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Novelty birthday gifts are always fun and certainly appreciated by recipients with a good sense of humour. If you have been looking for novelty birthday gifts, please check out our range below and discover some of the best birthday gifts in our collection today!

The Best Novelty Birthday Gifts at Gifts Australia!

Not quite sure which novelty birthday gifts are the best choice for your recipient? Don’t worry, because here you can find numerous birthday gift recommendations from our novelty range. Read on to discover the best novelty birthday gifts at Gifts Australia and choose a present your recipient will never forget.

Dapper Tequila Shot Glasses 

The Dapper Tequila Shot Glasses are not only fun to look at, because these shot glasses can be incredibly functional as well. If you often lose your glass at a party, the images on these shot glasses will help you keep tabs on your glass, ensuring that nobody else mistakes it for theirs and steals it. 

In addition to beautiful shot glasses, you will also find charms in our range of birthday gifts. These charms can be added to the base of your wine glass or champagne flute, ensuring everyone knows it is yours!

Build-a-Boombox Speaker

The Build-a-Boombox Speaker is the ideal present for any birthday party, because this amazing product can amplify the volume of your smartphone and increase the sound quality! Our Build-a-Boombox Speaker does not need any electricity, wires or batteries, because the technique is solely based on acoustics. Instead of messing around with technologies to get a good beat at your party, why not use the Build-a-Boombox speaker for quality sound that does not have to cost a lot?

Star Wars Gadget Decals

Star Wars has gotten a boost of popularity over the past year, mainly due to the release of the latest film in the saga. If you know someone who is a major Star Wars fan, then be sure to gift them these amazing Star Wars Gadget Decals! 

The Star Wars Gadget Decals can be used on most electronics. It is ideal on a black or white coloured laptop, smartphone or tablet, but other combinations are possible as well. Be sure to check out the decals in more detail to see some incredible options.

Baking Bad Book

We all know the TV series Breaking Bad, but what is the Baking Bad Book all about? The Baking Bad Book honours the legendary TV-show by incorporating the well-known recipes from the show; this includes the Apple & Banana Hank-Cake, Chocolate Gustavo Fingers and Ricin Crispy Cakes. 

The Baking Bad Book does not only a provide a wink to the Breaking Bad series, the recipes inside this book deliver some delicious treats as well. So if you know a die-hard fan of the Breaking Bad series, this amazing cook book cannot be missing from their collection.

Spin the Shot

Whether you need an awesome game for a hen night or a birthday, you can never go wrong with Spin the Shot. Spin the Shot is a basic game, where players turn the device to see who needs to drink the shot. Therefore, this game is easy to play for anyone aged 18 and older.

Even though Spin the Shot is a great game to play on its own, it is also possible to combine it with other games. Just combine this game with one of your favourite card games or board games and see how your party is taken to the next level.

Drinkopoly Drinking Game

Looking for another drinking game you can play at a birthday party? Then don’t skip the product description page of the Drinkopoly Drinking Game. Drinkopoly is a game that has been extremely popular in the UK for years, but Australians are picking up this game by the dozens as well now! 

The Drinkopoly Drinking Game can be bought for yourself, in case you are in need of some party entertainment. Of course, this game also makes a great gift for someone’s birthday! The game is designed for 6 players, but players can easily play in couples if you need to entertain a bigger group. Of course, you can also incorporate this game with the Spin the Shot game, and make the evening even more interesting.

Shark Head Ice Mould

When you are searching for birthday presents, you often want to incorporate some smaller bits and bobs to make the present even more special. There are numerous little gifts in our range, which includes the Shark Head Ice Mould. The Shark Head Ice Mould is an original present that will transform any drink into a genuine shark tank.

The ice mould is made from silicone rubber and can therefore withstand extreme temperatures. To make the shark head for your drink, simply add some water to the mould and place it in the freezer. If you intend to use a couple of these for your birthday party, please make sure you place a couple of these moulds in the freezer some time before the party, since the water needs some time to freeze.

Rugby Bottle Opener

The Rugby Bottle Opener is an outstanding present for men and women who are rugby fans. However, this is not just any ordinary bottle opener, because the Rugby Bottle Opener comes with 20 entertaining rugby sounds! Each of these sounds is randomly played when the bottle opener is used, so guests attending your birthday party will always get a nice surprise.

ChattyFeet Art Sock Set

The ChattyFeet Art Sock Set is not something you can find in every department store. These socks are ideal for art-lovers, since they feature artists such as Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh. Of course, for the purpose of these socks, artists have been renamed to cool names such as Vincent van Toe and Andy Sock-Hole. 

More Novelty Items at Gifts Australia

The products mentioned above are just a few examples of novelty items at Gifts Australia. If you have not found the perfect gift just yet, be sure to have a look at all the other novelty items in our birthday gifts range.

Lots of fun! That's what our 18th birthday novelty gifts are all about; because every 18 year old deserves a memorable celebration!

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