Foodie Gifts

If he loves food, then we've got the perfect range of 30th birthday gifts for him at Gifts Australia. We've put together the best-ever range of foodie gifts, including stunning recipe books from Australia's best restaurants. Kichenware to help his cooking reach amazing levels, or food classes and experiences to gift him memories and new skills.

Foodie Birthday Gifts on his 30th

Giving birthday gifts is one of the most stressful tasks that we could ever have, simply because the recipient of the gifts may or may not like the gifts that we choose for them. Fortunately, there are some people that are so easy to choose gifts for. A great example of this are people who love food. And that’s because there is a wide range of choices for birthday gifts that you can select from!

Here at Gifts Australia, we have items for food lovers that can serve them for different purposes. Read on below and see what birthday gifts will suit your budget and preferences.

What Birthday Gifts Will Enrich His Cooking Skills?

Vietnamese Cooking Class

There are some food lovers out there who prefer to prepare their meals themselves rather than spend money on fancy restaurants and cafés. If you know someone who has been planning to visit Vietnam to taste the lovely dishes that they have to offer, you can bring the whole of Vietnam to them with the Vietnamese Cooking Class as one of your birthday gifts.

This is a 3-hour class held in Melbourne, which aims to teach the fundamental techniques that will produce the authentic Vietnamese cuisine your friend or your loved ones have been craving for. The type of food that you will prepare varies from their delectable street food and the unique taste of Hanoi dishes, to the Hoi An Beach Food Style Menu, depending on the month you choose to purchase and make use of your voucher.

Whatever your choice may be, you will surely enjoy basking in the sights, aroma, and taste of Vietnamese culture. The class will be led by a professional chef wherein each participant will really get their hands dirty in preparing the food.

Techniques of Butchery Cooking Class For 1

For those who have been dreaming of making their own perfect slice of meat, you can give them the Techniques of Butchery Cooking Class as birthday gifts. They will learn how to break down a piece of meat and decide for themselves how to use the meat for various types of dishes. This isn’t just like a cooking show where you only watch the experts at work; here, you get to do the techniques yourself, including boning a chicken and cooking it with herbs freshly picked from the garden. The class is held from 9 am to 12 noon and is immediately followed by lunch where participants will enjoy their meal with a glass of superb wine.

What Birthday Gifts Will Update His Cooking Arsenal?

STANLEY Adventure Cooking Set

A food lover will always find ways to enjoy good food no matter where he goes. Nothing should stop him even if he is going on a backpacking or camping trip! Canned sardines or pork and beans for dinner? No way! If you purchase the Stanley Prep and Cook Set, you will never have to worry about settling for canned goods and enjoy home-cooked meals even in the middle of the wilderness! Birthday gifts like the Stanley Prep and Cook Set include the following items:

·       1 Stainless Steel Pot (1.5L) with 1 Vented Lid
·       2 Insulated Plastic Bowls (591ml each)
·       2 Bowl Lids/Cutting Boards
·       2 Melt-Resistant Cooking Utensils: Ladle and Spatula

You don’t have to worry about your safety when using the Stanley Prep and Cook Set because all of these birthday gifts are BPA-free. They are also resistant to rusting and scratches. They can also be cleaned with a dishwasher, so maintenance will never cause any hassle. The items can be nestled together so that bringing them to the campsite will not cause any inconvenience.

What Gifts Will Make Him Enjoy His Food More?

S'Well Blonde Wood Insulated Bottle

If you are a food lover, you will perfectly understand when we say that we want to enjoy our food in their best state: when they are freshly prepared! However, most of the time, this is not possible because of our work and busy schedules. Most of the time, we will just take them to our destination and settle with whatever state they are in by the time we have the chance to eat them. For those who still want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee wherever they go, items like the S'Well Blonde Wood Insulated Bottle are highly recommended birthday gifts!

This 500 mL thermos made out of stainless steel is guaranteed to maintain the temperature of your drink wherever you go. It serves as your perfect travel buddy with an adorable wood design. Its base has a size of 6.7 x 25cm and the opening of the bottle is made wide enough in order for you to put in ice cubes. The thickness of the thermos is guaranteed to keep your hot or cold drinks the way they should be from 12 to 24 hours. 

Why Purchase 30th Birthday Gifts for Food Lovers at Gifts Australia?

Food lovers are among the easiest group of people to give birthday gifts to because of the wide array of items that you can choose from. You just need to decide the purpose of your birthday gifts to the person who will receive it. Is it to improve his cooking skills? To expand his cooking arsenal? To make him enjoy his food more? No matter what the purpose may be, Gifts Australia has all of the items that perfectly satisfies your criteria.

Food lovers will surely rave about the great birthday gifts they will receive from you, just like the Vietnamese Cooking Class and Stanley Adventure Cooking Set! Go and check out our online catalogue to see more items that will truly delight all the food lovers out there. Once you have made your pick, we can have the birthday gifts wrapped and delivered straight to the lucky recipient’s doorstep - no matter where they are in the country. If you purchase several items, you might even have them delivered for free! Are you ready to start shopping? Have fun!

Inspire the foodie in your life on his 30th birthday with our range of kitchen gifts, experiences and hampers.

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