Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mum Who Loves to Eat

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Mothers are special human beings. No, they are not mutants or meta humans as what Marvel and DC call people with special powers but mothers are special in their own way. They do not have super powers but they do have super energy to keep the family up and running. They have endless energy to cook for the family, maintain the cleanliness of the home, and cheer up the whole team. She does all these round the clock. Truly, mothers are extraordinary. Hence, your mum also deserves one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gifts on that one special day which comes annually.
Your mum has been feeding you when you were born. She gave you milk to strengthen your bones, cooked bacon every morning for you to start your day right, and prepared a hearty dinner to cap off an awesome day. She spent most of her time in the kitchen regardless of whether her cooking skills is that of a master chef or simply a mayonnaise expert. This Mother’s Day, give her Mother’s Day gifts that remind her of how much you love her cooking. Gifts Australia has a wide array of kitchen-related Mother’s Day gifts to choose from.

How to Choose Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums Who Love to Eat

Your gift this Mother’s Day should not be another gift cheque to use at a café or a dinner reservation at her favourite restaurant. Surprise your mum with something exceptional. You might think that uncommon Mother’s Day gifts are expensive. Gifts Australia has a collection of the most unique gifts that cost as low as $15.
Mother’s Day gifts need not bleed your pockets to death. Here are a few guides on how to find the perfect gift.
1.    Know what your mum likes.
Yes, she loves to cook and she loves to eat but what are her food preferences? Knowing what kinds of food she appreciates the most will make it easy for you to spot the perfect gift. Has she ever missed tea time? If not, then a set of quality tea will do the trick. If she is the food lover who likes to experience lots of things, food experiences may be the best Mother’s Day gifts.
2.    Know your budget.

Set a budget when buying gifts for your mum, and stick to it. If you do not set a budget, you will, at the end of the day, spend more than you ought to have. If you want to give your mum flowers and chocolates on top of your surprise, add them in the budget as well.
Food as Mother’s Day Gifts

For mums who love to eat, food is the best gift. Here are a few distinctive food you can buy from Gifts Australia.
●    LUKEN & MAY Butterbursts Citrus Lemon Premium Butter Biscuits - Simply beautiful biscuits
You can never go wrong with shortbread biscuits as Mother’s Day gifts. These biscuits from Luken & May are not so sweet but buttery and soft. It can even melt in your mouth. The biscuits is especially packed in a tin can which already makes an elegant gift. No wrapping required but you can add ribbon of your mum’s favourite colour for that personal touch.
●    Bistro Cheese Set
You can also surprise your mum with a DIY wine pairing night at home with this Bistro Cheese set. The set includes 8 kinds of cheese including brie and cheddar. It also comes with a platter, pate pot, 2 cheese knives, 2 bowls, and 2 markers with chalk. It is very classy for a cheese, crackers, and wine night.
●    Organic Wellness Teas and Tea Pot Set
Tea sets are perfect Mother’s Day gifts but where else can you buy a tea set with tea pot? This collection has 6 different English Tea Shop herbal teas for your mum to try. Each is designed for wellness and vitality. The set has Happy Me, Youthful Me, Sensual Me, Sleepy Me, Refresh Me, and Slim Me teas for your mum’s every mood. These teas come with a 1.6L tea pot in a stunning mint blue colour that looks fantastic in any kitchen.

Food Experience as Mother’s Day gifts

Apart from food, food experiences are also one of the most unparalleled Mother’s Day gifts.
●    Chocolate Walking Tour, Melbourne
Satisfy your mum’s sweet tooth with a Chocolate Walking Tour in Melbourne. The tour is a walk around the fascinating city of Melbourne and includes not just 1 but 10 chocolate tasting, talks, and afternoon tea. Your mum will also get a badge that says “I’m a Chocoholic”, a map, tasting bag, and specials offer in various stores. The afternoon tea includes a cake too. This tour can be individual, or you can join your mum or have it booked for her and your dad.
●    Farmers Lunch & Natural Hot Spring Bath For 2: Delight the Senses & Relax the Mind
If your mum is into gourmet, this food experience is one of the most awesome Mother’s Day gifts. This lunch and bath includes a gourmet farm-fresh tapas meal for 2 while overlooking two acres of farmland, vineyard, and swimming ducks. The meal includes an ice-cold glass of Kelpie Bridge wine as well. After meal, your mum and her companion, either you, a friend, or your dad, will enjoy a bath at the hilltop pool with 360 degree view at the Peninsula Hot Springs. Turkish steam room, cave pool, and reflexology walk are also available. Give your mum this 3-hour experience on Mother’s Day.
Ready to place your orders? Gifts Australia has everything you’re looking for and more. Happy shopping for mum!


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