Gardening Gifts For Mums Who Love To Garden

The Best Mother's Day Gardening Gifts For Mum

If your mum's happy place is her garden, whether it's her backyard oasis, her vegie patch, or her stunning array of indoor plants, then you'll be happy to know that there are heaps of Mother's Day gardening gifts you can delight her with this year. For a mum who loves to potter around the garden doing all manner of things from weeding to watering, and pruning to planting, or just sitting and gazing at her green garden haven, then you're in luck with this gift list!


Make mum's garden grow and show her how much you care by choosing plant lover gifts to add to her happy place. If your mum can't help but buy new plants to add to her garden, then these gorgeous gardening gifts for Mother's Day are just the things she need.


What do you get a plant lover for Mother's Day?

Plant loving mums are the easiest to shop for. Order gardening gifts for Mother's Day that will help her tend to her garden or keep her growing collection of houseplants happy. A garden loving mum with a small space will be delighted with thriving plants and ideas for creating an indoor garden. And garden tools and accessories are always a winner.

With a plant care kit, mum's plants will thrive and live their best lives, and so will she!


The Plant Lover's Essentials Kit

The Plant Lover's Essentials Kit - $45



What are good gardening books for mum?

Books about gardening are a great idea for new plant inspiration. We have a range of different books about gardening that mum would love. These cover how to grow cacti, vegie gardens, indoor plants, and plant décor. Our top pick is:


Decorating With Plants Book

Decorating With Plants Book - $40


What do you give for Mother's Day instead of flowers?

Instead of giving flowers that will wilt and die, give your mum living plants or gardening gifts for Mother's Day. She'll love surrounding herself with more plants or tending to her treasured collection of favourites with indoor plant pots or garden care gifts. We know your mum will think gardening gifts for Mother's Day are even better than flowers! Adding greenery with house plants and indoor gardens is a great mood booster.


Self-Watering Ribbed Glass Pot

Self-Watering Ribbed Glass Pot - $28



What are useful gardening gifts for mum?

If mum is happiest getting her hands dirty while pottering around her vegie garden, then fun and fabulous gardening gloves are sure to brighten her day. Any kind of new garden tool, or plant care gift is fab.


Spring Bloom Gardening Gloves

Spring Bloom Gardening Gloves - $29


What are unique gardening gifts for a plant lover?

If mum love plants and is looking for a new hobby, then propagating cuttings is a fun, low-impact, and energising hobby to start. A stylish wooden indoor plant propagation station is a unique gardening gift mum would love.


Plant Propagation Station

Plant Propagation Station - $35


Inspiration For Every Mum At Gifts Australia


We love finding new ideas to spoil mums on Mother's Day. For every type of mum, we know you'll find the perfect Mother's Day gift for a mum, grandma, aunt, or favourite female figure. Browse our complete range, or shop our latest gardening gifts for mums who love their garden.




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