Grooming Gifts For His 60th Birthday

At Gifts Australia, our Men’s 60th Birthday Presents have just moved to a new a grooming level. Our team of experts know that men of all ages are taking more time to achieve the best look they can through their grooming routine, and that’s why we have sourced some of the best skin care and grooming accessories there is available. Just because your special man is turning the grand age of 60, doesn’t mean that he won’t include one of our amazing products in his grooming routine. The age of men’s grooming is here, and so is his 60th Birthday, so if you need any assistance with one of our beautiful shaving, grooming or products in the range, please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales team.

Grooming is our speciality for his 60th Birthday

Gifts Australia know that men have come a long way when it comes to grooming, the days of being a ‘bloke’s bloke’ and hiding their grooming routine in the bathroom are long gone! For many men it is more often than not they allow themselves to take their time and use great products to assist in making them feel good and look great! A shaving routine is important and we have the right products to leave his skin feeling fresh and loved. The products in our Men’s 60th Birthday grooming range have been specially designed with men’s skin in mind and we are proud to offer the 60th Birthday boy a helping hand when it comes to looking handsome.

Let’s take the grooming and skin care company ‘Baxter’ for example. He will feel amazing thanks to this speciality product. The Men’s skincare range is specially formulated to men and will assist in reviving and leaving his skin refreshed. Your 60th Birthday man will love using Baxter’s products on his special day and beyond. One of their packs the ‘Baxter of California Body 123 kit’ has all the important and most used products in one handy kit – because his skin matters. The kit is the perfect Men’s 60th Birthday grooming kit that contains invigorating body wash, body exfoliating bar and a nourishing moisturizer to balance and nourish the skin daily.

While he is getting ready for his 60th Birthday celebrations we must mention that when he shaves, the experience just arrived at a whole new shaving level! The world renown shaving experts ‘MUHLE’ are the crafters of some of the finest and gentle shaving products and equipment in the world. The German designed and made men’s grooming products achieve results! Made in Germany, this product is designed for his shaving experience and quality in mind. Your favourite 60th Birthday fella will never forget his birthday and more so never forget the first time he uses a MUHLE product. Their fantastic shave sets and products are just the perfect Men’s 60th Birthday gifts that you could find, as he shaves every day and will want to with these MUHLE products.

60th Birthday Gifts To Keep Him Organised

As we are talking about shaving products, go the extra mile and give the Birthday boy some of our fantastic new shaving accessories. Your fella can now be looking good and feeling organised with one of our shaving accessories from the 60th Birthday men’s gift department. This gorgeous Barbershop plate is one of our most popular and trendy shaving accessories for the grooming conscious. Barber cuts and styling are very much in trend again and the fellas have realised that it is ok to groom and look good. This DAPPER BARBERSHOP PLATE FOR MEN is a vintage inspired barbershop décor plate that is so versatile and looks great in any bathroom setting. The DAPPER BARBERSHOP PLATE FOR MEN can sit comfortably next to his wash basin or in the shower and will neatly hold his shaving, soap or grooming accessories. The plate is handy to hold just about anything to do with his grooming routine or even to hold his keys and wallet as he comes home at the end of the day.

MUHLE also offer the most outstanding quality in shaving brushes. Their premium shaving brushes have been developed with the difference in men’s skin in mind. They know they shaving is harsh on the skin and that’s why we offer their amazing fine badger brushes right here at Gifts Australia for his 60th Birthday gifts.

60th Birthday Gifts For Bearded Men

Looking for good for his 60th Birthday is important and if he loves his beard and grooming he will love our range of ‘Jack the Snipper’ beard oils. Men’s beards need just as much attention and love as anything else. Jack the Snipper have created an ultimate 60th Birthday Gifts for Men like their beard oil. The natural oil is great nourishment for the hair and hair follicles, his beard will be looking shiny and healthy for his 60th Birthday.

Gifts Australia can help you find the perfect gift for the special man in your life that is turning a wonderful 60! We have a huge and diverse range of men’s gifts that are ideal for a 60th Birthday. Our catalogue of gifts for men will satisfy a broad range of desires and tastes and create unforgettable moments on his special day. Foodies, will love it, Thrill seekers will love it, they will love our men’s Birthday gifts at Gifts Australia. The love and moments shared and enjoyed are priceless and we know that your shopping experience for his 60th Birthday will be a memorable one. Help your special man enjoy this special time with a very special gift.

When you head to checkout at Gifts Australia don’t forget that we can have your Men’s 60th Birthday gits beautifully wrapped and sent to anywhere in Australia. For gifts over AUS$99.00 the shipping charge is free, yes that’s right, free. We look forward to sending your Men’s 60th Birthday gift for you! Oh yes, by the way, check out our masculine range of gift cards and wrappings!

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