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What better way to celebrate his 40th birthday than with a toast to amazing times to come. At Gifts Australia, we've carefully selected a range of stylish men's gifts including beer gifts, along with gorgeous spirits and wine gifts that make the perfect 40th birthday present for him.

40th Birthday Beer Gifts for Him

At Gifts Australia, we've been in the business of 40th birthday gifts, and more, for a long time, so we have one question. Why are people so afraid of 40? Fourty is just another number. A milestone, if you will. One that proves you have the strength and courage to persevere through life’s challenges. So, congratulations on your first four decades, and here is to another four decades, and beyond. We wish you a good, lengthy life, because you are the only you there is. So, naturally, you deserve to be happy.

Instead of feeling dread over the jokes to come from your buddies, be determined to show them that you are the same strong guy you always were—just a year older.

What’s so great about 40th Birthday beer gifts?

There is nothing quite like coming home from a hard day of work, only to sit in the rocking chair on your front porch and sip a cold beer. Relaxation at its best. Or, if you are used to city life, a good recliner and your favourite television show is the perfect backdrop for an unwinding night at home with some great brew. Perhaps your ordered a pizza. Or, maybe your spouse prepared a great meal. Either way, your belly is full, your mind is content, and your muscles are relaxed. The perfect way to end the evening.

Each beer is unique because the tastes of one batch might be subtly different than the tastes of the next. And those tastes are definitely acquired, but the mixture of barley and hops grows on you as time goes by. If you consider you’re a beer connoisseur, then you are already well-versed in the diversity of different brew. If you are moreso a beer newbie, take into account that beer is a versatile beverage. You will inevitably develop a favourite brand, but there are always new ones to try. And before you know it, 40 has rolled around, and you have 3 or 4 brands that you cycle through every year.

In moderation, beer is a tasty end to your day. The alcohol content is low, but the flavours are robust. Some are earthy, others have a touch of sweetness, and most have that bitter end note that lets you know the hops were aged to perfection. So, in answer to the question, everything is great about beer.

Our Best Beers for His 40th Birthday

We at Gifts Australia take pride in our great selection of beers, especially when they double as some of the best 40th birthday gifts for him. Some of our most beloved assortments are hampers, packed with both snacks and bottles of beer. Chill the beers in the cooler for a few hours, then pop the caps for a makeshift picnic in your living room. Most of these hampers include bar-style nibbles, like herb crisps, spiced nuts, and green olives. You can also select your beers by location, opting for ones from local Australian breweries, or ones from around the world.

If you are snagging a case of beer elsewhere, consider grabbing his beer mug from us. We have a 40th birthday pint glass, frosted with the numbers 4 and 0. It not only commemorates his birthday, but it’s a keepsake that he can look at to remember the great celebration that came of it.

Other Spirits that Make Good 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

If your birthday guy is less of a beer drinker, but still likes to imbibe in a bit of liquor every once in a while, Gifts Australia has a wide variety of spirits. These double as great 40th birthday gifts for him, and each gift is shareable, so there is plenty to go around at his 40th birthday celebration.

For wine lovers, we have a selection of both sweet red wines and sparkly white wines. Perfect for when you are sharing a romantic evening together. Or, just relaxing with a glass of smooth, fruity goodness after the kiddos have gone to bed. If he prefers champagne, especially for celebrations, we have a few bottles of well-aged bubbly. Just grab a couple of flute glasses and toast to a happy, fulfilling 40th year.

Do you remember when your dad would come home from work and pour himself a couple fingers’ worth of whiskey? It was locked away in a cabinet and he only had a small tumbler after work. It was his indulgence and a way for him to unwind after a strenuous 12-hour shift. Gift your birthday guy with something equally as memorable with our special whiskey packs. You can choose between Ardberg or Hennessey, and each one comes in a convenient tote and two tumblers.

Vouchers, Cards, & Wrapping

You probably already know that we offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia if your order totals over $99 AU. And if you didn’t know, now you do. But we also offer a great selection of gift wrapping options at checkout. You have the choice of plain or printed wrapping papers, professionally creased and smoothed to perfection. We also top your package with a colourful bow and a length of wrap-around ribbon. Lookin’ good!

If you want to send him a 40th birthday message, there are complementary cards for every order. So type up something heartfelt and memorable. Or, opt for a handwritten message in a birthday greeting card of your choice. The latter is an add-on for a small fee, but totally worth it to see the smile light up his face.

Toast to his 40th year with our amazing range of beer gifts, spirits gifts and wine gifts for him.

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