn baby, we’ve got to have the best gifts ready! Stuffed toys are often a popular gift choice for newborn babies and toddlers as they’re often a child’s first toy. Soft and easy for babies to hold and play with, it’s an absolutely lovely idea to get stuffed toys as baby gifts. From jungle animals to lovely teddy bears, you’ll be able to find a darling new friend for the little one.

Make your purchases at Gifts Australia today!

Explore our beautiful range of stuffed animals and teddies and take your pick! It’s a great choice as baby gifts as stuffed toys make a great and adorable companion for the new precious bundle. What are you waiting for? Look no further! The best stuffed toys are here at Gifts Australia.

With the nicest to hug and cuddle with, we have Lambert the Lamb and Larry the Cuddly Soft Sheep which we think kids will definitely love. They’re very soft and are made of excellent quality material that’s sure to last. Purchase the lovely baby bears and stuffed animals at Gifts Australia today! 



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