How To Celebrate Mother's Day If You Can't Be With Your Mum

Mother’s Day is on the 10th of May this year, and it will be a very different celebration for many with the need for social distancing. With the continued risk of the novel Coronavirus, most adult children will be wondering if it’s safe to see their mum this Mother's Day. While we all want to see our mums in person, this year we will show our love by staying home. Mother's Day in the time of COVID-19 will be very different for many families. Mums who need to spend Mother's Day socially distanced from their extended families will be hoping their kids reach out to connect on their special day. Luckily, sending a virtual hug is easy! A phone call or a video chat call will make all the difference to your mum. While Australian families will need to find innovative ways to send their love or spend the day together with their mum, Gifts Australia is here to help. We have simple ideas and gifts for making Mother’s Day special if you can’t see your mum.


Make Mother’s Day Special For Your Mum


Even if you live far away from your mum and you often miss seeing her in person on Mother’s Day, this year will be more isolating for everyone. While, in previous years, a quick phone call on Mother’s Day might have been enough, make sure this year your mum doesn’t feel alone. Many local community Mother’s Day events and gatherings will be cancelled in 2020. And your mum might not be able to see her friends and share her day with people who love her. It’s up to you to make sure your mum gets plenty of love and Mother’s Day affection.


This year, more than ever, it’s important to connect with your mum on Mother’s Day. Celebrating Mother’s Day when you can’t be together will be disappointing for both you and your mum. If you’re used to spending the day together or making a special occasion of lunch, this year will be very different. You can still plan a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise and come up with ideas for ways to make Mother’s Day special when you’re apart.


Connect Online via FaceTime or Skype


Check-in with your siblings and schedule a time for a group chat. Perhaps you could all sit down for a Mother’s Day lunch together at the same time and catch up over Skype or FaceTime. If you’ve mailed a present to your mum or arranged a special gift basket delivery, it would be fun for your mum to open your gift while you’re online together. That way you can still share her joy at discovering what you have bought for her as a surprise.


If you know your mum will be feeling lonely on Mother’s Day, you could suggest an afternoon movie marathon. Find a movie you can watch at the same time on Netflix and hang out together online while you watch it.


If your mum isn’t good with technology, it’s time to dust off the old writing set and hand write her an old-fashioned letter. A Mother’s Day card with a special message from the heart is a lovely gift your mum will love to receive.


Record a Video of You and Your Kids


If your mum is missing out on seeing the grandkids on Mother’s Day, you can make a fun video of them wishing her a great day. It would be a fun idea to make a Mother’s Day video of the kids making her breakfast with a big IOU and a promise to do it all again when you can visit each other in person. Perhaps they could make their own cards and read them out to their grandmother. If you make the video in advance, you’d have time to mail the cards so your mum could keep a copy of them as well. Just seeing everyone’s smiling faces will brighten her day.


Send Her A Special Mother’s Day Gift


While a gift for your mum might not be as good as a proper visit and a hug from her kids, it’s a good place to start! Showering your mum with gifts will ensure she knows you are thinking about her. Gifts Australia can help you choose the best gift for your mum. Our great range of gifts for women include the most popular Mother’s Day gifts for 2020. Our women’s pamper gifts, homewares, jewellery, and fun fashion accessories make it easy for you to send your love to your Mum on her special day.


Ordering a special gift for your mum online is really easy. Choosing a pre-made Mother's Day hamper for mum takes all the pressure off you to find the perfect gift. A hand-picked pamper gift or special luxury food and wine hamper chock full of everything mums love takes all the hassle out of choosing a Mother’s Day gift for her. If your mum deserves to be spoiled, a luxury pamper hamper makes the best gift.


You can even include a premium Mother’s Day card with your own personal message so your mum knows you were thinking of her. A few simple words to personalise your gift will warm your mum’s heart.


Personalised Initial Curve Charm Necklace in Gold

Spoil Mum with this Personalised Initial Curve Charm Necklace in Gold


Spread Some Mother’s Day Love To Your Neighbours


Check in with your neighbours if you know there’s an elderly mum who will miss out on seeing her kids on Mother’s Day. Maybe fill in for someone else’s son or daughter and leave a gift on their doorstep wishing your neighbour a happy Mother’s Day. A simple bouquet of flowers, some chocolates, or a card is all it takes to let a mum know that she’s not alone. If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend Mother’s Day in person with your mum this year, make sure to tell her how much she means to you. Give her a great big hug! Now is certainly the time to really appreciate your mum and make an effort to show her how much she is loved.


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