Top 10 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 June 2016 

When you are best friends with somebody, people expect you to just know what kind of birthday gifts to give them. While that may be true in some cases, there are still a lot of items to choose from when you try and look around. Some of these items may seem perfect, but may not necessarily be durable or can get easily boring. So, it’s important that you not only have choices but you also have options that are both timeless and of high quality.
That’s the same reason why Gifts Australia has gathered all the great birthday gifts that you can give to your best friend so that you wouldn’t have to be second guessing if you have gotten exactly what they want or need.

What Birthday Gifts are Available?

Best friends can be the pickiest people and you may have heaps of best friends from different circles. So, finding the perfect birthday gifts may seem overwhelming at time. Let us help by suggesting the following as your possible choices:
1.    Books
Books, especially colouring books like 'The Dazzling Patterns' Adult Colouring Book, can be great gifts because they can be good stress relievers. It’s straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of thinking. But if your best friend just likes looking at pictures and trivia, there are books like “It Happened in a Holden” by Paddy O’Reilly for car enthusiasts and the “Men and Cats Coffee Table Book” by Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud for your best friends who want to leave something in their living room for guests to browse through.
2.    Flowers
If your best friend has a green thumb and appreciates different types of plants, then they will surely appreciate getting beautiful bouquets or flower arrangements as gifts from you. If your best friend also happens to be your partner in life, then make them fall in love with you all over again with the Fall in Love Floral Bouquet.
3.    Food
They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But it’s actually the best way to anyone’s heart, regardless if they’re a man or a woman! If your best friend just loves food, then you can buy them something like the Bistro Cheese Set to pair with their favourite wine to satisfy their gastronomic needs.
4.    Board and Card Games
If your best friend is always inviting people to come over and have random gatherings, giving them birthday gifts like board games and card games may be a great idea. It gives them something to use for parties or just regular get-together’s during the weekend. Something like the Drinkopoly Drinking Game will surely give them nights to remember.
5.    Kitchen and Cooking Equipment
Lots of people love food, but there are a few people who love them and are capable of whipping up a few recipes or two. For people who love to cook, birthday gifts like The Perfect Pikelet Set will surely be appreciated because it will not only make their lives easier, it will also allow them to focus on creating even more delicious recipes.
6.    Homeware Items
Homeware items like the Black Elk Bookends is one of the safest birthday gifts. It’s something that your best friend will be able to display and keep for a long time. They can even pass it on to their children someday.
7.    Drinking Accessories

If your bonding time with your best friend means that you’ll be sipping beer till dawn, then drinking accessories like the 8 Ball Bottle Opener will surely be appreciated. With its quirky design, it can even be passed off as decoration for their own room at home.
8.    Novelty Items
Novelty items aren’t just gifts for laughs, they can also be useful sometimes. If you’re looking to add humour to your gifts, you might as well give them something like the Dunkin’ Monkey Tea Infuser that they can incorporate into their everyday lives. It also makes for great conversation starters.
9.    Experience
Experiences like the Tandem Skydive is one of the greatest birthday gifts you can ever give. You not only leave your best friends with lasting memories, but you also leave them with valuable lessons they will carry with them forever.
10. Vouchers
If you’re still undecided and are still confused by all the things that you can buy but don’t want to spend too much on multiple items, you can just get something like the $500 Gift Voucher from Gifts Australia and just let them go on an online shopping spree.

Wanting to Give More?
If you’re undecided and don’t want to give vouchers, you can opt to give your best friends gift hampers as birthday gifts. There are heaps of hampers you can purchase from Gifts Australia such as the Corona Beer Hamper which includes a few Corona beers and a few things that you and your best friend can eat together. If your best friend is expecting, you can even give them baby-friendly hampers like the Ollie Owl New Baby Hamper that will surely help them out after the baby finally arrives. Hampers make great alternative birthday gifts because it gives your best friend a variety of products to use.

How Do I Get These Birthday Gifts For My Best Friend?

There are a lot of places you can go to for birthday gifts, but Gifts Australia is your one-stop shop for them. Offering a wide selection of high quality and fun items, Gifts Australia also offers easy delivery services to either get these items straight to your doorstep or immediately delivered to your best friend. You can even include free birthday gift cards for when you have the items delivered. We also offer flexible payment options. So, all you’ll have to do now is to just go to the website, choose something that your best friend may like and leave us with all the necessary details. We’ll take care of everything so it’s less stress for you.


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