2013 Brown Brothers Tasmanian '18 Eighty Nine' Sauvignon Blanc 375ml

Balanced tropical fruit flavours, crisp acidity & a lingering finish, gold medallist at Royal Adelaide Wine Show & Royal Hobart Wine Show.

Sauvignon Blanc from the Whitlands vineyard, the perfect wine for seafood dishes or light Summer meals.
2013 Brown Brothers Tasmanian '18 Eighty Nine' Sauvignon Blanc 375ml

Brown Brothers is one of the leading champagne and wine providers around the globe. There are lots of selections to choose from and its 2013 Brown Brothers Tasmanian '18 Eighty Nine" Sauvignon Blanc is one of the company's exciting change and new addition to their product portfolio. Having this product as part of your gift hampers is a great decision because this Sauvignon Blanc is like no other. 

Its liquor style is said to be dry white with an alcohol volume of about 13.0%. The Hamper Emporium is currently including this yummy wine as part of its many gift hampers to give delight and joy to all its wine lover customers. This wine came from the vineyard region of no other than Tasmania and filled with great features. So let's explore the reasons why you need to have this wine as part of your gift hampers. 

Refreshing Taste of Wine

Who wouldn't want to take a sip of Brown Brothers refreshing wine? Yes, this is highly recommended to make you feel refreshed and relaxed thanks to its aromas, which is the combination of both melon and passion fruit. In addition, this wine also features a little hint of cut grass that gives the feeling of freshness. If you are wondering why the Hamper Emporium opted for this wine as part of its varying gift hampers is because of the taste, the colour, and the feeling it provides after consumption. Having this as part of a hamper is a great choice. The colour of this wine is said to be vibrant and mixed with a little bit of green hues. 

What's even exciting about this wine is the fact that the grapes used to make this wine a successful one were grown accordingly in a Tasmanian vineyard, which is known to be a place with cool climate. The harvest of grapes was done in the late months of March and the early days of April where the Baume levels were said to be at around 12.3 degrees to 12.6 degrees. Judging from this, you are guaranteed that every Sauvignon Blanc included in the Hamper Emporium's gift hampers is of high quality.

Sharing this with your relatives and friends will surely create a beautiful memory, thanks to its beautiful characters that is filled with tropical nuances as well as grassy ones; so having this while munching on some seafood dishes will make the moment priceless and unforgettable. Buying this direct from the Hamper Emporium will surely give you a good amount of savings. So why not purchase the Sweet & White Hamper of the Hamper Emporium for only $99, and get to taste the delightful Sauvignon Black of Brown Brothers. 

Sweet & White Hamper for Your Delicate Taste

The Hamper Emporium offers a lot of gift hampers and mostly are filled with popular and highly in demand wines such as the Sauvignon Black. So if your favourite wine is the Brown Brothers "18 Eighty Nine Sauvignon Blanc", why not grab the Sweet & White Hamper online and enjoy it. There are no other hamper providers online that can top the Sweet & White Hamper of the Hamper Emporium, so consume one now and enjoy it with the right company of friends at home.

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