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Savour smooth whisky or delight in a fruity wine for the ultimate in 50th birthday celebrations with our carefully chosen range of wine and spirits gifts. Only the finest wine and spirits are chosen for our customers, so we know they'll have the best 50th birthday ever.

50th Birthday Gifts, Wine & Spirits To Delight

What’s a 50th birthday celebration without a proper toast? And what’s a proper toast without a proper drink? A glass of wine would do quite nicely. Or, for those who prefer something a bit stronger, a finger or two of whiskey should do the trick. We have wine and whiskey here at Gifts Australia, just waiting to be part of a 50th birthday toast.

We have drinks to fit every taste and every budget, from single bottles to whole gift hampers filled with snacks and wine. No matter which you choose to give as a 50th birthday gift, know that we provide only the best of the best. Because our gift experts are pros at finding and offering the tastiest wine and spirits!

Explore Gifts Australia for Wine & Spirits

Shopping for wine gifts and 50th birthday presents? Gifts Australia is here to make your shopping much easier. From bubbling Prosecco to complex whiskies, we stock our shelves with the tastiest wines and spirits available. Our selection covers everything from sweet white wines to dry red wines and intoxicating whiskies.

Get the party started with a bottle of Prosecco or a sweet Moscato. These light and delicious drinks are ideal for making toasts and getting a surprise party off on the right foot. With a pop of the cork and the pouring of a delicious effervescent or sweet wine, you can consider the birthday party started! We offer Prosecco and Moscato from Australia’s own Brown Brothers. This winemaking family has over 100 years of experience making and perfecting each and every bottle of wine they sell.

Speaking of delicious Australian wine, we can’t forget to tell you about our other Brown Brothers and Devil’s Corner bottles. Here at Gifts Australia, you’ll discover shining examples of Australian wine: tasty Shiraz, beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon, delectable Pinot Noir, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, and more.

Shiraz is an old world wine, found in the Rhone-Alps region of France. In the 1830s, Shiraz grapes were brought to Australia. By the 1860s, this wine varietal had become a staple of Australian winemaking. To this day, it’s the most popular red wine grape on the continent. Australian Shiraz tends to be more full-bodied and fruitier than its old world counterparts.

Like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon is a very popular wine varietal in Australia. Depending on the Australian winemaking region where the grapes are grown, Cabernet can take on a wide variety of traits. In cooler climates, the fruit flavours found in Cabernet are more concentrated. Whereas warmer growing climates create wines that are more full-bodied. All we can say is that you can never go wrong with a bottle of Brown Brothers vino!

Here at Gifts Australia, find every type of wine you could need. In addition to offering Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, we take pride in offering unforgettable bottles of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. So whether your gift recipient prefers red or white wine, you can feel good shopping Gifts Australia today for delicious wine gifts.

A flute of Prosecco with hor d'oeuvres and a glass of wine during dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate a 50th birthday. To bring the celebration to its conclusion, consider a complex and delicious whiskey from our collection. Our whiskey gift sets, like Glenmorangie and Hennessy, come with branded tumblers to make the ultimate gift. Long after the whiskey is gone, the glasses will continue to serve as a reminder of a fantastic 50th birthday present.

If you’re looking for a bit more than a bottle of wine or whiskey, our wine-based gift hampers are top-notch birthday presents for anyone and everyone. Included in our gift hampers is a bottle of Brown Brothers or Devil’s Corner wine and gourmet snack to complement. In these hampers, your gift recipient will receive satisfying and delicious savoury treats, like green olives, crackers, and dips.

Wondering About Toasting Etiquette?

Want to make a toast to your 50-year-old friend or family member? Then you might as well do it right! So how do you make a toast correctly? Toasting etiquette and customs differ depending on the culture, but there are some universal rules you can use as a helpful guideline. Generally, the host or hostess of a party should be the first to toast. So if you’re throwing a 50th birthday party for a parent or friend, get your speech ready.

To get the attention of your guests and the birthday boy or girl, stand and lift your glass. Clinking your glass with a utensil is generally considered a no-no, but we understand that you gotta do what gotta do. Unless unavoidable, be sure your glass and the glasses of your guests have enough beverage to take sip. Now to the meat of the toast. Keep it short and sweet! No one wants to hold their drink in the air for 5 minutes. And when your toast has been given, clinking glasses is totally optional.

Gifts Australia Shipping and Customisation Services

Gifts Australia orders over $99 AU come with free shipping to anywhere in Australia. It pays to treat your friends and family to the gifts they deserve! Check your cart now to see if your 50th birthday presents and wine gifts qualify for free shipping. If not, peruse Gifts Australia to discover great 50th birthday gifts. Or, if you prefer, treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it!

We’re also happy to provide an assortment of shipping options, so you can send your gifts however it’s most convenient for you. For gift recipients in Sydney, we offer same day shipping as long as you order before 1PM Sydney time. And for family and friends in other Australian capitals, take advantage of our next day delivery option. View all your shipping choices from your Gifts Australia cart.

From your cart, you can also customise your 50th birthday gifts with embossed wrapping paper and a premium greeting card. This is a great way to save time and to add a personal touch to every gift you give.

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