10 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas You Can Do With The Kids

Simple Yet Magical Christmas Decorations That Kids Will Love Making


Christmas inspires different emotions within everyone, especially kids. The festive season holds exciting promise this year with a break from school and the stress of the past year. With fewer restrictions and the chance to spend time with extended family, share gifts, and make merry, many families are looking for ideas to get into the festive spirit. The best part is that in most cases the festivities can begin as early as the first day of December as families decorate their Christmas tree and start to hang their decorations.


As the December revelries get started, we at Gifts Australia can't wait to start decorating the house and get the whole family involved with fun and easy Christmas craft for kids. So, set aside the schoolwork and bring out the art and craft accessories. Make sure they don’t miss out on a minute’s fun by indulging in making your own Christmas decoration with craft ideas for kids! Enjoy our Christmas inspired list of quick Christmas crafts ideas for preschoolers and big kids.


Fun Activities And Easy Xmas Craft Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

In case you have no idea where to begin to get into the festive spirit, don't worry. We've got ten suggestions for fantastic, engaging, yet simple Christmas crafts to make. They will help you get the mood merrier and the house more cheery, just in time for the upcoming festive celebrations. For crafty kids, you'll also find a range of craft kits for kids perfect for Christmas.


1. Snowflake Coasters

Since Christmas in Australia happens in the summer, drinks are a guaranteed staple at any time of the day. Adorn the table with snowflake-shaped coasters made out of pipe cleaners. To do this, cut long pipe cleaner strips to create the frame. Then, cut shorter pieces which you'll stick on the frame to make different sized branches for your wintery snowflake coasters. 


2. Felt Decorations and Faux Christmas Lights

Felt is great for Christmas craft. For preschoolers, keep it simple with a string of faux Christmas lights. The kids can cut out big felt lights which you can string up outside your doorframes. You can also create smaller paper lights that can be hung across different walls in the house. These will add a lovely colourful touch to your home during the day, both indoors and outdoors. To make this fun for bigger kids, cut out a variety of Christmas themed felt shapes like stockings, Christmas trees, Santa, reindeers, stars, and candy canes. Hang them from coloured string and drape around the room. 


Easy Christmas Craft


3. DIY Garlands

Garlands are one of the most popular Christmas decorations you'll come across. When looking for quick Christmas crafts for preschoolers, try making different gorgeous designs. You can have a Christmas tree garland, where you attach brightly coloured paper trees to a piece of long twine. Or why not create leaf and berry garlands from construction paper? Make small leaves from green paper and stick red paper berries on them, creating a long festive wreath.


4. Advent Calendars

Keeping track of the festivities through the use of an advent calendar turns every day into a special surprise. A DIY advent calendar can be as simple as a piece of paper glued over some coloured cardstock. Decorate both pages with Christmas themes. Mark the date on the facing page and cut out little doors that fold back to reveal a special family activity listed on the cardboard. The Lovely Book Of Lettering will teach your kids how to get creative with their graphic designs. Older kids will enjoy creating a 3D gingerbread house advent calendar to decorate your mantlepiece using either Balsa wood or cardboard. Cut out four square or rectangular shapes for the roof and two side walls, as well as two pencil-shaped pieces to make the front and back of the house. Once these house frames are complete, stick cotton wool or white confetti on the roofs and along the base to look like snow. Mark the dates using a marker, and add some little treats!


Christmas craft ideas


5. Glow In The Dark Snow Globes

To create fascinating Christmas crafts for toddlers, try making fluorescent snow globes. You'll need a jar with a watertight lid, a cut-out foam snowman, glue, glitter, and flat tonic water. Pour the tonic water and glitter into the pot and stick the snowman on the underside of the lid. Close the container, with the snowman inside, then use a backlight to make a spectacular display in any dark room.


6. Custom Stockings

Let all the family design and create their own fun Christmas stockings this year. Pick some large socks and bring out the craft tools! Let everyone join in and colour, paint, add ribbons, or even bejewel their stockings to suit their style! Order some colourful Mess-Free Dot Paints to create your own paper Christmas trims to add to your Christmas stockings. Hang them near the tree to make Christmas morning even more thrilling for the kids.


Christmas Stocking Craft Ideas


7. Mini Christmas Trees

Even without a real Christmas tree, you can still create the festive mood by adding variations of mini DIY pine trees around the house. You can even create ribbon Christmas trees by tying varying lengths of green, red and white ribbon around a stick. Start by connecting the longer strands at the bottom before gradually reducing the ribbon length to create a uniform looking tree.


8. DIY Wreaths

Create cheery Christmas cards with sparkly pasta wreaths. To do this, get the kids to paint bow tie pasta green, and sprinkle some glitter to make them shiny. Once they’re dry, stick them in a circle on top of coloured cardboard or glitter paper. Add a festive red bow and ribbons at the bottom to complete the wreath! Or for a more traditional Xmas wreath, kids can simply twist coloured ribbon or tinsel around textured foliage or pine circles for an easy, no-mess Christmas craft activity. 


Easy Christmas Craft Ideas


9. Bottle Top Snowmen

Make use of old soda bottle tops to create tiny snowmen. You'll need to stick together three bottle tops on ribbon for each snowman. Draw the facial features on the top bottle cap and add a fun hat if you want. Add a scarf and green, red or white buttons to the middle cap. Then get creative with confetti or glitter to give each snowman a unique Christmas coloured look.


10. DIY Reindeers

For easy and cute Christmas decorations for much younger kids, try handprinted deer designs. They can dip their thumb into brown paint and stamp card, paper, windows, or even plain baubles. Once the paint has dried, you can draw the reindeers’ eyes, horns, and a bright red nose onto each thumbprint. Or repurpose Christmas card envelopes by gluing on googly eyes, a button nose, and reindeer antlers to create simple DIY Christmas decorations.


Easy kids Christmas Crafts


Bring Out Your Child's Creativity With Craft Ideas From Gifts Australia


Take the season's festivities to a different level with these lovely kid-friendly Christmas craft options. The best part about them is that you can do them at home, enabling you to keep your loved ones safe while you enjoy their company. Just ensure you have all the necessary art and craft supplies before you begin and you're good to go! These homemade decorations and Christmas accessories also make the most wonderful personal gifts for the family which you can pop in their Christmas gift hampers as an extra surprise. Grandparents will love them. 


The fun doesn’t have to stop once Christmas is over. Inspire your kids to get creative in the New Year with our 365 Days of Creativity Book. You can find lots of great craft ideas and inspiration for kids gifts and craft supplies at Gifts Australia. There's something Christmassy for everyone here at Gifts Australia! Shop our range of creative gifts everyone in the family will enjoy.




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