What are the Top 5 Gifts for a Baby Shower?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 May 2016 

A baby shower is a small gathering of the family and closest friends of the parents-to-be. It is a way to celebrate the arrival of a child into the community. It is usually done during the last trimester of the mother’s pregnancy. Gift-giving is not really mandatory but some baby showers have gift registries. Otherwise, guests come with various baby gifts for the child and the parents.
Finding baby gifts to bring to a baby shower is not really difficult. It is knowing what to give a baby that is a little more challenging. It is a good thing that Gifts Australia has a wide range of baby gifts you can choose from. To make your search for baby gifts a lot easier, here are top 5 gifts even parents-to-be will surely love.

Baby Gifts to Keep Tiny Memories
New born babies are always quite funny. Their weird sounds, dreaming faces, little toes, and small achievements make anyone in a room laugh. It is mum and dad’s pleasure, though, to have brought such an angel into life. Parents would always want to take pictures and videos of their little ones. If you check out any parents’ smartphone and open the Gallery, you will see that it is full of their children’s snippets. Help the parents-to-be collate baby’s memories with frames as presents.
Frames may look ordinary but they are one-of-a-kind baby gifts. They can even last long if kept safely on top of a shelf. A frame can easily blend into a nursery or other room in the house as well. Gifts Australia has a number of frames perfect as baby shower gifts.
Inkless Print Frame is gaining popularity in Australia. This frame is quite unique. While it does not capture moments, it does permanently store foot and handprints without any mess. This print frame set from Gifts Australia has magic tiny towels and treated papers to capture prints in detail. It comes in white, blue, and pink colours.
Another frame that you can bring to a baby shower is the Bambino Rocking Horse Silver Frame. It has a simple design with a rocking horse metal icon, and subtle diamond embellishments. Any photo that measures 5”x7” surely fits perfectly in the frame.
Baby Gifts for the Stylish Newborn
New born baby girls often turn into breathing dolls when their mums begin to style them up. This coming baby shower, why not indulge the mum-to-be’s desire to be her daughter’s stylist? Gifts Australia has some fantastic wearable baby gifts for stylish newborns.
Bangles can be passed down from mother to daughter as a family heirloom. Giving one as a gift will teach any child to value small sentimental pieces at an early age. That is why this Teddy Bear Bangle By Britt Bear is a perfect gift to bring at a baby shower. It comes in a silver colour and is made from high quality stainless steel for an heirloom that lasts.
Another cool and fashion-inspired gift which you can buy from Gifts Australia is Nature's Child Amber Necklace. This is not your ordinary necklace. This Amber Necklace is gaining popularity for the last 10 years because of its natural healing properties. The necklace is made from fossilised tree sap, and has succinic acid. It is a naturally-occurring acid with anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce the feeling of soreness and swelling especially when a child begins teething.

Baby Gifts which Come in Sets
Another type of baby gifts which you can bring to a baby shower is gift sets. There are two reasons why you should give a baby shower gift set. First, it is easier to buy. All you need to do is place your order here in Gifts Australia, and the set will be delivered just in time for the baby shower. Second, it is a complete receiving package which parents-to-be would love to receive. A newborn baby gift set includes all things soft and comfy. The following items can be found in a set: slippers, blanket, comforter, toy, and bib.
Gifts Australia has the most sophisticated baby gifts in sets. You can order a simple set like Sophie La Girafe 'My First Hours' Gift Set or a more elaborate one complete with a snuggle for baby and a Moet for mum and dad such as this Snuggles Moet Baby Hamper which comes in three shades: neutral brown, blue or pink.
Baby Gifts to Light up the Nursery
If you want to bring something more unique than a gift set to a baby shower, Gifts Australia has just the right products for you. In baby showers, the nursery is not as looked upon as receiving hours or play time. This means that room decorations for the nursery is not often brought as a gift. Well, this Loppy the Rabbit and Archie the Bulldog are baby gifts which can help illuminate baby’s room. These lights use LED bulbs, and stands 5cm x 15cm, and 6.5cm x 12 cm respectively. These are perfect for any child’s bedside table.
Baby Gifts for the Bookworm Parents-to-be
Are the parents-to-be the types of person who cannot leave home without a book? Well, indulge their book addiction even with a baby around with books as baby gifts. Gifts Australia has uplifting books that will help parents handle the craziness of having tiny humans around the house. Check out 100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile Book by Dawn Bates. It is full of simple family activities that mum and dad can do to get as many giggles as they want. Another book that every first time parents would find handy is Sh*t On My Hands: A down & dirty companion to early parenthood. It is a light-hearted book that will help parents understand and get through the ups and downs of parenthood.
These are just some of the gifts you can bring to a baby shower. You can always browse for more at Gifts Australia. If you want to give many gifts, that would be fine as well. Take advantage of Australia-wide free delivery for all orders above $99 and place your orders today!


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