Top 10 Birthday Gifts for the Colleague with Everything

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 July 2016 

Once every year, we celebrate one of the most awaited events in our lives—our birthday. Be it barbeques, fancy restaurant dinners, or house parties, there will always be a way to have a good time because of it. Cap off the amazing gathering by giving out birthday gifts that the celebrant will surely love.

If you are still clueless about what birthday gifts to give your colleague who has everything in life, keep calm. He or she may be living the perfect life, but there will always be birthday gifts to leave him or her in awe. We are here to help you pick out the perfect gift item for your colleague! Read on to know about what is on the hot top 10 list of birthday gifts for the co-worker with everything.

Birthday Gifts for the Colleague

Birthday Gifts for Her

Let’s say, the colleague is a woman. She is a really good friend of yours, considering all that you have been through at work or life in general. First on the list is the 21st Champagne Flute. While she may have all kinds of glasses displayed in her home, this champagne flute gives the extra special feel to the celebrant. She will definitely position this at the best spot right after party use.

You can also give birthday gifts that you think are common but are actually not. Women’s Sock Set from ChattyFeet is a game changer. Do her a favour and give her these fashionable, fun, and comfortable socks. Although she wears heels almost every day, she probably wears sneakers on Sundays. She can also wear socks while sleeping, because why not? Moreover, she may also be wearing different wristwatches every day—but there isn’t such a thing as owning too many watches. The Cielo Mint Gelato Watch will absolutely fit beautifully in her collection. The chic and elegant design of this watch will make other women so jealous of her. Plus, it will complete her Instagram-ready outfit of the day!

The top 10 list is not even halfway yet, but the hype is surely levelling up! Invade her vanity dresser with the Waterford Crystal Lismore Ringholder and MOR Marshmallow Eau De Parfum 100 ml. This luxurious ringholder was built to keep her jewelleries safe and ready to wear. Aside from its elegant feel, it is functional enough to hold five rings, as well as some earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The Lismore Ringholder also comes packaged in a lime green gift box. Meanwhile, the Marshmallow Eau De Parfum will never disappoint. The sugar dipped rose petals infused with pink musk and cotton candy will make her smell like a walking sweet treat that will make heads turn!

Birthday Gifts for Him

When the colleague is a man, you do not have to be stressed. There are a lot of birthday gifts you can give him even though he has everything. Pens are essential to his everyday life. And although he has a lot of them on his desk, the CROSS Star Wars Darth Vader Pen is the perfect gift for him. All the more if he is a fan, might as well have it wrapped Star Wars style.

To unleash his inner eye for design and quality, give him the Black Elk Bookends. It is beautifully carved and is black in colour: the perfect birthday gift for that colleague who values printed books. Always remember that books are best kept standing than stacked. His office or home will surely be a lovely sight rather than boring. With the Black Elk Bookends, guests will highly be impressed. So will he be.

Despite having everything, he surely wants birthday gifts that are useful either during work, play, or both. The Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice goes next in the top 10 birthday gifts you can give. These playing dice are perfect for killing time while waiting at the office, for playing with other co-workers during celebrations, and even for game time in work team buildings and more!

If you and your colleague highly value practicality, it is fitting to gift him the BUCKLE Handkerchief Business Set and the Gentlemen’s Hardware Shoe Polish Kit. These two birthday gifts will certainly make him the happiest. Who do not need handkerchiefs? Especially for your colleague, handkerchiefs are a must. This set from BUCKLE contains soft 100% cotton hankies that will keep him prim and proper before, during, and after work. So do tidy and shiny shoes! This shoe polish kit from Gentlemen’s Hardware is a practical gift that really helps out. Its felt zip-up kit houses soft and hard brushes, black and neutral polish, and a cleaning cloth. Help him buff and shine with the right tools.

Birthday Gifts for the Colleague

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