Whether she adores fashion, would relish in some lifestyle inspiration or would cherish an inspiring journal to help her make the most out of life; at Gifts Australia we've got the perfect book gift for her 21st birthday. She can cook up a storm with our gourmet recipe books, or colour her way to mindfulness thanks to our amazing book gifts.

21st Birthday Gifts for Her: Books

On your loved one’s 21st birthday celebration, you want to make sure that you give her a present that she will love and appreciate. The best birthday gifts are those that she will be able to find use for in the years to come. Material presents are great, but there is nothing like the knowledge and enjoyment that can be gotten from books. New information and learnings are the kinds of things that can truly be cherished and shared with others. No matter what her tastes and interests are, you will certainly find something from our selection of books that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face, as well as stimulate their mind.

Birthday Gifts that Inspire Her to Be Great

Loving yourself and knowing how much you are truly worth may sometimes seem like a difficult task. Especially for young women who are just entering adulthood, figuring out what they want in life may take a bit more time and exploration. To help your loved ones learn more about themselves and how to stay positive, inspirational books can be given as birthday gifts. Perhaps all it takes are the right words so that they can be inspired to push themselves to greater heights.

One book that you can give her is the Love Who You Are Inspirations Book. This contains words of encouragement that can be quite empowering, and can make her appreciate herself more. The Let Your Spirit Soar Book  is also a great option so that your loved one’s spirits can be lifted and put her in a great mood. These kinds of books allow whoever is reading them to let positivity in their lives. For those who may be going through hard times, the Fight On Hardcover Book can help her find the courage and strength to face these challenges.

Help Her Plan and Organise Her Life

The future can be scary and uncertain for anyone. Especially for your loved one celebrating her 21st birthday, turning a year older may also mean having to handle new pressures and responsibilities. One way for you to be able to help her overcome these fears is to give her books that can guide her in how to plan and organise her life.

The Five Book: What Do The Next 5 Yrs. Hold contains different quotes and questions that can make you think about what you want to achieve after a few years’ time. The 99 Things to DO Book is another interesting book that allows you to keep busy and start learning something new. By having her read through these books, you will help your loved one realise that she’ll never know what she has been missing out on until she has tried it. On the other hand, if the recipient of your gift is the type who likes to write down her thoughts and dreams, then you should get her this Kate Spade Sky Linen Journal.  These books will be greatly helpful as birthday gifts because they can serve as guides for your loved ones on how they can live out their goals and dreams.

For Those Who Have the Passion for Fashion

Girls love to dress up and look good. Being up-to-date with the latest trends and styles is important to be able to find the right pieces to build the perfect look. One may even take the time to find out how to properly mix and match clothes, and what designs work well together. If your loved one has a serious passion for fashion, you should do what you can to allow her to learn more and pursue this interest. We have various books about fashion and well-known designers that we are sure she will be keen on getting to know more of.

If she wants style inspirations and loves to admire beautiful outfits, then you should give her this Portraits of the World's Most Stylish Women. By flipping through the pages of this book, the reader will be able to see how art and fashion come together. The recipient of your gift being a 21-year-old, her young and hip style should also be reflected in the birthday gifts you give her. This Berlin Street Style Book explains the unique style of the fashion in Berlin, and how it represents the edgy and urban chic look. The author also gives the book’s readers good fashion advice, as well as a guide to the best shopping destinations. You may also get the 'Vogue on Alexander McQueen' Coffee Table Book if your loved one has dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer one day. This book will take her on a journey, and have her see how one of British fashion’s most significant figure came to be. These books can then inspire her to chase after a career in the fashion industry.

Cook Up the Most Delicious Dishes

Eating delicious food is something that everybody enjoys and can’t get enough of. Now, your loved one can cook up scrumptious meals from the comforts of her own home with the help of our selection of recipe books. With all the steps and ingredients needed, cooking can sometimes be confusing and complicated.

However, you can make life easier for your loved one by giving her a recipe book such as the Simply Nigella Recipe Book. Anyone who loves messing around in the kitchen and preparing dishes for her and her family will be happy to take in a couple of cooking tips from this best-selling recipe book. Another great thing about recipe books like this is that it can be easily followed by those who aren’t really home chefs. Recipe books are perfect as birthday gifts if your loved has just begun figuring out how to cook or is keen on learning a new skill.

For those who love to drink alcohol and entertain other people, you may also get them the Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Recipe Book. Within this book are instructions on how to make all the classic cocktails and thirst quenchers. She can now mix drinks and keep her friends happy all night long, while she celebrates her 21st birthday.

Order Your Birthday Gifts Today at Gifts Australia

Books are more than just words on paper, they are devices that can be used for inspiration, guidance, and learning. For the 21st birthday of your loved one, the most precious birthday gifts that you can give her are treasures that can live on in her heart and mind for the remaining years of her life. 

Inspiration, lifestyle, adult colouring - We've got the perfect 21st birthday gift for book lovers here at Gifts Australia.

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