Top 5 Christening Present Gifts

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Uncover the Top 5 Christening Presents at Gifts Australia!

At Gifts Australia, customers can find an incredible range of christening gifts. Today, we will list the top 5 presents in the christening gifts range. Check them out today and buy the best gift for a christening at Gifts Australia.

What Is the Number 1 Christening Present at Gifts Australia?

The number 1 christening present at Gifts Australia is the Silver Bunnykins Money Box by Royal Doulton. The designer money box measures a spacious 13.2cm x 6.3cm x 10.2cm; this leaves plenty of room for the baby’s savings the parents add to the money box.

At Gifts Australia, you can find more money boxes you could consider as a christening gift. If you would like a money box with a different design, be sure to check out all the other designer money boxes in our baby catalogue.

What Is the Number 2 Christening Present at Gifts Australia?

The second best christening gift at Gifts Australia is the Photo Frame Inkless Print Set in White. The Photo Frame Inkless Print Set in White provides parents with an amazing photo frame! One side of the photo frame is used for a baby photo, while the other side of a photo frame is used for a magical print of the baby’s footprints or handprints.

In addition to the photo frame, the set also contains 1 wipe, 2 pieces of magic paper, and a mountboard with back stand. In short, everything needed to take the handprints or footprints of the baby and transfer it to paper.

In addition to the Photo Frame Inkless Print Set, customers can find more photo frames that could be suitable for a christening. All our photo frames are designer items, so customers never have to worry about quality.

What Is the Number 3 Christening Present at Gifts Australia?

The third best christening present on Gifts Australia is the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper. The Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper contains various items for a newborn baby; this includes functional items such as baby clothing and a cuddly toy.

Inside the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper, customers will find the Marquise ‘Dog’ Singlet & Short Set, Marquise Baby Boy Quilted Blanket, and Fred the Bunny. Since this hamper contains two items from Marquise, customers can certainly count on designer quality with this one.

Since the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper is a hamper for baby boys, you can find an equivalent for baby girls at Gifts Australia too. Naturally, the equivalent for baby girls only contains pink-themed items or other colours that match baby girls.

There are also some neutral-themed hampers; these are useful if you do not want to buy a pink or blue-themed hamper. One such a neutral hamper is the Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper, which contains certified organic products with a neutral white colour.

What Is the Number 4 Christening Present at Gifts Australia?

The fourth best christening gift at Gifts Australia is a memento that could be kept by the parents forever. Of course, the memento in question could also be used by the baby. Curious what this memento is? The memento we are talking about is the Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Cup.

We must mention that the Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Cup features a Peter Rabbit design. Therefore, if you would like to add anything else to this momentous gift, we certainly recommend one of the Peter Rabbit storybooks in our collection.

What Is the Number 5 Christening Present at Gifts Australia?

The fifth best christening gift at Gifts Australia can be personalised for your young recipient, more specifically the delightful Leather Baby Shoes in Gift Box. These lovely leather shoes are available for baby boys and girls.

Naturally, the leather shoes at Gifts Australia come in two different colours. For little girls, customers can choose the Pale Pink Glitter Baby Girl Personalised Shoes. For baby boys, there is a pair of Personalised Navy Suede Baby Shoes.

To personalise the baby shoes from our collection, simply select the initial of the baby’s first name from the dropdown menu on the product description page. Then, the first initial of the baby’s name will be added to the shoes.

Can I Get More Inspiration for Christening Gifts at Gifts Australia?

There are countless other christening gifts on Gifts Australia you could be taking advantage of. If you have not found the perfect christening gift in our overview of best 5 christening gifts, then there are many others to choose from. Simply head over to the main catalogue and select ‘baby’ to find more wonderful baby presents.

Do you have any questions about the christening gifts available at Gifts Australia? Or would you like more gift suggestions for a christening? Feel free to contact Gifts Australia through one of the contact methods available on the website; this includes email, telephone, and instant messaging.

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