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A Sneak Peek Of Our Latest Wiggles & Bluey Gifts


Kids always create intricate fantasies and storylines for their favourite toys. Nowadays, they don’t need to rely purely on their imagination. When they watch the many cool kids cartoons and children’s TV programmes available in Australia, it opens up a whole new world of stories and imaginative play for kids.  


Adding current TV themed gifts to your kids collection of girl toysand toys for boys makes them more relevant to kids' interests. One of the reasons TV merchandising is so popular is kids learn from their favourite characters’ many personalities and adventures. Then they act them out. The cultural impact of a hit children’s series is a huge marketing tool. In some cases, the show outlasts the products, but in others, the wonderful toys live on and on. 


We thought it would be interesting to delve deeper into the subject and showcase our sensational new Bluey gifts and Wiggles gifts. So, get ready to wallow in nostalgia or celebrate your favourite new shows. Not only are these popular kids show gifts and merchandise great fun, but they can also be educational. 

Wiggles Educational Gifts

5 Positive Reasons TV Is Not A Negative Thing For Kids


There is always a huge debate about television, but in moderation, it’s an important part of their lives. From the magic of superheroes to cute imaginary animal characters, it provides a fully immersive experience. Through positive TV shows, kids create their own fantastical bubble of adventure. It can reinforce healthy emotions and teach them vital social skills. 

Plus, here are five more good reasons it can have a positive influence: 

  • Entertainment TV shows keep children wholly engaged, help to teach them skills, and let them have some amazing fun. 
  • Educational programmes or cartoons can inspire kids to take appropriate action and employ constructive everyday behaviours.
  • Travel and sports shows encourage participation, and learning about new pastimes enhances social learning and development. 
  • Music, crafts, drawing and painting will stimulate little minds and inspire kids to get interested and actively creative. 
  • A nice, healthy dose of popular kids TV works wonders with their mood and helps to protect them from everyday stresses. 


Why Is Merchandise Such A Big Factor In Children’s TV? 


Kids TV gifts and merchandise have become such a massive influence that it’s the first thought when designing new characters and shows. You may think they’re cute and cuddly, but they’re actually part of the ruthless and lucrative world of brand licensing. Teletubbies is a prime example where, in the late nineties, a TV brand went truly global for the first time. Today, toys are a big part of the revenue, and characters are created to be well-loved and resilient. 


Kids TV Show Gifts Make Loveable, Long-lasting Gifts


When you fall in love with adorable characters or become a die-hard fan of a TV show, watching it just isn’t enough. Think about all the grown-up Star Wars fans out there! We find ways to be involved and immerse ourselves beyond just rewatching old episodes. 


TV-inspired merchandise is popular because it provides us with ways to live and breathe the show. It’s exactly the same with kids - only they get more creative! Kids TV show toys are a popular way to extend favourite stories and characters into their everyday lives. Along with toys comes a whole range of books, costumes, accessories, stationery and collectibles! 


Here at Gifts Australia, we carry a creative range of TV show gifts and merchandise. We choose them carefully to be packed with entertainment and educational opportunities, making them the perfect gifts for mini die-hard fans. So without further ado, please welcome our newest Wiggles gifts and Bluey gifts for kids that make the perfect toys for toddlers

Emma Wiggle Doll

These Wiggles Gift Ideas Are Packed With Energy


We’re sure you know The Wiggles as they have been delighting Australian fans for three decades. But if you’re new to parenthood, this fun show is geared up for babies and older toddlers. Their show is packed full of music, songs and easy dances, with an energy that educates at the same time. It’s perfectly summed up in the catchphrase, “Children are their inspiration, education their goal and music is their way”.


If you’re searching for fabulous Wiggles gift ideas, then we have everything from a chunky first learning tablet to a fun flip and learn phone. For everyday practical use, you will find cute Wiggles drinking bottles and lunch boxes. Or why not treat them to an Emma Wiggle gift set or one of their educational books? They’re guaranteed to inspire creativity with activity books, sound books and chart sticker books to choose from.


Parents Will Love Bluey Gifts As Much As Kids


Bluey is insanely popular, and although it’s aimed at 5 to 7-year-olds, parents love it just as much. It follows an inexhaustible and cute Blue Heeler dog, who manages to turn family life into funny and extraordinary adventures. It’s warm, surprising and heartfelt. If you haven’t watched it yet, the award-winning animation series has just been greenlit for a third season of even more fun and games. 


Spend many happy hours with the Bluey range of heartwarming, fun, bright board books. Bluey merchandise makes the perfect gifts for both parents and kids to share afternoon or bedtime giggles. Treat them to an entertaining puzzle lovers board book or one of the fun Bluey family adventures. With titles like The Pool, you just know something exciting and hilarious is going to happen.


Bluey Books


Iconic Names For The Nursery From Gifts Australia 


Whenever you visit Gifts Australia online you can be sure to find a fabulous range of new gift ideas for kids. We stay up to date with new trends and the most popular kids show gifts and merchandise. For babies, there are the latest colourful board books and stuffed toys based on TV shows. Plus, we have a whole range of iconic characters from Peter Rabbit to Paddington Bear gifts and books. 

Paddington Bear Toys

For toddlers and older kids, there are all the best family TV show games, useful accessories, educational toys and STEM toys. Lovable and expressive kids TV show gifts like these will be enjoyed each and every day and become much-loved family heirlooms. Go on - take an enchanting browse! 




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