Jewellery & Handbags

Jewelleries and handbags are the most in demand gifts for women mainly because a lot of women are into fashion. It doesn't matter what generation the person belongs to, jewelleries and handbags are perfect for teens, young adults and older ones up to senior women! Yes, this is how great jewels and handbags are. It makes women happy and more attached to their womanhood! Women tend to bring lots of pampering and grooming items and with the use of handbags; it would be very easy to retouch makeup and hair. With the use of jewelleries, it represents the person's fashion statement and style. So these items are really perfect gifts for women. 

Make Her Shout for Joy with Your Jewellery and Handbag Gifts

Some women are crazy about jewelleries while others are fond of collecting handbags. Gifts Australia knows how it feels to love something and not get it in return, so the team has provided a lot of gifts for women which includes handbags from great designers as well as jewels to make women feel well pampered. So here are some of the many handbags and jewelleries you can check at Gifts Australia. 

Cielo Gold Mesh Watch - This $179.50 gold watch is just what your special someone needs if she is always busy and occupied. This watch can be used at any time and for any occasion. You can use this during ordinary days, special events and even those that require formal attire. 

Midnight Travel Tote Bag - This tote bag may look simple but the usefulness if offers are truly worth it for the price of only $49.95. It comes with a generous space measuring 58cm length, 32cm height and 15cm depth.  So if you’re looking for a comfy tote bag that is practical and affordable, this is one of the gifts for women bags you shouldn’t miss to purchase. 

Oioi Grey Dot Hobo With Green Lining Diaper Bag - Mothers deserve a handy bag they can use when strolling inside the mall with kids, especially those wearing diapers. Gifts Australia therefore offers this trendy diaper bag. It is stylish, simple and the colours are vibrant with a functional and very practical style. This can be availed for only $139.95.

Vivid Jewellery - Annika Necklace Navy - Jewelleries doesn't have to be very expensive. Anyone can collect native jewelleries with affordable rates. If you want only the best wooden or native necklace there is, this $35 beaded necklace in wooden material is perfect. It comes with navy, black and cream coloured beads and above all, it is said to be a volcanic stone with a length of 33cm. Gifts for women shouldn't be made of high end materials, a wooden material is enough as long as it is made beautifully.

Pamper Her with the Right Kind of Gifts

The right kind of gift can certainly set the right kind of impression. There are times when gifts given can bring colours and brighten up ones day. So giving gifts and buying it at Gifts Australia means you are indeed giving the right kind of present your very special someone. So where else will you look for gifts for women, when Gifts Australia is there to cater women’s desire?

Most women are delighted to receive a handbag or piece of jewellery for a special occasion, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day or their birthday. So, if you haven’t found a good gift for a special woman in your life, you could consider obtaining something from our jewellery and handbag range. Our jewellery and handbag range contains many designer items, which includes brands such as Louenhide and Nicole Fendel. Some of our designer items can be personalised as well, which will certainly be appreciated by the special woman in your life.

If you decide to obtain one of the personalised items of Gifts Australia, please consider that our team of craftsmen may need an extra three days to add the personalisation to the item you have chosen. Therefore, many personalised items are often shipped three days after ordering. Even though this could be sooner, we usually implement a waiting period of three days to account for high order volumes. So, if you have ordered a black leather tote bag with personalised monogram, please allow for three extra days on your delivery time.

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