The Modern Guide to Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

The only guide to couple's gifting you'll need


Weddings are a key event in any married couple’s life. They bring together friends and family to celebrate the happiness and joy of their love. It is wonderful if you have been invited to spend that memorable day with them, and it's only natural to want to give an unforgettable gift.


Wedding anniversaries are an important annual occasion on each married couple’s calendar, and generally, is spent in a significant way. Every couple has their own rituals that are symbolic and meaningful for them. Finding a gift to reflect how they feel can seem tricky, but we are here to help.


Here at Gifts Australia, we love to be part of the special moments in your life. That's why we have put together a guide to help you find a wedding or anniversary gift, no matter whether you are part of the happy couple or close to them.


The history of the traditional wedding and anniversary gift list


In 1937 the main Jewellery Association in the United States 'invented' the specific gifts for every year. We talk about a diamond anniversary (60th), golden (50th) and silver (25th) and so much of it stems from traditions started hundreds of years ago. A man would crown his wife with a silver or gold wreath on their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.


Times are changing and the traditional list now has a modern equivalent. Nowadays, there are more contemporary gifts for each year of marriage. Your first wedding anniversary requires a clock instead of paper, the second requires china instead of cotton, and the third, glass instead of leather. This continues for each year.


The modern guide to wedding and anniversary gifts


We believe there is one important thing to remember when it comes to your wedding anniversary—don’t forget it. In the end, it is the thought that counts. Choose your gifts with a bit of imagination based on the style and interests of the recipient.


Wedding gifts


To your future husband


Cheers to you and him. Pop the cork and celebrate yourselves, it is one of the biggest days in your life together. The Mr and Mrs Champagne Flute Set is a stunning addition to your wedding table and a keepsake gift to hold dear for years and anniversaries to come.


Mr & Mrs Champagne Flute Set


To your future wife


Your new life together starts after the party. Make your wedding night, and the many nights to follow, a cosy and fun one. The Hubby and Wifey Pillow Case Set is a cute novelty décor gift to for those who know life is best lived together with a smile on their faces.


Hubby & Wifey Pillow Case Set


To the happy couple


Leave a special message to the newlyweds with the Splosh Wedding Signature Frame. It is a beautifully designed present that is sure to become a treasured display in their home together.


As the parents of the bride or groom, you may wish to spend a bit more on their wedding gift. Consider giving them a truly remarkable experience, not only to create a first memory as a married couple, but also to tick an item off their bucket list. Our experience gifts are instant and available Australia-wide. Going on a wine country helicopter flight for two is a breathtaking way to start a truly magnificent marriage.


Wine Country Heli Flight For 2, NSW


Anniversary gifts


To your wonderful husband


If you love traditions, surprise your main man with the traditional anniversary theme idea of clock for your first anniversary. The practical and the stylish OOZOO Sport Watch is a stunning present that he will love.


Following the modern theme, paper is the way to go. Show him your funny side and surprise him with the How It Works: The Husband book. It's a fun gift to keep him smiling while learning what is expected of him.


How It Works: The Husband Ladybird Book


To your wonderful wife


First, marking the anniversary with flowers is the most important thing (trust us). Surprise her with a fresh bouquet of her favourite blooms. Whether it's roses, peonies, or native Australian flowers, she will cherish the gesture.


Don't forget her main present! The gorgeous ‘Lovin You’ Set with Swarovski Crystals embodies love in its purest form. This divine set will have her beaming and sparkling until at least the next anniversary.


This stunning leather clutch with a monogram and bonus leather keyring is another one of a kind gift to impress the missus. Suave and elegant, this present will become her favourite accessory for years to come.


Naturally Cool Tan Clutch With Monogram


To your children


There is nothing more important to a parent than seeing their children happy. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a great way to show them how proud you are of their happiness and success. Gifting them a shared experience like the 60 minute couple's massage shows your love and support, and will be greatly appreciated by your loved up child.


60min Couples Massage, SYD|MEL|BNE|ADL|PER|CAN


To the happy lovebirds


If you were part of the bridal party, remember to add the wedding date into your calendar so you can congratulate them personally or via card on an annual basis. For special friends, you might even want to go the extra mile and give them a present each year to show how pleased you are for them.


The Name a Star Gift Set is a very special way to celebrate a big milestone. What better way is there to celebrate love than with a literal star? This is a truly unforgettable gift.


Name A Star Gift Set


Make the special days extra special


No matter what the occasion, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift. Celebrate the magic of love and commitment with a gift that they will cherish for years to come. As Australia’s leading online gift store, we are backed by over a decade of experience delivering happiness right to your doorstep. We are confident you will find what you are looking for, even if you yourself don’t even know what that is yet.


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