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Add some beauty to her life with our amazing range of jewellery and handbags here at Gifts Australia. Add a colour pop with our gorgeous necklace gifts for her, or a stylish clutch for her night out. For the busy woman we've got quality handbags that make stunning 40th birthday gifts for women who love to look their best always.

40th Birthday Gifts for Her – Jewellery

Founder of analytical psychology and notable literary influence Carl G Jung once wrote, “Life really begins at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.”

Couple that thought-provocative quote with funny birthday card phrases like, “The first 40 years of childhood are the hardest,” or “You are really 18 with 22 years of experience,” and you have a mixed bag of emotions for women headed for the big 4-0.

Should we laugh? Should we cry? Should we bury our heads under the covers and hope that the dreaded 40th birthday simply passes us by? Absolutely not. Think of your 40th birthday like this—you have spent the last 40 years becoming the beautiful you that you are. That is 40 years of hard-earned, well-deserved wisdom, beauty, and creative freedom. Consider yourself aged to perfection…and it only gets better from here.

Most women have a deep-seated fear of being called old. You are never, ever old. You grow through phases, like retro, vintage, and antique, but old is an untouched word that you should never use to describe yourself. Old implies feeble and helpless. You are strong and gorgeous; a dangerous, wow-worthy storm of beauty, strength, and knowledge in your own right.

What are some great gift ideas for her 40th birthday?

While the above was a pep talk for the birthday babes, the below is a guide to must-buy birthday goodies for the ones that love them most. If your mum has always been there for you, snag one of the best 40th birthday gifts for her. Jewellery. Sparkling, glimmering, glittering jewellery. The same goes for your one and only sweetheart. Or, your aunt—the one who has always had positive things to say to inspire and encourage you. Think of her 40th birthday as the optimum time to give back in celebration, commemoration, and gratitude.

If your birthday beauty is fashion-savvy, get her a chunky, bauble-style necklace in her favourite colour. If she has enough fashion sense to rival the talents of the world’s greatest models and designers, snag her a handbag to match every ensemble. Yep, we totally consider handbag a sort of jewellery. Why? Because it ranks as high on the scale of fashionable importance as the most perfect outfit accessories.

Does she already have an abundance in gorgeous jewellery? Is she obsessed with colourful gemstones, silver chains, and gold earrings? Instead of adding to her ever-growing collection, give her a trinket plate. Tinged in either gold or silver, Gifts Australia’s trinket plates are the go-to jewellery holders for women. She can use it in the bathroom for her rings before a luxurious bubble bath. Or, she could put a trinket plate by her bedside, reminding her of her must-wear, everyday jewellery when she wakes up.

Gifts Australia also understands that some women would prefer minimal accessories to complement their everyday ensembles. One of our leading 40th birthday gifts for her is a sleek, sexy watch. You can customize each watch to suit her personality, like wide, chunky bands, simple clock-faces, and adjustable closures.

Celebrate her 40th Birthday with Sparkles and Shine!

For centuries, sparkles, shine, and glimmer are symbols of beauty, status, and confidence. So, it is only natural that her 40th birthday should be celebrated with the same sparkle and shine that makes her feel special. To most women, jewellery is more than a few simple fashion accessories. Sure, some shimmer ties together the perfect outfit, but jewellery is moreso about the sexy confidence boost. You know you look fantastic, so you feel fantastic too. Which is something every woman deserves on her 40th birthday.

To the birthday babes themselves, think about the aforementioned quote from Carl G. Jung. He said that all of the years leading up to 40 were for experience, and you have gained the wisdom of that experience, tenfold. Your roles as a mum, friend, romantic interest, daughter, sister, and so on, have taught you how to be strong and steadfast in your convictions. But also compassionate, passion-fuelled, and unforgettable in both your personal and professional endeavours.

For your 40th birthday, think back over the years, and consider all of the people who love and appreciate you. Whether those be your own mum and dad, your kids, or your significant other. To someone, you mean the absolute world. To your loved ones, the whole universe would seem to fall apart without you. Feel blessed. Feel special. Feel loved. Because you are.

Other Stuff about Gifts Australia that You Should Know

Yep, we have a plethora of jewellery that would make the ideal 40th birthday gift for her—but we also have tons of other cool stuff too, like wine hampers, handcrafted chocolates, adventurous experiences, and novelty goodies. In other words, you have options! We at Gifts Australia encourage you to mix and match gifts—perhaps a bright necklace paired with a bottle of fine wine, an adorable teddy bear, and a bouquet of fresh-cut, gorgeous roses.

If you shell out over $99 AU for your birthday girl, Gifts Australia offers free shipping to anywhere in Australia. You can buy heaps of 40th birthday gifts for her with $99 AU, and you could even throw in a little something for yourself. Be sure to personalize her presents with colourful ribbons and bows with our gift-wrapping option. And send her a special customized message with an upgrade to a handwritten birthday greeting card.

Upon checkout, you have the option of either emailing your birthday beauty ahead of time to let her know she has a special package on the way. Or, leave it as a surprise, and we will ship her 40th birthday gifts right to her door. There is also the option of receiving her birthday presents directly, then you can gift them to her at your leisure, personally.

If you have reached the end of this article and still have no idea what would make a great 40th birthday gift for her, opt for a Gifts Australia gift voucher. Load it with a set amount of money, then let her buy whatever she wants for her birthday.

She'll be looking more beautiful than ever with the stylish range of jewellery and handbag gifts for her 40th birthday from Gifts Australia.

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