Welcome Gifts For New Employees

What Do You Give A New Employee To Say A Warm Hello?

When you've got a new member joining the team, a warm welcome is always a necessity. That's regardless of the size of the company or the kind of business you're involved in. Creating a friendly and welcoming environment will help them adjust and settle in faster. It also enables you to make a great first impression!  


Appreciating team members from the minute they agree to join the company has enormous benefits. Some practices have even been seen to reduce employee turnover, increasing the company's productivity in the process. A great example of this is giving onboarding gifts to all new recruits.


What is a good welcome to the team gift? From practical office gifts, to thoughtful personal gestures and welcoming gift hampers, there are so many ways to welcome new staff. We’ve got plenty of inspiration here at Gifts Australia, so we’d like to share our thoughts and ideas with you. The smaller your business, the more critical it is to make your new employee feel welcome!


The Timing Of When To Give Onboarding Gifts

Different company cultures and industries have varying onboarding processes in place. However, if you’re just starting out with welcome gifts for new team members, then deciding the perfect time to give them is crucial. In larger organisations, a new employee gift is usually given once they accept your offer. Contracts and essential documents can then be included in the package, so they have some alone time to familiarise themselves with the contents. 


How do you welcome a new employee for smaller businesses? A casual morning tea to introduce them to the rest of the team on their first day of work is much more personal. It’s friendly and fun and gives other team members a chance to chip in and welcome them with open arms. Whether your new hire is working remotely or at your offices, it’s always fabulous to receive a team gift from everyone.


10 Exciting Welcome Gift Ideas For New Team Members

You can, of course, choose an individual gift from the company, but one of the best ways to welcome an employee is with a new hire gift box. Contents can vary, depending on your company culture, but they do need to make a statement. What should be included in a welcome box? There are some standard items you can expect to find in most onboarding packages, but you can be as creative and quirky as you want! Get your HR manager onboard to choose the best welcome gifts for your new employees.


Office supplies - you can't miss including essentials like notebooks and pens, stationery sets and office accessories. Ideas like cool calendars and trendy gadgets for their new desk are also superb additions and a great idea as a gift for a employee in an office environment.


office desk organiser


Water bottles - everyone needs a drink on hand, so water bottles are an ideal choice. You could opt for a man-size big bottle for someone working outdoors, or a modern metallic canteen if you want to add a unique touch to their office water bottle.


large drink bottle


Personalised accessories - these are always safe luxury options, especially travel sets. You can find unusual items like keychains with charging cables or leather folio cases if you want to impress. You can even choose company branding to make them feel welcome.


personalised travel set


Reusable cups & mugs - pick a unique design for when they're taking their breaks in the office. Not only is it a great idea for everyone in the office to have their own mug, it's good for the environment, and it also keeps cold drinks icy cool and coffee piping hot.

coffee mug

Pampering products - gifts don’t need to be practical; they can be the luxury addition of self-care. If your new hire will soon be busy, they'll love a little gift to help ease the stress of a new job. A washbag with toiletries, lush skincare products, eye rest pillows or fun hair wraps are all superb extras.  


relaxation hamper


Novelty quirky items - if it reflects your relaxed company culture, then add in some laughter. Try colourful work socks, barbeque aprons or fun games and books. A Mensa IQ challenge is sure to make their first day at their new job memorable!


Monday to Friday socks


Lunch Boxes & Bags - whether it's the latest backpack for a travelling team member, a lunch cooler, or a leather messenger bag, these are a great addition to any employee's welcome box. Or why not make every mealtime special with a slick black Monbento lunchbox for meals on the go?


bento lunch box


Tech gadgets - these always come in useful and will be treasured by new employees. From small power banks, cable tidies and AirPods cases to large electronic travel bags, every new starter will love them. 

smartphone holder


Food & drink - gourmet hampers are perfect, especially if your team wants to join forces and buy something. They’re an indulgent personal gift, or you can choose a welcome to the team gift basket to share in the office. A beer hamper is an affordable welcome gift with free delivery.  


beer hamper


Gift vouchers - if all inspiration fails, a voucher makes a great little addition to any welcome pack. It allows your new team member to treat themselves to something they might not be able to afford or have been wanting to buy for a while.


4 Major Reasons Why Onboarding Gifts Are Necessary

There are plenty of positive reasons you should give your new employee a welcome gift when they join you. Apart from giving them a warm, fuzzy feeling, look at some of the most important benefits.


1. Preparing the employee

Being the newest member at a company, however small, can be daunting. By having a new employee welcome gift, you can offer various details about their role. Including some luxury, practical or fun items will give them a much-needed boost of confidence. 


2. Creating brand awareness

For businesses that have a product range, samples can easily be included in the onboarding gift package. This way, they get familiar with the product range and start to develop brand loyalty straight away. You can always add in a few other valuable extras they can keep and treasure.


3. Introducing your workplace culture

Every company has a way they operate, so you could include items that showcase your business's values and cultures to make the transition easier. For instance, if you encourage green initiatives, a grower's kit would make a nice addition to the welcome gift box.


4. Encouraging a loyal relationship

Onboarding boxes are usually an unexpected gift, and they’re the very first sign of caring about employees. They strengthen feelings of exclusivity and loyalty, especially if they include personalised items. They become a constant reminder of a fantastic first-day experience. 


Find The Ideal Welcome Box Ideas  At Gifts Australia

It's simple to give a token of welcome with a gift for a new employee to make them feel at home. Make your employees onboarding gifts extra special with some of the creative options at Gifts Australia. From personalised leather bags and new gadgets to multipurpose keychains, there’s something for every budget. You can also opt for one of our sensational gift hampers to get things started on a unique note. You're sure to send the right message to your company's newest member and reap those amazing benefits! 




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