Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper

No tears, the world’s softest products for baby

Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper

No tears, the world’s softest products for baby


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Hamper Contents

Gifts & Accessories

Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Washers 2 Pack

2 double layered terry towelling face washers with rib trim for sensitive skins at bathtime or the perfect accessory at feeding time. 20x20cm.

Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Washers 2 Pack
EcoStore All Natural Baby Shampoo 200ml

Mild enough for everyday use, this all natural skin balanced shampoo gently cleanses baby's fine hair using plant based ingredients.

EcoStore All Natural Baby Shampoo 200ml
EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath 200ml

Plant based ingredients designed to match the natural oils in babies’ skin with conditioning agents to keep skin soft and silky.

EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath 200ml


Protect baby's soft sensitive skin with natural products. A beautiful hamper of all natural products that will make bath time enjoyable for both Mum and baby.


First time parents often say one of their biggest anxieties is bathing their new born baby. Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper has everything new parents and even experienced parents need! Starting bath time with EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath 200ml, get the suds happening for a beautifully clean baby with no tears.

Wipe babies face and body with the lovely soft Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Washers 2 Pack. Wash that fresh baby hair with the EcoStore All Natural Baby Shampoo 200ml. Ensure baby doesn't get cold with the NEW Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Bubba Blue. Made from Organic cotton and designed in Australia, Bubba Blue's cotton is super soft on baby’s delicate skin. Make bath time enjoyable for baby and mum.

Presented in a white gloss box with natural ribbon detail.

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A little bit more info

Bath Time Natural Gift Hamper

They say that having a new baby is the greatest gift that life can offer. Unlike ordinary birthday gifts and Xmas gifts, however, babies do not come with how-to-care-for manuals or guides. New parents are left to figure out things on their own as they go along. Part of this phase includes endless trial and error, smelly nappies, midnight baby cries, and a new body clock. Fortunately, as a caring loved one, you can help out these poor new mums and dads by giving them baby gifts.

Well thought out baby gifts are always welcome for new parents. Yes, the rumours are true. Parenthood is the fastest way to embrace selflessness. When one becomes a parent, their friends can forget adult birthday gifts and Xmas gifts altogether and give baby gifts instead. When you do so, be sure to get organic products good for babies like the Bath Time Natural gift hamper.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Baby Gifts?

Getting baby gifts carries a heavier weight than normal birthday gifts and Xmas gifts. Extra careful thinking must accompany this task since babies have unique needs. Here are some points to consider in buying baby gifts:

·  Choose something useful.
One advantage of buying baby gifts is that they do not have to be unique; they just have to be useful. As babies tend to utilise a lot of items, parents appreciate receiving items that need regular restocking. The Bath Time Natural gift hamper complies with this aspect with flying colours. The contents of this hamper are all baby essentials that satisfy daily bathing needs of babies.

·  Choose safety.   
Functionality is useless when it poses risks to the babies’ health. So, it is important to buy baby gifts that are guaranteed suitable to the sensitivity of babies and their delicate bodies. The organic ingredients and materials in this gift hamper are proven safe for babies. You are assured that you are choosing well with this hamper.

·  Think about its benefits.
You must also consider the benefits that your gift will deliver. More benefits mean getting your money’s worth and a satisfied recipient. Read on to know about the benefits your recipient can get from the Bath Time Natural gift hamper.

What to Adore about the Bath Time Natural Gift Hamper?

There is a lot to love about the Bath Time Natural gift hamper. The most obvious reason for that is the fact that it contains items that are appropriate for babies. It is common knowledge that babies are more sensitive and they demand special care. What is alright for a kid may be harmful for a baby. You can get rid of that worry with this gift hamper since it is especially made with baby needs in mind.
All its contents are made from organic materials. This means that no potentially harmful substances or irritants were used in manufacturing the baby products. Organic baby gifts reduce the possibility of babies’ exposure to things that could irritate or harm them.

The hooded towel and face washers included in this gift hamper are both made from organic cotton. Aside from the mentioned benefit of organic materials, there is also less processing involved with organic cotton. As a result, the cloth is sturdier and more durable than ordinary processed cottons.

The shampoo and bubble bath are likewise made from natural ingredients. Since they are plant-based, they complement the bodies’ natural oils and do not disrupt them. Babies and parents will be delighted with how the bubble bath softens and moisturises the skin. The shampoo, on the other hand, gently cleanses the scalp and facilitates healthy hair growth.

Indeed, it is so easy to like this gift hamper. But the benefits do not stop there because there are benefits from bathing itself, too.

What are the Benefits of Delightful Baby Baths?

Giving this gift hamper serves a deeper purpose. You are actually not only giving baby gifts but you are also encouraging a good habit for parents and babies.

Baby baths are important because they keep babies clean and healthy. But other than that, there are additional benefits from delightful baby baths. Through baby baths, parents and caretakers have the chance to check the baby’s body and see rashes and dry areas with dry skin. This will enable them to prevent further irritation and quickly counter the dryness. Moreover, gentle touches on baby’s skin have the effect of promoting circulation. In effect, bathing time is like a massage for babies. It will ensure regular blood flow and that nutrients are distributed accordingly to the body.      

Aside from physiological benefits, baby baths also provide emotional benefits. Bathing time is a form of interaction that helps develop and strengthen the bond between the baby and his caretaker. It also aids in babies’ development. Since babies’ movements are quite limited, their exposure to the world is through the activities they undergo. Bathing time affords them new experience such as floating, splashing, sinking, etc. In effect, it becomes part of their play time. It is a time when all their senses are stimulated. Parents can incorporate singing songs and bath toys to further stimulate the babies’ development.

Can I Give this Gift Hamper as Birthday Gifts and Xmas Gifts?

The benefits of baby baths are undeniable. As such, feel free to give this Bath Time Natural gift hamper as birthday gifts or Xmas gifts this coming Yuletide season to your loved ones. It complies with all the requirements that baby gifts must possess and even exceeds them. It will definitely bring joy to the new parents and comfort to the unknowing baby. Giving this package will express how much you care for them. Their birthday or Christmas will become more meaningful once they know that people like you share in their joy in the blessing of a new baby. And that is exactly what gift-giving is about.

Concretely show your care and express your love with this gift hamper. Packed in a white gloss box adorned with natural ribbon and bow, this hamper is ready to be delivered. Your recipient is bound to have delightful baby baths. Make it sooner and place your order now!

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