Top 5 Best Gifts for a Baby Girl

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:8 April 2016 

Your baby girl’s first Christmas or birthday shouldn’t pass by unnoticed. These are the best moments that your infant will cherish, and therefore, you have to make it more special with unique and fun-filled baby gifts. Though we know that your baby girl would probably appreciate the gift box more than the gift itself, the joy and happiness that she would experience is still going to be worth it.
When it comes to baby gifts for baby girls, a few things should be put into consideration. The baby gifts should at least be educational, if it’s a toy; baby-friendly, if it’s an accessory; comfortable, if it’s clothing; and most importantly, for any gift item you choose, it should be adorable and enjoyable for her.


Get these Ideal Gifts for Baby Girls

Whether you’re thinking of giving a gift for your baby or giving it to a friend or relative who’s about to have a baby shower, here are our top 5 picks of gifts for a baby girl:

1.    Rag Dolls
Girls love dolls and a rag doll is a special and unique gift that you can give your baby girl. Dolls will teach your child about responsibilities and taking care of others. A rag doll such as this Rag Doll Poppy or Rag Doll Rosie is perfect for your baby girl because they’re made from soft cottons and are dressed beautifully in adorable dresses and stockings.

2.    Educational Toys

Start your kids young; make learning fun and enjoyable with toys that encourage mind development and even motor skills for your kids. Let her practice her imagination and creativity with different brain-boosting and skill-building learning toys.

Check out this Rainbow Pastel Stacker available at Gifts Australia. It comes in a delightful rainbow of pastel colours that she will surely love. With this simple toy, she will learn concepts such as colour, sizes, and simple building skills. She can use this at the beach, during bath time, out in the garden, or just inside the house. You can also try this Snake Number Puzzle that will teach her about numbers and solving puzzles.

3.    Bath Toys

Turn bath time into playtime with adorable bath toy baby gifts for your baby girl! Convincing her to take a bath won’t be too much of a trouble anymore when she’s the one who’s actually asking you to start bath time! Deviate away from the usual rubber duckie and explore a new level of fun with these cute bugs in the tub ‘squirters’ toy set.

Experts say that bath toys that require your kids to be active rather than passive are the type of toys that you should look for because this would inspire them to create something new with their imagination. With the floral bug net, she will surely enjoy scooping in the squirting bugs. The toys are interactive, entertaining, and also adorable. It’s a great way to develop her motor skills and encourage bath time.

4.    Clothes

When thinking about giving clothing as baby gifts, comfort should be the number one concern. Infants can get irritated really fast with clothing, and the worst part is that they can’t tell you what they hate about it because - for one thing - they’re babies and they can’t talk yet. A clothing set is not only about being cute and adorable, it should also allow your baby girl’s delicate skin to breathe.

This Marquise singlet and bloomer are the perfect baby gifts for your baby girl. This two piece outfit is perfect for summer and is sure to keep your baby girl cool and comfortable. Marquise is known to be one of the best when it comes to Australian children’s fashion, their products are all high quality and are made to last. This particular singlet from Gifts Australia is made from 100% cotton fabric so you know that it is gentle on your baby’s skin. It’s also delightful in the eyes with its embroidered pink birds design and cute pink bloomers.

If you’re thinking about getting something warmer for her, this pink knitted cardigan also by Marquise is also a good choice. It’s comfortable, made from 100% breathable cotton, and can be paired perfectly with any clothing you dress your baby girl in.

5.    Baby Hamper

If you’re still not sure about your baby gifts choice, why not choose a baby hamper? A baby hamper is a great, unforgettable gift you can give to an expectant mother, but it’s also a great choice for gifts for babies. A baby hamper is filled with fun-filled items that both your baby girl and mother would enjoy. Check out Gifts Australia’s top choices for baby hampers for baby girls.

For a complete set of cuddly and comfortable clothing for your baby girl, the items from Daisy Deer New Baby Hamper are wonderful baby gifts. This set includes a comfortable daisy print grow suit, a soft deer animal snuggles, an adorable knit stretch wrap, and a cute “What are little girls made of?” book for the parents. Another popular choice is this Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper is complete with everything you will need for bath time. It includes a face washer pack, a bubble bath for babies an all-natural baby shampoo, and a cotton hooded towel.

All mentioned gift items above and other wonderful baby gifts for girls and boys are available here at Gifts Australia. As your no. 1 online gift shop, Gifts Australia offers the widest range of gift ideas for all occasions and for all ages! Treat your loved ones the gift of happiness by choosing a gift from us. We assure you that he or she will love it.


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