Gifts For Guys With Expensive Tastes

The Burning Question - What Do You Get A Bougie Guy?

Ask most people, and you'll get the same answer. Men are spectacularly challenging to shop for. Choosing gifts for guys with expensive taste can be even more difficult since they rarely say exactly what they would like. Plus, it gets even more complicated when you're looking for the ideal present for a man who's just a little bit bougie!


There are so many special occasions where you need to find something small (or big) to help him celebrate. If you need a hefty dose of inspiration, the team at Gifts Australia has curated this handy list of fab gifts for guys with expensive taste, just for you. These luxury gift ideas are perfect to surprise a bougie boyfriend with something unforgettable. 


How do you know if you're shopping for a bougie guy?

If he's VERY into designer coffee, he turned his nose up at that epic stubbie holder you got him last year, and won't be seen dead in the latest Everlast trackies from Kmart, that's a sign he's heading into bougie lifestyle territory! There's nothing wrong with being bougie. He's clearly just someone who likes to indulge in some of the luxuries and comforts of a fancy lifestyle. It just means you need to step up your lavish gifting game with something that will make him feel like a million dollars, even if it didn't quite cost that much.


To mark a milestone, celebrate a promotion, a graduation, or significant life event warrants an exceptional gift for him. We think it’s a great time to choose some stylish high end gifts for him to splurge on for the men in your life. Think of these expensive gifts as an investment in their happiness and wellbeing!


What Are Extravagant Gifts That Are Worth Buying?

Finding high-end gift ideas for guys is an entirely different beast. Beware of cluttering his life with classic “dude” gear or the old traditional favourites. When you're looking for exceptional gifts for him, think one-of-a-kind, function, taste, and style. Here are a few small pointers to help you get planning:


  • Get started early - give yourself enough time to look for the ideal lavish gift ideas. This way, if you’re ordering online or getting a customised item, it'll arrive right on time. 

  • Look for inspiration - always do your research on the guy who appreciates real luxury! Know his likes and dislikes, how he spends his spare time, and what luxury means to him.  

  • Be patient - don't jump at the first expensive gift you come across. Browse around and select a variety to choose from, then pick the most appropriate gift to splurge on.


6 Lavish Gift Ideas For Guys With Expensive Taste

The key to success in finding a gift he will be delighted with is giving him a little taste of luxury and pleasure. Most men have an obsession, so there’s always the opportunity of indulging in his favourite pastimes. Whether it’s tech, sport, travel, or just enjoying a really great cup of coffee, there’s a bevy of sophisticated gifts to invest in.

Here's our shortlist of top high-end lavish gifts to make him feel like a million dollars: 


1. Sophisticated gifts for sophisticated guys

One of the best gifts for any man who appreciates real luxury is something unique they can put on display. It could be for the office, men's home & outdoor, or even their car. A gift to show off or something that is a talking point will always impress. A chic gold and black world globe is a perfect choice for adventurers. There’s something for every personality, like a luxe chess set, a dual weather station or top quality steak knives for entertaining friends. They get to show their classiness, and you get all the praise! 


Columbus Black & Gold Globe


2. For the wine snob or drinks connoisseurs

If the guy you're gifting loves to show their expertise creating bespoke drinks, then it's worth splurging on a more expensive gift for his home bar or wine accessories. Whether he’s a certified mixologist or amateur wine enthusiast, there’s a range of expensive gifts for him. Pair premium whiskey with an innovative BBQ smoker, or treat him to an impressive timber whiskey barrel. From a quality wine decanter, to a beer tower or cocktail shaker set, there’s something he will love.


Ardbeg Whisky & BBQ Smoker Gift Set


3. Stylish accessories for his travel adventures

When it comes to gifts for bougie boyfriends, must-have fashion accessories are high on the list. Look for something functional, classic, and stylish that will stand the test of time. Quality pure leather options like an on-trend messenger bag or a beautifully styled overnight bag are the ultimate in luxury gifting. You can also kit him out with a whole range of personalised monogrammed accessories from a Macbook case to luggage and travel sets. If you're planning a trip together, then beautiful leather travel bags are almost as good as flying first class.


Men's Leather Overnight Bag With Personalised Monogram


4. Champagne never goes out of style

Whether it's to celebrate or unwind, a premium bottle of bubbly always makes an impression. Nothing says bougie lifestyle quite like a bottle of Moët! Champagne is one of those fabulous gifts to splurge on that even guys with expensive taste will appreciate. If you want a gift to make him feel ultra luxe, keep an eye out for limited editions or choose something extraordinary like a gift-boxed Moët 2013 Grand Vintage. Or pair it with gourmet food in a decadent and delicious gourmet hampers. It’s a good expensive gift for your boyfriend as you can share it!


Moët 2013 Grand Vintage Champagne In Gift Box


5. Gifts to lounge in for some pampering R&R  

Even guys who have everything love getting pampered, especially after a hard week at work. Not many would think about visiting a spa, so give him something to help him get into his zen space. With a manly relaxation hamper, he can simultaneously lounge in luxury and enjoy his favourite tipple. A luxury hamper for men is an indulgence that will make him feel like a million dollars. They’re not the most expensive gifts, but they’re certainly the most luxurious. 


Men's Relax & Indulge Hamper


6. Top shelf drinks for the home bar connoisseur

For any man who loves his bar and relaxed entertaining at home, choosing gifts for guys with expensive taste is easy. Pick posh top-shelf drinks, alcohol gifts, and accessories to add to their collection and impress guests. A divinely smooth Hennessy VSOP cognac or aged amber whiskey is always a thrilling gift to remember. Pair it with an elegant crystal decanter set, or add some deluxe diamond glasses for the ultimate touch of expensive luxury. Genuine waterford crystal is a bougie gift for a housewarming if you want to impress.

Waterford Brady Crystal Decanter Set

Find Exceptional Gifts For Him At Gifts Australia

Don't let the search for gifts for guys with expensive taste make your stress levels soar. Take your time browsing through Gifts Australia's vast selection of inspiring gift ideas. We guarantee you'll come across the best gifts for the man who appreciates real luxury. There’s everything from premium high-end gifts to luxe budget-friendly treats in our range of gifts for boyfriends. Surprise him with bespoke items, uniquely pampering goodies and personalised presents! 




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