Best Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas For The Bookworms


We all know someone who loves to read, but are they a bookworm? You can typically spot a bookworm from a mile away!


Here at Gifts Australia, we think it’s easy, but here are a couple of pointers if you are unsure if your friend, work colleague or family member is a true book lover!

  • They have their noses stuck into a book or kindle at every opportunity 
  • They get so very giddy and excited about new books
  • They spend forever deciding which books to take on a trip
  • They refuse to leave the house without something to read
  • They start reading at every opportunity - from waiting rooms to the loo! 
  • They lose all sense of time when reading so they’re often late
  • They are passionate about everything to do with books


Do you recognise someone you know on our list? You probably do, and if so, the team here have some inspiring books and gift ideas for bookworms of all ages you will love to give. Pick one of these great present ideas for bookaholics that would make wonderful non chocolate Easter gifts for everyone in the family.


Our list includes:


  • Personalised gifts - how about a ‘bookworm’ bracelet or necklace?
  • Bookmarks - ones with reading quotes or the reader’s name on them
  • Kindle or iPad holders - from lazy holders to trendy bean bags
  • Subscriptions - personalised online book subscriptions or clubs 
  • Fun gifts - try ‘I am reading socks’ or tees and sweatshirts with book quotes
  • Thermos mugs - keep their cup of coffee warm while they’re reading
  • Typographical wall art - with well-known quotes from books or authors


Inspirational Books


Are Bookworms Today Considered Nerds? No, They Are Not!


Buying a gift for a book lover is always a fun experience because they enjoy them so much. At one time, a bookworm was stereotyped and thought of as someone who had few social skills. They liked to closet themselves away with their books, wore glasses, and didn’t go to many parties. Recognise these stereotypes? 


Reading is a popular pastime for young and old. Celebrity support of books and reading has triggered a significant rethink on how we see our book-loving friends and relatives. Jay-Z, Donald Glover, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson, and Will Smith are just some of the stars that openly discuss their love of books. A few of them even host their own digital bookclubs, opening up the diverse world of books to everyone. 


Australia has several exciting book clubs that everyone can join virtually or digitally. They include the Australian Bookclub by Avid Readers or @babbling books and @crazybooklady on Instagram—also a great way of finding new and exciting books for readers. It’s easy to share your love of books with others online and around the world.


The Wide World Of Book Gifts For Book Lovers


While book gifts for someone who loves to read might be the best present ever, it can sometimes be a little bit difficult selecting the perfect book to give. Unless you know they haven’t read a particular book or one they want to own, you can get overwhelmed with gift ideas for book lovers. There are so many different genres and novels within each; it can be quite confusing, even if you’re a bookworm yourself. Consider buying re-published books as avid readers are often happy to add new covers to their collection and love to re-read old favourites.


It might seem a cop-out, but a gift voucher to purchase their choice of book-related items is thoughtful and one of the best presents for book lovers. This way, they can buy that little known book by a favourite author that no-one else knows about. You can always give them the gift of money too. Perusing books to buy is the second-best fun after reading. Far from being a cop-out gift, a voucher can sometimes be the top present for a book lover of any age or sex. 


Unique, Fun Ideas For Best Gifts For Book Lovers


If you know they are planning a lazy Easter long weekend curled up with a good book, then choosing the right book to gift is not your only option for a bookworm. There are many other memorable, useful or amazing gifts for booklovers that aren't books, and that cover every budget. Have you thought of a handy insulated mug or a rechargeable book light? Any way of enhancing the enjoyment of getting lost in the written word is a great gift. Another popular gift for readers is a mix of nibbles and wine; nothing quite beats a sweet hamper when you want some indulgent alone time with your books. Others can include a comfy throw or cushion to lean on while reading or perusing which book to buy. These are also all great Mothers Day gift ideas for mum.


Comic books are increasingly popular with all ages, from the classic The Kookaburra to modern style anime and manga. Among the best gifts for comic-book lovers are prints of their particular favourites or pop culture collectibles featuring their favourite series. Or the Marvel Expanding Universe Book gift for teenagers that folds out into a massive wall poster. 


Comic Book Gift Ideas


Remember that a love for books stretches to far more than just novels. Practical books and how-to-do books are also great reads. Gifting cookery books, inspirational books, quirky books about outlandish beers or places to visit are fun to give and even better to receive. If your favourite bookworm has another pastime—if they have time for one—then a book on that hobby would be well-received. You can find everything from wine books to the best places to camp


Many people might not read or carry a book or reading app around with them, but they still love books. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea for bookworms on the go, then consider some headphones or a mini Bluetooth speaker. Audible books are an excellent alternative for busy people, and you could even gift a subscription to to expand their reading options.


Let’s Not Forget The Potential Bookworms - Children


Getting our children into enjoying books and the written word starts almost from birth. Gifting baby and toddler books will create happy memories and a life-long fondness for books and reading. Many choices are available, from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to popular favourites like Peter Rabbit, Possum Magic by Mem Fox, the Roald Dahl Treasury or the classic Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay. Giving a child the gift of books is the start of a lifetime of pleasure. 

Possum Magic Book and Toy Gift Set

Books for kids are also great gifts for Easter to fill their holidays full of fun. You can even give travel activity books to entertain on those long road trips. In the words of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”




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