Break The Ice With Gifts For Your Crush

How To Reveal Yourself With Subtle Spontaneous Crush Gifts

Have you got a heart-stopping crazy crush on someone? Then we know exactly how you feel and how hard it is to get the balance right. A crush doesn't understand why you find yourself tongue-tied or blush from head to foot. You don’t want to go overboard and ruin a friendship, but you do want to make a romantic effort. 


That’s when learning how to break the ice with gifts for your crush boy can do the trick. When you’re getting to know someone, it's so important that you show your personality. Being yourself translates directly to what you do, and a small gift speaks volumes when you can’t find the words. 


We’re here to help with how to get creative and some alternatives for simple gifts for a crush you can use in a heartfelt feelings reveal.


How Do You Break The Ice With Your Crush?

When you’re crushing on someone, it can be super scary to show your feelings, but why not seize the day? Sometimes you just have to make the first move and wait to see what happens. After all, your crush isn’t a mind reader. 


The best way to get some perspective and gift ideas is by talking to your besties. Tell them about what you talk about together and what your crush texts you. Friends can always provide input since it’s hard to be objective when you can’t think straight. 


To help, here are our top 7 tips on how to act and break the ice without losing your cool. 


  1. Spend as much time with them as you can, as long as they are comfortable. Sit with them at lunch or after work and ask if they want to join you and your friends hanging out.  

  2. Always try to be yourself in whatever way you choose to flirt with your crush. Don’t make the mistake of pretending to be someone you’re not or liking things you actually hate.  

  3. Don’t force the conversation, and stay open and honest with your crush, especially about your feelings. It’s not cool to play games when you want to get closer to your soulmate.  

  4. There’s nothing more confusing to guys than when people play mind games. Trying to make them insecure or jealous can complicate things and even drive your crush away. 

  5. If you’re together, always look at your crush directly, especially if they’re sitting across the table. Try to maintain this vital eye contact throughout the conversation. 

  6. Learn to listen intently and not keep talking because you’re nervous. Ask your crush questions about themselves, stay engaged, and file away what they say for the future! 

  7. Your crush will appreciate it if you find out about things they love doing or care about. Do your homework well, and it will really help you get to know them. 


Is It Okay To Give Your Crush A Gift?

Once you’ve exhausted all your subtle, discreet gestures to grab your crush’s attention, it’s time for some serious action. There are only so many ways you can gaze at them lovingly or compliment their tastes or outfits! Treating them to a small crush gift is perfectly acceptable and might just move the relationship forward. 


Subtle gifts for a crush, especially on their birthday, shows them you care and can mean a lot to them. But, make sure to keep it light and friendly with something inexpensive to avoid embarrassment. If you have any doubts, then don’t. There will always be another opportunity in the coming months. But, generally, cheap gifts for guys are a good way to make a simple gesture without going overboard. Regardless of age, you could also browse our range of gifts for teen boys for low-key ideas that all work well as simple gifts to break the ice.


Original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker


What Is The Best Gift For A Crush?

Your gifts for a guy crush should be small in monetary value but big and bold in meaning. Remember, there’s a good chance they have no idea about your feelings. To choose thoughtful gifts for a crush, think about their likes, especially shared interests. Here are some crush gift ideas that will show you’ve been paying attention!


  • Personalised items are good gifts for a crush if they’re not flashy or too expensive. Convey your feelings with a keyring or a leather men's wallet monogramed with his initials. 

  • Treat your crush to an inspirational book or one about his favourite interest. There’s books for men about everything from camping and cooking to cute books about dogs or comical takes on insults and swearing! 

  • Get to know your crush’s fave drink and surprise him with barware or a unique gadget. With the latest beer cooling beer glasses, cocktail shaker or wine aerator, he’s never going to forget you. 

  • You could choose a fun group board game to play with friends. This would give your crush the opportunity to invite you over for a casual games night, or at least provide a conversation starter in future.

Star Wars Trivia

  • If he’s more the outdoor kind or always on the go, think about what floats his boat. Men's home & outdoor gift ideas like a reusable coffee cup, chic lunch box, beach towel or fun outdoor survival kit are all great crush gifts.

  • Crushes love their man caves, so find out what that unique space is filled with. Impress him with a dartboard, retro punch machine game, perpetual calendar cubes or even an iPad bed.

  • If your crush loves nothing more than a shared joke, find something to cause a seriously big grin. Novelty gifts can be anything from a ‘cheers mate’ bottle opener to an IQ Mensa challenge.

  • When you’ve found yourself a geeky crush, focus firmly on what makes them a nerd. Choose something utterly unique and quirky like a caffeine molecule mug or a fun movie memo game. 

  • If you’re determined to make a romantic gesture, an indulgent hamper for him with luxury snacks or gourmet food is a thoughtful crush gift. If you go all out, be aware you’re sure to get a reaction! 


Wood Chip Smoker Box In Stainless Steel


Ease Those Butterflies In Your Stomach At Gifts Australia 

There are never any specific timings for mutual feelings to develop with your crush, so just enjoy the feelings. You can browse Gifts Australia for low key gift ideas and inspiration whenever you like. There’s every type of gifts for your crush boy to create a little excitement and encourage the spark of romance. Remember, making the right move at the right time and giving the right gift is very likely to be a game-changer!


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