Foodie Gifts

If he fancies himself to be a bit of a chef and considers himself to be a foodie extraordinaire then boy do we have the ultimate 40th birthday gifts for him. Whether it's gorgeous servingware, foodie experiences, amazing recipe books; if he loves food then we have the perfect gifts to keep him smiling.

40th Birthday Foodie Gifts for Him

With his 40th birthday approaching, you are probably either getting a lot of dropped hints about what he wants. Or, he is avoiding the subject completely in hopes that his loved ones will forget. 40th birthday can be challenging for some. They are reaching new milestones, and the “getting old” jokes begun at least 6 months ahead of time. Pretending to laugh at the same jokes over and over again is tiring enough. But we digress.

They say, and have always said, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And while we don’t know if that is completely true, we do know good food certainly helps him. Delicious meals equal love, especially when they are home-cooked and thought out. So, if you have been struggling with what to gift your beau on his 40th birthday, aim for something scrumptious that will tantalize his taste buds and engage his senses. Wait until his tummy is a-rumbling and give him the best 40th birthday gift ever…food. For a foodie. Because, after all, we both know he probably has some interesting tastes.

What is a Foodie?

Foodie is a general term these days. Everyone seems to be a self-professed foodie, even if they subsist on a steady diet of microwave dinners and fast food. This term has been around since the 1800s, around the time of ginormous feasts and the discovery of new, exciting spices on a regular basis. Now, we have everything at our fingertips, and foodie can mean anyone with a love for food. Which is everyone.

When we say foodie, we mean gourmet. Someone who loves to cook and experience new flavours in their kitchen as much as they love going out, traveling, and experiencing new flavours elsewhere. In our opinion, your birthday beau could be a foodie if he is a grill master whose steaks are cooked to juicy, tender perfection every single time. The same guy would be a foodie if he spent hours experimenting with spices and cooking utensils in the kitchen, preparing a delicious, maybe exotic meal for his loved ones.

While foodie is a word commonly used for the younger crowds these days, the term could be used to describe anyone of any age, really. So, the Gifts Australia foodie selection would be an awesome place to start searching for a few knickknacks to double as the best 40th birthday gifts for him.

Foodie Stuff for His 40th Birthday Celebration

The men in our lives play dozens of important roles, such as dad, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, husband, lover, boyfriend, and so on. They even step outside their comfort zones regularly to ensure their friends, families, and other loved ones have the best in life. Now you can thank him for always being there for you and everyone else. For being your confidante, rock-steady source of inspiration, and forever-there motivator. He is your shoulder to cry on. Someone you have shared hugs and special moments with, so thank him with some cool foodie stuff on his 40th birthday celebration.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Does the birthday guy love, love, love pizza? LOVE it? Can’t say as we blame him! Gift him with an assortment of pizza utensils that make it easier for him to create his own delicious pies at home. For instance, a pizza stone is a great cook-and-serve surface in one. But you could also go old-school with a classic wooden pizza peel and cutter.

Does he often draw inspiration from his favourite chefs? Gifts Australia offers a plethora of awesome cookbooks. He can flip through pages of exotic travel cuisine, or explore the food and beer combinations of our little slice of global paradise. Or, if he prefers to draw up recipes on his IPad or tablet, we offer wooden “cookbook” holders, so he can chef it up without ruining his screens.

Does he fancy himself a barbecue king? Snag him a burger press, wooden utensil caddy, or a BBQ tool set to get him ready for charcoal summers. Or, if he would prefer to learn more about cooking, Gifts Australia can send him to classes that would better his chef-to-be abilities. He could learn how to harvest and preserve his own fruits and vegetables, butcher his own meats, or craft his own Italian sausages from scratch.

So many options and all of them would make great 40th birthday gifts for him!

His 40th Birthday Go-To Gifts

Having a hard time deciding on one thing to get your birthday beau for his 40th? No worries! Take a chance on the Gifts Australia gift voucher instead. You can set it for almost any amount, from $20 to over $500, and he can spend it later. He can spend whatever you give him on our assortment of foodie items. Or, he might spot something else he would love to receive for his 40th birthday.

You can have the gift voucher delivered to his email immediately after your order completes. Or, you could select a delayed date, and we will be sure to shoot him an email with his gift voucher on your specified day. As with all of our gifts, there is the option for a complementary message, so make it heartfelt and awesome.

That’s a Wrap!

We at Gifts Australia want you to have as amazing an experience shopping with us as your birthday guy will have when he receives his 40th birthday gifts. Not only do we offer Australia-wide free shipping on orders over $99 AU, but we also offer gift-wrapping at checkout. You get to choose your wrapping paper from plain or patterned, as well as a ribbon in a vibrant colour. While we showcase red, purple, blue, pink, and yellow, simply ask about other ribbon colours and we will try to accommodate you.

Message-wise, you already know we offer complementary gift messages for every order. But we also offer full-sized birthday greeting cards, handwritten with a personal note from you, for an add-on fee.

Know a foodie? We've got the most amazing 40th birthday gifts for him just waiting to make his day amazing!

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