Life-changing Sleep Gifts For Tired People

Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep And Gifts For Sweet Dreams


Sleep offers a delicious respite for most people, allowing the chance to recharge and wake refreshed and alert. When the day's work is over, it’s wonderful to sink into a comfortable bed with crisp, clean sheets and welcome the relaxing wonderland of sound sleep. But what about those that endure endless nights tossing and turning? You’re sure to know someone who has troubling getting to sleep, or staying asleep. If so, you’ll love our gift ideas for insomniacs and people who really need a good night’s sleep.


At times in our lives, we can all experience insomnia, so we can also appreciate thoughtful gifts that help us sleep peacefully. Sure, everyone loves to receive chocolates or the latest tech gadgets as a gift, but they will adore a sleep gift even more. They will thank you in the morning when they wake up rested and full of energy!


The struggle for a good night’s sleep is very real, which is why the team at Gifts Australia has rounded up the best ideas to encourage a better night’s sleep. These presents will increase zzz's, up the comfort factor, or drown out the noise. So, help your loved ones drift off into dreamland with the gift of good quality rest. Gifts for better sleep are the best things you can give to a tired and stressed out friend. 


Why Is Quality Sleep So Important For Good Health?


Getting a good night's sleep is actually vital to our general health and wellbeing. Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, and younger people need even more. Sleep affects the way we function, and our mental and physical health, in ways we are only just slowly beginning to understand fully. It also greatly determines our everyday moods and energy levels. 


Our brains are very active during sleep, and we pass through five distinct stages. Each complete sleep cycle takes between 90 to 110 minutes and includes the all-important, deep REM sleep where we dream the most. The first REM sleep stage usually happens around 70 to 90 minutes after we first fall asleep. These important sleep cycles continue all night, with long periods of deep sleep, until we awake naturally.


It’s easy to see that if these natural cycles are constantly interrupted for any reason, the result is stressful. Without a proper night’s rest, or the ability to catch up during the day, it’s not long before we start to feel exhausted. Memory, concentration, bodily functions, and energy levels can all be compromised. Above all, we just don’t feel good! That’s where gifts to help you sleep can come to the rescue.


Inventive Life-Saving Gifts For People Who Have Trouble Sleeping


So, giving the magical gift of relaxing sleep improves our quality of life in numerous ways. We are all about celebrating the fabulous feeling of a serious snooze. So, we’ve curated a list of ideas for gifts for tired people that will help them wind down, feel calm, cosy and de-stressed. Good sleep gifts will create a relaxing environment to help them fall asleep peacefully and wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed. 


The Light Sleeper

Getting a night of quality sleep comes down to controlling the level of heat, sound and light. Any one of these in excess can cause light sleepers to wake easily. So think about gifts that will help, like ear muffs and sleep buds, silky eye masks or a blackout blind. When it’s cold, luxury fleece pyjamas and fluffy bed socks make great gifts, with cool organic cotton for warmer nights.


Sleep mask and sleep well gift set


The Comfort Seeker

Soft memory foam or heated pillows and luxurious throws are ideal gifts to help someone sleep. Silky sheets are fabulous all year round and an effective way to regulate body temperature. Light layers mean you can kick them off if you get too warm, and weighted blankets are known to improve sleep for many. Remember, the best colour for sleep is thought to be calming blue! 


heat pillow for sleep


The Stressed Worrier 

For anyone who can’t wind down and stop their mind from racing, a diary or dream journal can do the trick. They can write down thoughts and ‘to do’ lists that prevent them nodding off. Getting some well-deserved shut-eye also means developing a screen-free routine. Short story collections are excellent sleep aid gifts, as they can be read every night when winding down.  

Journal Diary

The Mood-Sensitive

Dim, non-white lighting is a must for preparing for sleep and encourages our whole system to relax. An evening ritual like using candlelight primes our bodies, and aromatherapy diffusers with essential oils create a calming mist. We think a soothing galaxy projector that will run through the night and create a heaven of comforting stars is a beautiful gift to help sleep too. 


light projector and speaker


The Busy Bee 

For anyone constantly on the go, a warm shower or bath at bedtime is a sure way to improve sleep patterns. Calming sets of luxury bath and body essentials or relaxing bath soaks are just some of the wellness gifts for sleep you can choose. Foot spas and massage oils will help them unwind from the strains of the day, or gel moisturising socks and gloves will leave them feeling oh-so relaxed. 


Bath Soak


The Over Anxious

Vetivert, chamomile, and lavender can all help soothe busy minds when our heads hit the pillow. Their sleepy power can override the stresses of life. Lavender essential oils and pillow sprays make superb gifts for people who can't sleep due to anxiety. Pampering gift baskets full of soothing scents and little treats are an indulgent way to soothe away the worries that prevent them from drifting off to sleep.


Sleep Candle


The Racing Mind

Of all the creative sleep-related gifts, a meditation or sleep app with soothing content can make an amazing difference. Or what about a white noise machine? They produce blanketing white noise, with fan sounds to focus and calm a racing mind. Learning to meditate can be a great way to calm the mind, wind down and relax before going to bed. Inspire them to find a relaxation technique that works, and then encourage them to practise it regularly.  

learn to meditate

The Tech Tired

Today’s technology is one reason many find it difficult to drift off, but it can be used in a positive way. Any kind of sleep tracker that measures heart and respiratory rate can help identify any issues. They measure how long it takes to fall asleep, REM sleep, and how many times you wake up. In general, staying off devices for at least an hour before bed can aid in a perfect night’s sleep! 

So, instead of putting up with the tossing and turning, or watching your friend struggle with not getting enough sleep, start by creating a new bedtime routine with a wellness gift to encourage a restful night's sleep,




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