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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 May 2016 

A new baby being born into the world and entering the family is a big thing. So, purchasing something for the baby should really make its way to your agenda. However, people come to realise that even if looking for baby gifts is fun and exciting, it’s also quite difficult because you would need to decide whether the baby gifts will be something the babies can just play with or something that is practical for both the babies and the parents.

Baby gifts can range anywhere from clothing to toys to services. Although people can sometimes get it right with a gift, there are also a lot of people who end up buying things that the babies and their families can’t use. So, what’s something you can give that are both entertaining and practical? Gifts Australia suggests you get them teddies.

Why are Teddies Great Baby Gifts?

Teddies make great baby gifts because they’re soft, cute and cuddly. Any baby would enjoy sleeping next to one or hugging it tightly when they feel sad. You’ve heard of many stories about kids having teddies when they were younger that still have them now as adults. It helps babies develop a deep connection towards something which is important for them. It teaches them to take care of things that they deeply care for.

Giving teddies as baby gifts is also practical and will be great for parents because it will minimise babies crying in the middle of the night. The baby will have their teddy and their parents can have their rest.

Buying teddies will surely hit not just two birds with one stone. There are a lot of advantages when you give these teddies away.

What Types of Teddies Can I Give?

  • Romeo Large TEDDY

Romeo Large Teddies are great gifts for babies. It’s less harmful than plastic dolls or action figures which have harmful chemicals added to the mix. The Romeo Large Valentines Teddy is friendlier to the touch. They look friendlier too, regardless of what occasion it is. You can pretend to have tea with them, sleep beside them, and eat with them. You can take them wherever you go and you won’t have to worry about it causing harm to anybody. It’s like the babies will have a big brother, except that it’s a bear. You can also easily wash them, let them dry and play with them again. Plus, you can also buy one if there are pets around the house. It won’t be harmful for them either when they try chewing on it.

  • Romeo The Teddy Bear Small

The small Romeo the Teddy Bear can be a great gift for babies if large is too large for you and ordinary teddies just doesn’t do a better job at entertaining babies anymore. Since babies naturally curious at their young age, the senses will play quite an important role in their growth. This teddy bear can go with any other teddies your child might have but will allow the babies to notice subtle differences that might make a huge difference in their growth development. The heart and ribbon is also visually stimulating because of its colour. So, the baby’s visual senses will sure get a treat.

  • Paddington Bear in Embroidered Coat & Wellies

Paddington Bear has been a great childhood memory for people and has been a sign of companionship and happiness since anyone can remember. Maybe it’s time you share Paddington with the next generation and allow them to appreciate its charm and life. Paddington Bear will surely be worth your money because it comes with Paddington’s famous coat & wellies.

  • Dufus Bear

Dufus bear is a classic but modern-styled bears out in the market. What gives it a special touch is the familiarity and its simplicity coupled with the basic features of teddies which are soft, huggable and comfortable. If you want to teach your kids to appreciate the simpler things in life, this bear is definitely on the top of the list. You can even include a jumper so you can put clothes on your Dufus Bear to give it some personality.

  • Tubbs the Bear

Tubbs the Bear is also a basic bear, but what’s special about it is its tubby design that will be sure to get even adults gushing over it and hugging it when the babies aren’t looking. You can even give it as a gift for the whole family if you want. This chubby bear will not disappoint you.

  • Fuzzy Bear Plush Toy

The Fuzzy Bear Plush Toy is the ultimate companion for kids. As its name implies, this is a fuzzy bear that kids will never let go off. It feels good to touch and it feels good to just hold it in your arms the whole day. Kids can just sleep beside it and hold it tight after a day of being out and about.

  • Soft Teddy Bear Toby Light Brown

Soft Teddy Bear Toby is one of those types of bears that the other teddies will want to hang out with. It’s the type of bear that even teddy bears would want to hug. If the babies already have heaps of teddies to begin with, the Soft Teddy Bear Toby will complete any collection out there. Once this teddy arrives, there’s nothing more to ask for.    

  • Lil Bear Plush Toy

There may be a lot of types of teddy bears out there, but if you decide to buy the Lil Bear Plush Toy, it will be on any baby’s hands for the rest of their baby lives. It’s small, it’s simple, it’s fuzzy and it’s huggable. It’s everything you look for in a bear. This is perfect for newborns that have sensitive skin. This is a bear that is safe and harmless.

What Other Baby Gifts Are Available Besides Teddy Bears?

  • Lambert the Lamb in Knitted Jumpers

Lambs are great teddies. They’re fluffy and cuddly. At 21-30cm, Lambert does a good job looking good and making everyone feel good. With its floppy legs and its woolly exterior, it’s only a matter of time before the whole family falls in love with it.

  • Hippos

Hippos are one of the creatures in the animal kingdom you can consider gentle giants. So, it’s only right that hippos have been translated into soft and friendly teddies as well. These hippos come equipped with contagious smiles and huggable bodies. With hippos like Teddy Time Hippo and Herbert the Hippo, babies will sure have no problem going to bed at night because they’ll feel safe and they’ll feel comfortable.   

  • Zac the Zebra

Zac the Zebra is a cool gift item because besides its soft design, the high contrast black and white stripes provide great simulation for the baby’s eyes which makes it even more noticeable. You’ll be sure that when you give this as one of your baby gifts, the babies won’t just disregard it and leave it in one corner while they play with their other toys. Zac’s materials are also safe for babies. So, there’s no need to worry about rushing them to the doctor in the middle of the night.

  • Plush Jungle Friends

If you happen to want to buy gifts for multiple babies for any of your friends or family, the Plush Jungle collection will give you a bunch of options without stressing yourself out by getting different items for different babies. The Plush Jungle collection has different plush animal friends for you to choose from. You have the Plush Jungle Elephant, Plush Jungle Lion, Plush Jungle Monkey and the Plush Jungle Tiger. With this gang, you’re sure that there’s bound to be a reunion soon.

  • Gift Hampers

If individual items just don’t do it for you anymore and you want to have a grand gift for the babies and for their parents, a perfect alternative would be to buy gift hampers as baby gifts. Gifts Australia has assembled quite a few hampers for anyone to purchase that includes teddies and the other items mentioned above. You can go to the website and check out some of these. One of the most ideal hampers is the Four Seasons Baby Hamper, which contains some of the things that the whole family may be interested in. It comes with Elsa's Story Lemon Butter Cookies, Guess How Much I Love You Gift Set of 4 Books and the Little Nut Brown Hare Rattle.

Where Do I Buy These Teddies?

These teddies, along with other gifts that you can buy for every occasion, are available here at Gifts Australia. With just a press of a button, you can have any item or items of your choice delivered to any address without any worries of damage. Gifts Australia ensures that all items are handled with care and that they arrive safely and without a scratch.


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