2012 Brown Brothers King Valley Chardonnay 375ml

This Chardonnay is a pale gold colour with subtle green hues and a delicate nose displaying stone fruit, pear juice and integrated, subtle oak. One of the most popular wines to come from King Valley, created by winery Brown Brothers.
Why Choose Gift Hampers with a 2012 Brown Brothers Chardonnay?

Hamper Emporium has dozens of gourmet hampers, so why choose one of our gift hampers containing the 2012 Brown Brothers King Valley Chardonnay?

Who is Brown Brothers?

Most people living in Australia who like a decent Shiraz or Chardonnay are already familiar with the top brand Brown Brothers. The company has been making wines for over 120 years and this is noticeable in the quality they provide time and time again. The 2012 Brown Brothers King Valley Chardonnay is certainly no exception to the rule, because this exquisite Chardonnay has become an all-time favourite for many wine lovers.

Brown Brothers is also a brand that you will often find in our gift hampers. Hamper Emporium values quality and for that very reason we use Brown Brothers Shiraz and Chardonnay quite often.

The 2012 Brown Brothers King Valley Chardonnay

This particular chardonnay from Brown Brothers is a famous sparkling wine that is visually recognizable by a pale green-golden colour. Even though this is a wine that will cause a delicious explosion in your mouth, it also has a very fine bubble caused by a long maturation process. When you taste this particular chardonnay, you can also count on a fresh aroma of pear and apple.

Other Brown Brothers Gift Hampers

People who adore the taste of Brown Brothers wine, will definitely appreciate the majority of our gift hampers. Next to the 2012 Brown Brothers King Valley Chardonnay, you can also turn to our luxurious hampers for a taste Brown Brothers Shiraz and other exclusive wines coming from this particular vineyard and distributor.

The Sweet and White Hamper

One of the best gift hampers containing a Brown Brothers Chardonnay is our Sweet & White Hamper. This gift hamper has a combination of savoury products, but also biscuits and sweets that work extremely well with the 2012 Brown Brothers Chardonnay. So if you want to enjoy some amazing treats that complement the taste of this amazing Chardonnay, then The Sweet and White Hamper will be your best bet.

Delivery Options

All gift hampers on the Hamper Emporium website are eligible for free standard delivery. The standard delivery times may vary between 1 and 7 days, depending on where you live. All hampers are also delivered in a luxurious box, so you will not have to worry about wrapping a gift for someone. 

Customers living in the Sydney Metro area can also take advantage of a same day delivery option. We advise our customers to order the gift hamper before 1 pm if they want to take advantage of this option, otherwise the courier might be missed and the hamper will then be delivered the next day.

Need Help Picking Out Wine?

Are you unsure if the 2012 Brown Brothers King Valley Chardonnay is the best choice for the person you have in mind? Do not hesitate to call upon our team of professionals for some advice. Our team has years of experience with the selection of products, but is also experienced in gift giving, so they will be able to provide you with the best possible solution.

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