What are the best baby bath toys available on the market today?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:24 July 2016 

When looking to select baby gifts, it is easy to get carried away by the huge number of cute little outfits and even larger number of cuddly toys that are available to buy for newborn babies today. New mums and dads are often inundated with these items which, although lovely to give and receive, offer limited or no use to the new arrival. If you choose to give a gift that is both fun and practical, it will be able to be enjoyed by baby for much longer and it will also be appreciated by the newborn’s parents. One such example of great baby gifts at Gifts Australia is baby bath toys. Let us explain why:

Baby’s bathtime is a very special time for new parents where they get to spend some quality one-to-one time with their new bundle of joy. This daily ritual that often takes place toward the end of a busy day, is a chance to unwind and relax, and often involves songs or stories designed to get the new baby to adjust from daytime to bedtime. As babies become more aware of their surroundings, playtime in the bath becomes a great way to encourage them to develop new skills without them even being aware of it. Grabbing toys or reaching for bubbles promotes motor skills, and they can learn to distinguish different colours, sounds, and textures.

Best Baby Bath Toys

As babies grow into toddlers, playing with bathtime toys can assist them in developing literacy and numeracy too, as well as helping to distinguish differences by sorting toys into shapes or sizes. Their active minds will soon be making up stories about their bathtime companions and if the bath toy squirts water or makes sounds, so much the better! (sorry mum!) So choosing bath time toys as baby gifts is a great idea, and luckily Gifts Australia has some wonderful bath toys available. One very Important thing to consider when buying anything for babies is safety, so please don’t be tempted to buy cheap products from unrecognized brands, as these may contain toxic materials or small parts that can be dangerous to babies and small children. All the baby gifts at Gifts Australia are carefully chosen with little people’s safety in mind.

Bath Squirts Toys - Jungle Theme These four cute jungle animals are from the Alex Rub-a-Dub range and are perfectly sized for little hands to grip and enjoy. Presented in a handy see-through presentation bag which will assist in keeping the bathroom tidy too, these four little squirting toys are suitable for babies from 6 months, and great for toddlers too. Soft and colourful, this tiger, elephant, parrot, and crocodile will make great bath time companions for youngsters and turn routine bath times into great adventures. Perfect as baby gifts for newborns, as birthday gifts or at Christmas time.

It is never too early to get kids interested in nature and wildlife, and you can certainly start them at a young age with this great Bugs in the Tub Toy Set! Aimed at babies and toddlers from age two, this set from Alex Toys comprises three cute “bugs” (one of them is actually a snail, but we’ll let that pass) and a colourful little net to catch them in as they float around in the bathtub. The net has a handle that is specially designed to be gripped easily by little hands, and the bright colours will make the bugs easy to see once they have been released amongst the water and bubble bath foam. Bugs in the Tub is certified as phthalate free for extra peace of mind (phthalates are a potentially harmful substance sometimes added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity), and we know that this great baby gift will provide many hours of amusement.

Dirty Dogs Bath Toys allows your little ones to turn those dirty dogs into clean canines! Another great bath toy from the Alex Rub-a-Dub range, these three cute little pooches are covered in “dirt” that will magically disappear as they are washed in the bath. However, between one bath time and the next, they somehow seem to get dirty all over again, which means they cleaning ritual will need to be repeated! The set also includes a mini washcloth, drainer, and suction cup, so you’ll be all set to start the cleaning routine. The dogs even have the ability to squirt water, so bath time fun will be guaranteed.

Best Baby Toys

Another fun, safe and at the same time educational toy for kids is the Rainbow Pastel Stacker from Tolo. If you have a garden or yard the stacking cups will provide great fun either scooping sand or water and even help to build sand castles, and inside they can be stacked and played with safely too. Specially designed to be gripped by little hands, these delicately coloured plastic cups in different sizes are recommended for babies from 6 months upwards. All Tolo products are designed to offer the highest developmental benefits for children during their formative years, coupled with exceptionally high quality standards.

We hope that these suggestions for baby bath toys at Gifts Australia have given you some inspiration if you are looking to choose baby gifts for a new arrival in your family, or as birthday or Christmas presents for babies or toddlers. Don’t forget that Gifts Australia will send gifts Australia-wide if needed at the same flat rate, and postage is free when you end up spending $99 or more. So don’t delay and check out the range of baby bath toys and many other great baby gifts at Gifts Australia today.

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