Baby Gifts for Newborns and Mothers

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Celebrate the joy of having a newborn by giving baby gifts to the new mother and child. Giving birth is a celebration of life and is just a happy and joyful occasion. Show your utmost love and care for the new life form by giving useful items that could come in handy to the new parents during the first developing months of the baby. Help them prepare the things needed in getting through the first months or years of the child.

Gifts Australia offers practical and useful products that are fit for newborns and mothers. They are guaranteed to be safe and free from chemicals that might harm babies. Baby gifts could be anything from baby toys to clothes, from cribs to baby utensils, and from baby books to toys. Gifts could also be something useful for the baby or the mum and dad.

Recommended Baby Gifts for the Newborn

When looking for ideal gifts, you must take into consideration that baby items must, first and foremost, be safe and not harmful to the baby. It must not contain chemicals that might endanger the baby’s health. You must also consider whether the gift will be useful for the newborn. Baby gifts could be something the baby will be able wear, eat, or play with.

Baby gifts for newborn could include stuff that could help the little one have a safe and sound sleep. As part of the essential baby items for sleeping, you can give this Navy Knitted Bassinet Blanket by Marquise. With a measure of 80cm x 100cm, this black and white blanket is the perfect travel blanket or a blanket for his crib. It is made of 100% soft cotton so parents are assured that it will not be rough on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Another gift item for the baby is this Monkey Business Red Bib. Designed by Modern Twist, this bib has a soft touch and is comfy, perfect for the baby’s gentle skin. It features a deep pocket to catch food; it is also adjustable and dishwasher safe. The material is free of BPA, lead, latex, and other harsh chemicals. Guaranteed, the Monkey Business Red Bib is baby-friendly.

Any piece of clothing is a good choice for a baby gift. Give this Marquise Knitted Grey Baby Cardigan as a present for the little one’s wardrobe. It comes in size 000 that is best for babies 0 to 3 months. Made of 100% breathable cotton, this grey cardigan is the perfect addition to the baby’s set of clothes. It is comfortable and could be paired to any baby outfit.

If you want the baby to have a complete package of essentials, you could give this Natural and Organic Baby Hamper. It includes: an Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Bubba Blue, a 200 ml EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath, a Sophie La Giraffe ‘Oh So Pure’ Teething Ring, a Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Face Washers 2 Pack, and a Marquise 100% Natural Cotton & Wool Blend Singlet. This hamper includes essentials for the newborn’s bath time. Items here will surely make bath time enjoyable and safe for both the baby and the mum. Plus, all the items included are guaranteed to be natural and organic baby products.

Recommended Gifts for the New Mum

In addition to the baby gifts, you could also look into gifts for the new mother or new parents. This could include how-to books in raising children or story books that they could read to their babies. You could give the new mother this 100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile Book. It contains 100 stories from different parents on simple ways to make the newborns giggle and make their eyes sparkles. The methods are suitable for babies that 3-month to 14-month old. You can try which one of the ways will work best for the little one.

You could also give her this How to be a Hip Mama Book. From the successful creative director, graphic designer, and hip mum Jenny Scott, the book contains tips on a variety of topics on mummy-hood such as dressing up babies and post-natal depression. It also includes inspirational quotes and stories from other cool mums such as TV presenter Angelica Bell and founder of WAH Nails Sharmadean Reid. This how-to book is for all mothers from all walks of life.

Gifts for new mothers could also include stuff they could use in capturing memories and documenting the first days of the child. For those mothers who are having a baby boy, you could give her the Welcome Baby Boy Hardcover Book. This keepsake memory book contains 64 pages of cute illustrations and inspirational quotes. It also has categories for the parents to fill as a guide them in keeping track of every new thing that is happening on the baby’s life. This memory book would actually help the mothers monitor baby’s first year in the world.

You could also include as baby gifts for new moms the Belly Art Baby Imprint Kit. This kit contains full instructions on how to do the imprint, keepsake tin, easel, and mess-free impression material. It is just the perfect souvenir to capture the imprint of the newborn’s tiny hands or feet. You do not have to worry because it is guaranteed that the materials for the impression is developed from non-toxic air-dry material.

Another gift that will surely be of use to new mothers is this Nappy Pack for Full Time Use. It is the perfect gift for mothers who are planning to use cloth nappies for their newborn. This set contains everything that is needed for a starter pack: 36 100% Organic Prefolds, 6 Waterproof Covers, and a waterproof wet bag. The inserts and covers are made of materials that are gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin. This pack will surely be useful for those parents who will opt to use cloth nappies.

What to Know When Choosing Gifts for the Newborns and Mothers

In choosing the perfect gifts for newborns and mothers, you must consider functionality. It would be best to know if the mum had set up a registry for the child or to directly consult her of the things she has already acquired in preparation of having a baby. All the things could be of use to them, but having too many of a certain item could turn your gift into a waste. There are a lot of gifts that you could give, but you just have to be careful as to which one to choose to ensure that both the mother and the child will be able to make use of it and will not be harmed in using it. Happy shopping!


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